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Broadway digital lottery – more tips!

It’s no news to anyone that Broadway shows are on the list of classic things to do in New York. Okay, there are those who do not like it and are not interested, but there are a lot of people who enjoy it – but there are also those who do not have the budget for it. We know: attending a show can be one of the most expensive things of your trip (after the flight ticket and hotel). Fortunately, there are several ways to get cheap tickets. I’ve already posted a post here on the blog listing some tips on how you can get tickets for less – and you can check out the tips here. Some time later, I discovered the digital lottery – you can check all the details here – and the tip was successful among the readers. I am very happy when I receive a message from someone that was a winner!

And today the post is to talk exclusively about the digital lottery. As the name suggests, this is a lottery, as you know, depends on luck, that is, there are no guarantees. But if we can give more chances to our luck, better, right? I discovered some more websites and cool apps for digital lottery, so I decided to list the tips here for you. As a matter of fact, I’ll take this opportunity to review the method of the first digital lottery post, so the information is concentrated in one place.

Broadway Direct – through this website, you can have a chance to buy tickets that range from $10 to $40. How it works? First, you need to access Broadway Direct website and click on the Lottery section. Then, just choose which play/show you want to try – choose all you want. After choosing the show, just fill out a form with some data – in this form, you enter how many tickets you want (the maximum number is 2). Remember: the winner must present an ID document, so, don’t fill a lot of forms using the name of people who are not with you on the trip. Another important detail: the lottery always opens the day before the presentation and the website shows the date and time of presentation. Is good to try every day, obviously. f you are a winner, you will receive an email telling you – and you will have 60 minutes to complete the purchase with your credit card. Cool, right? Remember that there are also some lotteries on TodayTix app – just filter your search for Lottery / Rush and the app will show if there is a lottery for some play.

Broadway Roulette – this system was created by a new yorker couple, Eric Streisand e Elizabeth Durand Streisand. Their apartment became an unofficial resting spot for friends and relatives from around the world. And these same friends wanted to see a Broadway show, but when they learned tickets were out of their budget range and/or nearly impossible to get, they would often cross Broadway off their to-do list. Then, they created the Broadway Roulette. The model is simple. People go to, specify the date and number of tickets (up to 10), a preference for a musical or play, and exclude up to four shows they’ve seen (or don’t want to see). You can also exclude 2 additional shows for $10 more/ticket. On the day of the show, Broadway Roulette “spins the wheel” and sends them a great show that matches their criteria — all for the affordable, flat price of $49 weekdays and $59 weekends.Broadway Roulette mainly get Orchestra and mid Mezzanine seats.  This is guaranteed: so, it’s good to be open mind. Do your research about the shows.

Blink Broadway – Blink Broadway is an app available for iOS that brings together some shows that offer digital lottery, making easy for you to search and redirecting you for the lottery website. Download the app and save basic contact information into the app such as name, birthdate and email. Then, select a show and click enter. The app will automatically enter all of your information. Click enter and wait for a confirmation email. You will be notified via email if you win. Don’t forget to read the rules of each show. You can choose up to 2 tickets. Notice that Blink Broadway brings together a lot of digital lotteries. There are shows from Broadway Direct website and also other ones, that allow you to select more than one date to take your chances. But don’t forget that this is just an app to make the process easy. If you already sign up for Aladdin digital lottery through Broadway direct, you can not do it again through the app.

UPDATE: if you have an Android device, try the Broadway Lottery app.

Broadway for Broke People – this website offers a great database for those who wants to try a lot of online lotteries. Basically, it lists all the shows and provides a lot of information, such as the address of the theater, the timing of presentations and which way to get cheaper ticket – rush or lottery ticket. In the column “Cheapest tickets” you find that information and to click, get information on how to proceed in cases of digital lottery or rush.

TodayTix – TodayTix is a very popular app to buy Broadway tickets. It only allows ticket purchases for the same week. And there are some digital lotteries through the app as well. Open the app, check “All shows” meny, click in Filters and select Rush/Lottery. Done: the app is gonna show you the Broadway shows with available digital lotteries and you can do everything through the app. Prices start at $25. Check the instructions and remember that you only pay if you win.


– Note that the idea here was to share with you all sources of information so that you know which shows have digital lotteries.

– Pay attention to the rules of each lottery, as they all inform instructions on how to proceed! Stay connected on the date of the lottery and on the deadline to make the payment. While for the Broadway Direct the system is basically the same – with lotteries opening the night before and results released the next morning – lotteries for other shows may be different.

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