Eat well and cheaply in New York City: Gyu-Kaku

Have you heard about Japanese barbecue? No, it has nothing to do with Brazilian barbecue – but I assure you it is a delicious dining experience, and probably much better than American barbecue. Also known as yakiniku, it is a Japanese specialty – and a proof that not only of sushi lives the country’s cuisine. In Japanese BBQ restaurants, all tables have a central plate, and various cuts of meat are brought raw  to the table – and you cook. The pieces are small, which ensures that they cook fast.. Here in New York, there are several restaurants in this category, and today I will introduce you Gyu-Kaku, a chain that has three locations in Manhattan.

Okay, but then what? You must be wondering why I related Gyu-Kaku with cheap food. Simple: because the chain has a Happy Hour with very special prices. An opportunity to eat very well and spending little. Starting with the value courses available for 2, 4 or 6 people. I was there with a group last week and we ordered one for 6 people – and we were 7. Everyone ate as hell and I daresay that our choice would be great for a group of 8. In addition to the selection of red meat, there are also chicken and shrimp. Appetizers were edamame, soup, salad and a delicious fried rice. The value courses for 2 or 6 people, there is also dessert. In our case, with the price of combo of $ 170, we spend about $ 24 per person.

And we’re only talking about the value courses. For those who do not want barbecue, Gyu-Kaku serves noodles in portions for two people for $ 6, Ramen in portion for two people for $ 9, and several appetizers (salad, tacos and dumplings) from $ 4. If you want to taste the Japanese barbecue, but do not want to get a value course, you can ask portions of meat with prices starting at $ 6.

And the most interesting part of Happy Hour: drinks! Yes, you really need to have drinks in a Happy Hour, right? Right! At Gyu-Kaku, drinks are half price during Happy Hour. This means beers for $ 3 and drinks starting at U$5 – very good for New York!

It is worth noting that these prices I mentioned are only for the Happy Hour time. And here comes another part even better: three times a day! Happy Hour happens daily from 11am30 to 3pm (lunch) and 3pm to 6pm (dinner). Monday to Thursday, there is also a Happy Hour from 9h30pm to 11pm. To check out the full menu, visit the website. Click Locations & Menus, select the desired address in New York and click to download the menu you want to check. There is a regular menu and one for Happy Hour. The drinks menu shows the two prices.

Do you want more good news? The three units of Gyu-Kaku in Manhattan are very well located. There is one in Times Square – 321 W. 44th St. Unit 103 – one in Midtown (805 3rd Ave., 2nd Floor) and another in East Village (34 Cooper Sq.).

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