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Beauty: Mature skin cosmetics to buy in New York

You know beauty is one of the strong subjects here on the blog – and one of my passions, which led me to even create aNew York beauty app – click here to know more. I’ve done lots of posts and videos with tips from stores and products here in the city – you can explore the content on the “beauty” menu. And one of the requests I receive most is product tips for those who have mature skin. This request is interesting because, in reality, the products that I suggest here, be it makeup, skin or hair, are indicated for all. My mother, for example, uses everything I bring her – and I use the same ones. She loves! So, to help my readers with mature skin who want to buy skincare products here in New York, I asked my mom to list the products she liked best! She is 55 years old and I think a lot of my love of cosmetics is due to her! I grew up seeing her applying creams, she was always taking care of herself! I hope you enjoy the tips. All the products she quotes were chosen by me. Some were bought and others I got from PR – she ends up helping me test everything!

Taking care of the skin is for the woman who loves herself. We are born and we die. In this interval, we live. And living implies taking care, after all, of our face, our identity. Although there is a certain aesthetic dictatorship today, I think that regardless of age or naturalness, taking care of yourself is good. Our face specifically shows who we are. I know many women who ask for cosmetics suggestions, they buy them and they forget them in the drawer, waiting for the action of the cream by symbiosis … Anyway … I remember what my mother said, from when I became a teenager: “Take care of your skin, because after the damage is done, there is nothing to do it”. Wise words. I also remember someone, already advanced in age, saying that taking care of your skin can happen in many ways, from an expensive cream to a white rose tea applied with cotton. So, with this love that I have of taking care of my skin, then I share my experiences.

Revitalift Triple Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer, L’oréal – I like moisturizer because it has a silky texture. Also, I think this is due to the ingredients because it leaves skin super hydrated and with a radiant appearance. I noticed that the lines are less evident, which is very good, right? For my skin, there were no problems with pimples. Highly recommend. It’s what I’m currently using. And I never forget: always after cleaning. Sometimes I use a tonic before, which enhances the luminosity.

Laura’s note: the formula has Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful ingredient to moisturize the skin, and also Pro-Xylane, is an ingredient originally developed by Lancome in 2006. Although Hyaluronic Acid is not present in a large amount in the formula, Pro-Xylane is and this molecule is able to perform better and penetrate the skin more easily. As a result, it gives more elasticity, fill and tonus.

Price: $25, on average. Where to buy it? Drugstores, Target, Walmart and Harmon.  Click here to buy on Amazon.

Radiant Youth Firming Crème, Volante Skincare – AMAZING! I started to use it when the summer season was ending. It performed miracles with the appearance of my face. No matter if you use sunscreen, the sun always damages the skin. Maybe that’s why the result was so clear: the appearance of lines and wrinkles got better, I noticed my skin was firmer and, better, radiant! I didn’t have any pimples at all.

Laura’s note: this formula is designed to nourish the skin while providing gentle exfoliation to reveal a retexturized complexion that is always glowing and radiant. A potent cocktail of antioxidants shields the skin from free-radical damage, preventing future signs of aging. 

Price: $85.Where to buy it? Volanté website  and Cedra Pharmacy. Click here to buy on Amazon.

Egg White Pore Mask, Skinfood –  when Laura brought some Korean products, I thought, uh, “I don’t think this is good” … but I was being prejudiced because this mask is a dream. Do you know when your skin is tired, especially when the week is ending? Well, nothing better than it: you can apply on your face and forget it. Or rather, you leave it for about twenty minutes, is the time that I leave it. It has a not so smooth texture. I like to apply on my face a little wet, just a little. Then I wash, I apply a toner and a moisturizer. The result is very good: skin refreshed!

Laura’s note: let’s make it clear that she liked this product so much that she got mine! Since then, she probably has used three masks! This is also one of my favorite masks and is one of Skinfood’s best-selling products. If you have oily skin, it is excellent!

Price: $10, on average. Where to buy it? Besfren Beauty – 315 5th Ave.  Click here to buy on Amazon

Eye Contour Crème, 19 Orbe: when I use a cream for the first time I can tell if it makes a difference or not. This is what happened to this eye cream: soooo good! I noticed luminosity, firmness, and smoothness in the wrinkles. I like to apply at night and make movements from top to bottom.

Laura’s note: the formula has dark circle detox peptide complex,  active molecule lift (under eye bags), amino acid complex, oil soluble vitamin C, mugwort and algae extract and barrier protection moisture complex. I know it is pricey, but you can ask for a sample at Space NK to try it.

Price: $180. Where to buy it? Space NK (a lot of locations, check out on my app NYC Beauty).  Click here to buy on Amazon.

Revitan Enhancer, Dr. G – this treatment line is very good. The results are encouraging. The fluid in the ampoules smoothes expression lines fantastically. To try it, apply a drop on the back of the hand. The result is worthy of before and after. Use at night, after cleaning. You may notice greater firmness and vigor in the skin if you apply on your neck. But to prove it, take the test I suggested. Your skin will thank you!

Laura’s note: this collection features two sets. The first one has cream, toner, and emulsion.  The second one has 4 bottles of ampoule within a week for the optimal result as a 4 weeks program.  Highly Concentrated EGF Complex with dual functional care for more clear and elastic skin. Dr G is a Korean brand created by a famous doctor. 

Price: Revital Enhancer Cream Set $115 – Revital Enhancer Ample $189. Where to buy it? Club Clio (a lot of locations, check out on my app NYC Beauty).

Charcoal Flower Mask, Soo Ae – this whole line of masks is really amazing. Do you know that day when you decide to love your skin? Then, after bathing and cleansing, apply the mask and relax. Think you’re in a spa! Laura gave me lots of these masks and I gifted some friends with them. The results were highly commented. Too bad we don’t have it here in Brazil. I always use it at night, and after 15 minutes I take the mask off and massage. I leave it on the face until the next day, because the skin absorbs it totally.

Laura’s note: these are the famous Sheet Masks, I’ve talked about them several times, in several videos! Although my mother has written about this one, in particular, every Korean store has a wide range of Sheet Masks. Worth buying several, since the price is great!

Price: $5 on average. You can find sheet masks for less! Check out on my app NYC Beauty.

Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum, Lancôme – This product is very good. When I apply it, I realize how my skin needs it. Looks like it’s thirsty! Absorption is immediate. It improves the texture of the skin and defines the contour. I always use morning and evening. The results are good.

Laura’s note: this Lancôme serum is pricey. Again, I suggest asking for a sample on Sephora to try it. Another amazing tip: L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Serum Intense Daily Treatment is a good dupe for Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. They share the same benefits and side effects. Lancome serum contains a form of vitamin C.  If you use the L’oréal one, follow it up with an antioxidant-rich moisturizer that can counteract the drying effects of alcohol and help fight premature aging.

Price: $105. Where to buy it? Sephora.

Water Vital Sleeping Mask, Dr. G – this was another product that Laura brought me and I loved it. It is like a cream, but it has a mask function and I apply it as the last step of the night care routine. It is remarkable the difference he makes in the skin, the face wakes up revitalized! The formula is super light and not sticky.

Laura’s note: I think it is great for those who are lazy to follow a routine, because you just apply it and sleep. It has a cream formula and the benefits of a mask! You should use the product 2 to 3 times a week.

Price: U$36. Where to buy it? Club Clio (a lot of locations, check out on my app NYC Beauty).

Soft Milk Whipping Cream, Mizon – this cream works! Normally, when we apply a cream on our faces, we realize the result, but we do not stand in front of the mirror for 24 hours to see how the skin behaves. I started to use it and I gave it to my mother, since she had finished the one she had it. Well, she’s 87 years old and her skin looks wonderful! All about compliments: from her to the cream and from her daughters and sons about her skin: “How beautiful you are!” “What did you have on your face?” That is, Laura, maybe a gift for the next, visit? Radiant skin and smoothing wrinkles. Do you want more?

Laura’s note: I bought this one in a Peach & Lily sample sale

Price: $15 eBay

Premium Gold Snail Cream, Goodal – another very good cream. The texture is somewhat strange, it’s a gel, after all, but if we look at the source, it’s explained, right? I noticed, after the first application, the improvement in texture and elasticity. Good for fighting sagging and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Laura’s note: snail extract is an ingredient used by a lot of Korean brands, because of the anti-aging properties. 

Price: $52. Where to buy it? Club Clio (a lot of locations, check out on my app NYC Beauty).  Click here to buy on Amazon.

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