Aerie – the cutest store in New York City

The internet has revolutionized the way we shop. I confess that I love to spend hours through the websites, simulating purchases and of course, I love to receive a box. Not to mention that online shopping is practical and not time-consuming, right? It’s easier to buy online and it is obvious that physical stores feel this thump. Retail needs to reinvent itself to attract the customer. Providing a special shopping experience makes all the difference, do you agree? And some stores are doing it with mastery. Here in New York, we see the retail industry reinventing itself every day to offer stores that go far beyond the concept of just exposing the product. And one of them is Aerie, the brand from the American Eagle Outfitters’s group, which has a pop-up shop in Soho. I would venture to say that it is one of the most beautiful/cute stores of the city!

Aerie is a brand with super-young DNA and one of the things I think is coolest is its philosophy, which encourages women to love themselves the way they are – even if they are not within the “standards” defined by media. In fact, this speech from Aerie goes much further – the campaigns have models with real bodies and, in the hashtag created by the brand – #AERIEREAL – we can see girls of all bodies, with beautiful photos, proving that no one has to follow the imposed standards to be beautiful. Then I ask: how can I not fall in love with such a brand?

The Aerie is pretty much like those amazing boards on Pinterest – and you can “Instagram” everything! There are a cotton candy wall, a flowers wall, a mini Ferris wheel, inspirational phrases scattered around the store. The fitting room is the most beautiful thing! Not to mention that the exhibition of the products is also amazing: there are sunglasses on a bicycle and even a bralette bar. It’s definitely not the kind of store that you just stop by. I spent an hour in there, just exploring, and I became more and more enchanted as I discovered how amazing the store is.

And if the wonderful concept of the brand and the fantastic design of the store were not enough, we need to talk about the products! Now that we’re entering the spring/summer season here, the store is focused on that theme. So, there are a lot of bikinis – I do not really like bikinis here, but I must say I loved Aerie’s – super cute swimsuits, which can be worn both on the beach and with day-to-day outfits, swimwear and hats. Aerie also has lingerie – different bra of various models and also bralettes, as well as panties. Another strong point of the brand are the gym clothes, with tops, leggings and shirts. There are also t-shirts, dresses, shorts, robes … all with a cool and young footprint.

Another thing I loved is that the store also offers several Quay sunglasses – a brand I love and I’ve already mentioned here – as well as fragrances and cosmetics like body splash, body lotion and liquid soap – everything with beautiful and cute packaging!

Addres: 720 Lexington Avenue

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