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You know that beauty is always a recurring topic here on the blog. I like to write content related to this subject on videos, because I believe it is more interesting to explain and give my impressions about the products. But when we talk about skincare it gets a bit more complicated because it’s a product category that requires more than two or three days of use. I’ve been to several events recently to check out releases in this category and I thought it would be interesting, until I did not finish testing everything, present some of those products and brands on a post for you!

Trilogy – I love Trilogy! The brand is from New Zealand (where the brand is the number 1 in skincare) and the products have natural formulas. The collection includes exfoliators, toners, creams and also the rosehip oil – best-seller, Trilogy sells a bottle every 22 seconds! I would say that the brand’s highlight are the facial oils, with antioxidant properties that are anti-aging. I use some of the facial oils and also the night cream and I love them! They were my lifesavers during winter here, when my skin got so dry and after I used them, it improved dramatically, super moisturized. These two products are the new launchings: Rosehip Oil, now with a light formula, and also the Rosapene Radiance Serum, that smooths skin and protect against environmental damage.

Where to buy? On the website and also at Credo Beauty (9 Prince St) and Whole Foods locations. 

Amore Pacific – it is one of the most luxurious Korean cosmetics brands. The focus of the brand is on skincare and there are several lines, for mild, moderate and advanced signs of age. The formulas take ingredients like green tea, bamboo sap and red ginseng that work together to reverse the signs of aging. Last week, the brands presented two new products. One is The Essential Creme Fluid, also the newest disruptor to the moisturizer category. This product offers the instant hydration of a fluid texture, while delivering the lasting benefits of a rich crème. Created with 150 baby green tea leaves which make up nutrient T-EssentialsTM and the brand’s exclusive Neutra-Melting Emulsion TechnologyTM, the product quickly penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to improve hydration, smoothness and firmness. The second products is the TIME RESPONSE Vintage Wash-Off Masque. It is made of 7-day fermented and aged green tea leaves that are visible in the formula to deliver superior antioxidant and brightening effects. The carefully cultivated green tea leaves maintain rich levels of protective compounds that boost the plants’ immunity against environmental stress, allowing them to flourish for more than three decades. AMOREPACIFIC’s patented fermentation process maximizes the benefits of the green tea leaves, resulting in skin that is instantly revitalized, more hydrated and glowing with radiance.

Where to buy? On the website and also at Amore Pacific’s corner, Bloomingdale’s –  1000 Third Avenue.

Perricone MD – some weeks ago, Perricone MD presented the H2 Elemental Complex™ line. Damage caused over time can lead to dull, dehydrated, tired-looking skin. Our H2 Elemental Collection™, featuring H2 Elemental Complex™, works to activate and energize surface skin cells by simultaneously transforming cellular energy and delivering a powerful boost of hydration. Hydrogen, the world’s smallest molecule, rapidly penetrates skin’s surface and delivers powerful hydration without the feel of a thick, heavy cream. The results is a very radiant skin. The collection, ideal for combination and dehydrated-looking, drier skin types, includes a comprehensive range of products in lightweight, fast-absorbing textures that provide extremely hydrating results, including serum, mask, eye gel and cream, the highlight.

Where to buy? On the wesite and at Sephora locations.

INSTYTUTUM – a luxurious skincare brand from Switzerland that is arriving in the USA. The formulas have the highest-quality ingredients – like retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, all the best versions of all – to offer the best anti-aging results, treating a lot of skin concerns, like uneven skin tone, wrinkles and moisture loss. The collection features cleansing milk, triple-effect peel, eye cream, serum, lifting cream and also body cream. The texture of the products is amazing! The formulas are suitable for all skin types and don’t contain parabens or sulfates. Also, it is worth to highlight the brand’s values: they help Waves for Water, which provides clean water filters to impoverished communications all over the world.

Where to buy? On the website. 

Clarisonic – on January, Clarisonic, a very renowned brand, famous because the cleansing devices – I use and I love it! – launched an innovative version of its gadget: Smart Profile Uplift. The  cleansing & firming massage improves the appearance of the skin and it can be used on the face and neck area. The instruction is to use the product twice a day, following your daily skincare routine. The product visibly improves 15 signs of aging on face, neck & décolleté after three months of use. The set also features two cleansing brushes, for face and body.

Where to buy? On the website and also at Sephora and Macy’s. 

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