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Gastronomic tour in Coney Island

Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere will continue until September 22th, officially – but the last weekend, Labor Day holiday, marks the end of summer here. I think that tradition a little silly, as the season is already short and it seems they want to shorten it even more. But the truth is that we still have some warm days here until fall arrives and with it, some attractions are closed and only reopen next year. Coney Island is one of them. Luna Park, responsible for much of the hustle on the beach, is open until the October 30th – only on weekends, see here. And for those who are planning a day in the region, it is always good to know the gastronomic options. And today’s post has  several suggestions of where to eat in the iconic Brooklyn beach.

Nathan’s –  Nathan’s is a famous chain in the United States – more precisely on the east coast – because of its hot dog. If you come to New York, you need to try an American hot dog. And Nathan’s is the most traditional in this regard. If you eat at Coney Island, then ready, full experience, since it is there that is the oldest location, from 1916! In addition to hot dogs, Nathan’s has other well-delicious snack options and it is there that, every July 4, takes place the hot dog contest.

Address: 1310 Surf Ave.

Wahlburgers – Wahlburgers is a chain from Hingham, Massachusetts, close to Boston. The owners are the Wahlberg brothers – Mark Wahlberg is one of them. The location in Coney Island was the first of seven that the chain  plans to open in New York. The structure is huge, with a main floor, a basement and rooftop. The menu is very complete, with burgers, sandwiches and salads. Prices are very good: burgers cost $ 8 each, on average. There are also fries and other sides. They say the milkshakes are great – and are available in flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. If the day is not too cold, choose a table on the rooftop and enjoy the view of the park. Click here to learn more.

Address: 3015 Stillwell Ave. (aberto o ano todo) 

Grimaldi’s – if you have been at Brooklyn Bridge Park probably you saw Grimaldi’s Pizzeria line. What I discovered recently is that there is a location also in Coney Island without any lines and more spacious. Pizza with 8 slices cost on average from $16 to $18 (with cheese, tomato and basil). You can add some toppings – such as pepperoni, spinach and mushrooms. The value for each extra ingredient ranges from $ 2 to $ 4. The pizza is very tasty with thin crust. I do not think is worth the wait up to 40 minutes in Brooklyn Bridge Park – but as in Coney Island the place is not so crowded, it’s worth to try, right? The restaurant only accepts cash.

Address: 1215 Surf Ave.

Coney Island Brewery – the brewery opened a new facility in Coney Island in September 2015 and has Pale Ale, IPA, Lager and others beers. If you enjoy craft beer, you need to check the place. Remember that the store offers free tours – Thursdays and Fridays at 5pm and 7pm- and on Saturdays and Sundays – at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm, if you consume something on the spot. You can check also the events calendar – the place usually has great events in the summer. An interesting thing is that the Coney Island Brewery usually create some interesting flavors. This year, for example, the brewery launched the Cotton Candy Kolsch, with strawberries and cotton candy flavor.

Address: 1904 Surf Ave.

Williams Candy – Williams Candy (open year-round), is a nostalgic shop next to Nathan’s and super traditional in Coney Island. It sells well classic delicacies and known to all of us shiny caramel apples coated in sprinkles, or sticks of fluffy campfire marshmallows dipped in chewy caramel and peanuts.. The store has been around since 1936 and, during the summer, comes to sell up to 4000 apples a week! The place also sells ice cream.

Address:  1318 Surf Ave.

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