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Clothes with a Conscience: two stores to check out in New York City

Do you care about the origin of the clothes you buy? As I have said a few times here on the blog, it is a fact that more and more people are becoming aware of the origin of the items that they buy. And when we talk about it, we are not talking only about slave labor, but also about the environmental impact and the quality of the fabrics. And, especially on this, I need to make a comment: yes, I love a fast fashion. But recently I did some shopping and also won some top quality items, which made me see, in practice, how fabric is everything. First, it was a Madewell silk top. It was my first silk piece and is amazing to wear something like this fabric. Another item was a winter boot, from a Brazilian brand Fierro. The boot is leather and is also lined and for me, living in a place with strong winter, was one of the best things I added to my closet. Another item was a cashmere sweater I got from a friend – and what a wonderful thing! I’m crazy now wanting more cashmere sweaters. I saw, in practice, as better fabrics – I’m not talking about brands, okay? – make all the difference! And today I decided to list two stores that not only have cool clothes but also have good values and great quality. I have not yet bought any pieces – but the two brands have already been recommended by two friends and other people I follow on the internet.

Sézane is a French brand. It was founded by Morgane Sézalory, an inveterate bargain hunter since sheI was 14. After years of assembling and selling her finds through various outlets, she finally created the website Les Composantes in 2008 to present her vintage selections. In 2013, she decided to concentrate on design and launched the brand. The clothes had great fabrics, such as silk, cashmere and wool. Besides clothing, Sézane also has shoes and accessories. Everything is manufactured in countries like Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. The mission is offering the most beautiful, finest designs possible at a fair price. Sézane was the first French fashion brand to launch 100% online. The ateliers are chosen for their expertise, working conditions and the origins of the fabrics: everything needs to make sense.

Check out the collection.

The store in New York is amazing! Named L’Appartement, it has several environments, it is a conceptual store, like an apartment, and besides the clothes and accessories, it has some French brands cosmetics – I bought a wonderful fig perfume there – plus decoration items!

Address: 254 Elizabeth Street.

Everlane is that brand of basic clothing. That basic items that many of us sometimes do not care much about – but we do not realize that we use the most and the most we can mix and match: T-shirts, jeans, shirts, sweaters and even lingerie. All basic, neutral and with great quality. Everlane don’t follow trends. The brand want you to wear the pieces for years, even decades, to come. That’s why they source the finest materials and factories for the products— like our Grade-A cashmere sweaters, Italian shoes, and Peruvian Pima tees. In addition, the brand is super transparent and has a strict process of choosing factories. The process includes frequent visits and each factory receives a compliance audit to evaluate factors such as fair wages, working hours and the environment. Finally, the brand reveals the true costs behind all products – from materials to labor and transportation. Oh, it’s worth remembering that Everlane has both men’s and women’s clothing.

The shop in New York is super clean – and is a few minutes walk from the Sézane store.

Check out the collection.

Address: 28 Prince St.

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