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Apps to use in New York City

In these days, we can’t imagine a trip without internet, right? APP’s help us to plan our schedule and enjoy our time. I have already done a post here with some suggestions of APP’s to download and use it during your time in New York City, but I discovered more that are really interesting, so, here is the part 2!

OpenTable – if you are planning to have dinner or lunch in nice places here – and not just eating junk food – is a good idea to have OpenTable in your Smartphone to make a reservation and save your seat. Some restaurants – like Sarabeth’s – are really busy and is very likely to wait a long time for a table – or not to get one. So, it’s good to check if you can make a reservation – and save your time.

Raise – this is very interesting. Raise is kind a discount coupons app. They sell coupons for a lower price – and you save money. For example, you can buy a coupon for $200 and pay $170. Got it? There is a lot of brands and stores and the deals can change every day. If you know how much you’re gonna spend in a specific store, it can worth it.

TodayTix a lot of people that come to New York wants to check a Broadway show, but, sometimes, tickets are very expensive. You can try to buy cheaper tickets at TKTS place, at Times Square. But, the lines can be really long and maybe you don’t want spend your time waiting – because we know that time is precious when you are traveling. So, it is good to download TodayTix and check the deals for Broadway shows.

Fever – a lot of people ask me: how do you know about the events that are happening in New York. Well, a journalist has her sources – and I can guarantee you that is not just one! But, there is an app that helps in these cases – Fever. It shows a lot of events that are happening weekly – free or not.

Uber – in New York, there is more Uber cars than yellow cabs. Uber is like taxi, but the difference is that you do everything with the app – you put your credit card information and you ask for a car with your smartphone. Comparing with yellow cabs, service is really superior and cheaper. Believe me: sometimes, it’s really hard to get a cab here – and the drivers are not so nice. If you never used it, try it and put this code to get a U$20 ride: hbmmh

Vestiaire – a lot of people come to New York City for shopping. I discovered Vestiaire some days ago and I think it is interesting. It’s like a luxurious second hand e-commerce. Maybe you should check and look for that item that you wish – it can be cheaper.

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