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Cheap Eats in New York: Manousheh, Lebanese restaurant

Some days ago, I was watching some friend’s Insta Stories and I got a tip: a place called Manousheh, specializing in Lebanese flatbreads. I’ve been dying to try it, because I love Leabanese flatbreads and it’s something I do not see very often out there. After a few days, I invited my friend Juliana and went there to check out the place. The restaurant is located in Greenwich Village, near NYU and Washignton Square Park, on a street full of restaurants.

Photo by Ruby Yeh

The place is small and is great if you want some fast lunch or fast snack. Manousheh is a specialty restaurant in the heart of the New York City’s West Village. There you’ll find the single most popular street food in Lebanon – delicious variations of an authentic flatbread. The menu features savory and sweet options. Besides that, all baking is done fresh in their oven and most of their ingredients hail from Lebanon. There are not so many places to seat and the restaurant is open since 2013!

Aside from being a true recipe tradition, prices are mega-affordable and it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to eat well without spending too much – while still exploring the diversity of New York cuisine. For you to have an idea, there are options for $6 and the most expensive is $11. The options with sweet filling are $6. I ordered the Kishek which is stuffed with potato, yogurt and tomato and Ju ordered the Kafta with lamb. As they were both split into two parts, we shared everything and we were very satisfied! Also, they were a delight, mainly the Kishek! Want to come back and taste an open version – depending on the filling, it comes open or closed.

Address: 193 Bleecker St.

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