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Destination wedding in New York

Traditional weddings parties are no longer the only and exclusive choice of a bride and a groom. Today, there is no limit when it comes to letting go of creativity and planning a wedding. You’ve probably heard about Destination Wedding, when the couple choose a different city to host the party. Many couples have chosen famous destinations to celebrate the wedding. And New York is one of the favorites. I have received several contacts from people who wanted to know more about wedding celebrations here – as well as renewing vows – and I was very happy to hear that Noivas em NY, a Brazilian company specialized in wedding dress personal shopping, also offers advice to couples who are planning on getting married in the Big Apple. I talked to the girls to know more details, which you check next.

“Destination Wedding offers a remarkable experience in an unforgettable place for a reasonable price,” explains Krisiele Oliveira, from Noivas em NY. She explains that the company offers help to hold a Destination Wedding in New York in two ways. The first one is for the ceremonialists who are in another country/city and have clients who would like to get married in New York. “We provide assistance for everything they need in the city, from searching for places for ceremony and suggest professionals who work here.” And there is, of course, assistance service for the bride and groom, ranging from organizing an Elopement Wedding to big parties. What determines the price of the package is the budget of the bride and groom. Therefore, first it is essential to know how much can be spent. If the trip is within budget, the next step is to choose a date and establish the number of guests.

Choice of venue – the location of the ceremony will depend on the taste and budget of each couple. If the couple appreciates elegance in a natural and low-cost place, Central Park is the perfect choice. For those who opt for a more dynamic style, the view of New York may be a point of reference, and the wedding celebration can happen inside or outside of Manhattan. There are also different locations with a rustic touch for the couple who enjoy a more daring style. But if the bride and groom prefer a more traditional wedding, the place might be a church or even a quieter place in New York or New Jersey. The preferred location of most people is Central Park, for offering numerous points with a romantic atmosphere and a breathtaking natural setting. It is worth remembering that the indication of the place will depend a lot on the time of year. For a wedding in Central Park, the best period is between May and October. For the colder months, there are indoor places that can include even the stunning views of New York. The ceremony can last from 30 minutes to an hour (or two hours, including photo shoot). Reception can take from three to five hours.

Guest list–  from zero to countless. No, you did not read it wrong. That’s it! Zero. Today, many couples choose to “escape” on their wedding day and hold a ceremony where the only people are the celebrant and the photographer. It’s called Wedding Elopement. If item number one is saving money, this is the wedding that we suggest. Another option is to get married at one of the places in Central Park without paying extra, but only up to 20 guests are allowed. However, if the list of guests exceeds 20, we also offer assistance in choosing the venue that meets the need of the bride and groom.

Price – “Our basic package for an intimate wedding in Central Park, for example, includes a celebrant, photographer, bouquet, organization of the ceremony and reservation of a private space in a restaurant. But if the couple wants to invest more in the day of the dreams, our assistance also offers aid in the choice of the wedding dress, makeup and hair, video, organization of the reception (decoration, food, drink, sweets, music etc) on the wedding day, personalized stationery and so on. We also suggest tour agencies to facilitate other aspects of the trip. Our package for a mini wedding in Central Park starts at $ 950”, explais Krisiele.

Renovação de votos – Vows Renewal closely resembles a mini wedding. In addition to the assistance in choosing the venue, we also organize the celebration which includes the celebrant, the photographer, the bouquet and the reservation of a restaurant. In theVows Renewal, the couple recalls and reaffirms the commitment of love made on wedding day.

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Pics: Krisiele Oliveira.

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