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Beauty Shopping in New York City – dermatologists tips

You know that the beauty shopping tips in New York are something strong here on the blog and on the YouTube channel, right? So, when Naiana Sá talked to me to write a post with cosmetic tips to buy in the city, I had no doubt that it would be great. Why? Because she’s a dermatologist! I had the opportunity to work with her when I lived in Brazil and I thought it very interesting to bring to the blog the tips from a professional. Hope you like it! For each product, I suggest the store where to buy it – and for those who want to buy from Amazon, just click on the name of each product.

“I’m Naiana, a dermatologist and passionate about traveling. So, I always try to unite tourism in search of new things for my skin! I asked Laura to write about products that I usually recommend buying in the United States. based on my experience, congresses and shopping. With the help of my super partner, Marina Guerini, also a dermatologist, we have listed some cosmetics, creams and makeup that are worth the investment.

Who, like me, does not LOVE entering a drugstore and/or supermarkets with that huge selection of cosmetics? But … among so many options, what to buy? Do not forget: consult your dermatologist before using / buying any product. Check the composition, make sure you are not allergic to any component. Pregnant women and infants should be given extra attention – several American products have retinoids and salicylic acid, which are prohibited in these cases. In addition to the risk of allergic reactions, the purchased product may not be perfect for your skin, so nothing better than a dermatologist to make the indication more suitable for you.

Retinol Correxion, RoC – this collection has products for day, night, eyes and face. Found easily, it is a great anti-aging and moisturizing choice. Lightweight cosmetic, retinol in the composition that is an active that reduces fine lines and promotes improvement in the skin and texture of the skin. Great value for money, around $16 each product. WATCH OUT! It can not be used by pregnant women and can cause skin reactions! $20 on average.

Where to buy?  Harmon and drugstores.  Amazon:  Serum Eye Cream Night CreamDaily Moisturizer

Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Chest, Neck & Face Cream with SPF 30, RoC – it is another very nice product from the brand. Can be applied by day and applied on the neck and chest. Also, has a very good price! $25 on average.

Where to buy?  Harmon and drugstores.  

Lift Active Eye, Vichy  – It has hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and has anti-aging action for the eye area. $33 on average.

Where to buy? Drugstores.  

Moisturizing Lotion, Cetaphil  & Moisturizing Lotion, CeraVe – these are excellent body moisturizers, especially for dry skin or patients with dermatitis. $11 on average.

Where to buy?  Harmon and drugstores.  

Vichy Laboratoires Aqualia Thermale Awakening Eye Balm, Vichy – it is a moisturizer for the eye area, with Vichy thermal water. Good for those who use a lot of makeup, which ends up drying and mistreating the skin of the eyelids.  $30 on average.

Where to buy?  Drugstores.  

Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, Aveeno – Light moisturizer for the face, with a very affordable price. $13 on average.

Where to buy?  Harmon and drugstores.  

Maquiagens – Surely everyone here already has a list of favorite makeup products. Therefore, I have tried to mention only those products that are suitable for specific skin types or that have sunscreen. Makeup for oily skin is always a challenge. Several products promise a matte skin, but what we see during the day is that “greasy” aspect of the face returning gradually. The ones listed below are effective:

UV Protective Compact Foundation SPF 36, Shiseido – Shiseido has excellent products for oily skin. This is a powder with sunscreen, perfect for those days that we have no time to remove all the makeup and reapply the filter during the day. $28 on average.

Where to buy?  Macy’s. 

UV Protective Liquid Foundation SPF 42, Shiseido – It has high coverage, is not oily and furthermore it is mineral / hypoallergenic. $36 on average.

Where to buy?  Macy’s. 

Foundations (more expensive ones) for oily skin: Diorskin Forever ($50) and Perfection Lumiere, da Chanel ($60).

Where to buy?  Sephora       

Foundations (more affordable) for oily skin: Healthy Mix Foundation and  Air Mat Foundation , from Bourjois.  $15 on average.

Where to buy? Bourjois is not available in retail stores, but you can check out the links on Amazon. 

Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup, Clinique – my favorite foundation for acne / oily skin. Great coverage, light texture and matte. $30 on average.

Where to buy?  Sephora.

Again, do not forget: consult your dermatologist before going shopping. The best product is the one that is suitable for your skin type! ”

  • Naiana Sá – CRM/SC 12919 RQE 9038  / facebook: dranaiana  insta: @dranaiana
  • Marina Guerini CRM/PR 28.805 RQE1459  #dicasdadermato

Thank you Naiana and Marina for the valuable tips! I hope you liked!

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