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A walking tour in Bushwick, Brooklyn

It had been a while that Bushwick, brooklyn neighborhood, is in my New York City to do list. When I was studying fashion trend forecasting at FIT last year, teachers already mentioned Bushwick as a place to keep an eye on it. Then, in September, Vogue choose the neighborhood as one of the coolest in the world. It  was enough to awaken my attention. Then, I discovered that the place has practically an open air art gallery – The Bushwick Colletive. I freaked out when I saw some pics on the internet and I was ready and excited to check with my eyes. Last Saturday, a sunny beautiful day, we went to check .. and I can tell you, we did not regret!

Bushwick is located in the northern part of Brooklyn and became stronghold of many street artists. The gallery begins on Jefferson Street and continues through Troutman Street to Saint Nicholas Avenue. The curator of the place is due to Joseph Ficalora, which is the  project creator and long-time resident of the area. Along with other owners of local buildings, Ficalora tries to find and provide empty walls for street artists – who are not only from the United States but also from countries such as France and Italy.

The neighborhood is super quiet and you will see some arts on the street since the moment that you leave the train station. My advice is: get lost there, because every corner is a discovery. You need to look at all sides, because there is art everywhere – cross the road and you’ll notice something you had not seen. It is truly amazing!

Are you interested in checking Bushwick? Follow some tips and have a great time

– Getting there: use the L line and get off at Jefferson St Station. The gallery begins on Jefferson Street and continues through Troutman Street to Saint Nicholas Avenue. The region is not extensive, so you can walk quietly, without hurry.

– To eat: we had lunch at Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos (271 Starr St between St. Nicholas and Wyckoff Aves). The place is simple but with very good prices. It has tortillas and other Mexican dishes for an average of $ 4 to $ 6. Another suggestion is to check Roberta’s, one of the places with the best New York pizza and approved by Jay-Z (261 Moore St).

– There are other art galleries, such as the North Maar (83 Wyckoff Ave at Suydam St, No. 1B), and English Kills (114 Forrest St between Central and Flushing Aves).

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