Clinton Hall: a beer garden in the Financial District in New York

It was after seeing a post from Martha Sachser that I was curious to check out Clinton Hall. It’s a Beer Garden – a bar with a special beer selection – in the Financial District here in New York. This region – once considered quiet and without many options – is expanding more and more and I thought it would be interesting to talk about this bar, since there are many tourist attractions in the area.

Clinton Hall opened its doors in the spring of 2013, just a few blocks from that very first American Beer Garden, Castle Clinton, that was built in 1808. The highlight is the unique, eclectic and exciting craft beers selection. Featuring 20 draught beers and ciders on rotation, ranging from keg-conditioned lagers harking from the US, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and beyond, ten select SUPERCRAFT™ beers are served precisely to each Brew Masters specs, thanks to an on-site Flux Capacitor™, the most advanced beer technology in the market that calibrates nitrogen and carbon dioxide and adjusts compression of each individual beer. Prices of beers start at $8. Another highlight is the food menu. Clinton Hall offers 20 burgers, which can be expertly paired with 20 unique draft beers. The prices vary, but most of them are not more than $15. Besides that, there are other delicious sides like truffle fries ($10), onion rings ($7) and quesadilla ($12). You can check the full menus here.

To finish, I need to talk about the dessert of the house: Walter Whites Crystal Methadonuts – and if you watched Breaking Bad you will understand the name and presentation of the dish.  Fried homemade dough with blue sky sugar ($9) + three injectable sauces (Nutella, Salted Caramel, Raspberry). Loved it! They were delicious and it’s a lot of fun to inject the fillings.

In addition, Clinton Hall space is super wide, with internal and external seating and many tables. On the outside, there are games, which is a great entertainment for anyone in a big party!

Clinton Hall has two locations: 90 Washington Street and 601 East 189th Street (The Bronx). 

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