Alice’s Tea Cup: a cute place in New York City

Alice’s Tea Cup is one of my favorite places in New York – I’ve been there three times, which is a lot considering I try not to repeat too much restaurants and cafes here. It is all inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the decor is very cute. There are three addresses in the city: two in Upper East Side and one in Upper West Side. I’ve never been on the West Side, so I can not talk about it, but between the two from Upper East, I get that one located at 64th St – because the other one is too small.

As we were there a few days, I took some photos for a post on the blog, because I think the place deserves your attention. Alice’s Tea Cup is a good spot for brunch on the weekend – and it’s good to make a reservation, because it is always crowded – and for an afternoon coffee, or even a tea, after all, this is the focus of the place, as the name suggests.

The tea menu has a lot of flavors and tea is served in a cute pot. There are coffee and a wonderful hot chocolate that I have tried, but it easily serves two people – no lie, is a bucket! There are sandwiches, salads and soups on the menu every day, in addition to brunch classics – egg dishes, crepes and special drinks. To eat with tea, there are cookies, pies and desserts. The banana cake with Nutella is really, really delicious and the carrot is also good too- but give it up if you do not like raisins grape – and the slices are mega generous.

I truly recommend the place for a break in the rush of your trip in New York – besides that the addresses are not located in obvious areas of New York. Below you can check the addresses and here you can find more information about reservations and more details on the menu of each location.

Chapter 1 is located at 102 West 73rd Street, at Columbus Avenue. This location is open daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Chapter 2 is located at 156 East 64th Street, one store front East of Lexington Avenue. This location is open daily 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Chapter 3 is located at 220 East 81st Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. This location is open daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm. 


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