9 brands of natural and vegans cosmetics to know – Axis

Last week, Axis took place here in New York. Axis is nothing more than a trade show of fashion, lifestyle and beauty, based on authenticity and creativity. As it is a trade show, it is nothing more than a showcase for new brands make contacts with buyers and disseminate their work. In its third edition, the event brought together more than 150 brands of clothing, accessories, lingerie and beachwear in three-day event, at Pier 92. I was there checking the event and my main curiosity, I confess, was about the cosmetic brands present there. I knew a lot of interesting brands and decided to bring some to today’s post. What was clear is: a concern for a more natural lifestyle as possible is also translating into cosmetics. Virtually all brands were founded to offer more natural formulas, organic and even vegan.

Soul Sunday – 100% natural and mostly organic, Soul Sunday cosmetics have ingredients like coconut oil, sugar and coffee. The formulas in skincare products and also aromatherapy items don’t contain parabens or sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Soul Sunday was created by Shea Hardiman and Kara Kochalko, that used to work with video and photography, in a premise to promote a healthy approach and free creativity and collaboration. The products are not tested on animals. Most products are vegan. Among the highlights is the Multi-task body + shave oil, a multipurpose oil to moisturize and nourish the skin, shave the leg, remove makeup and condition the hair. The Light Dusting Powder hair + body has deodorant function and is also dry shampoo and the content is very generous. The Seacliff facial exfoliant is an exfoliating powder that has himalayan salt and aloe vera in the formulation. I found it interesting! To use it, just add a little water.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website.

Youth to the People – what caught my attention about Youth to the People was the fact that the brand was created by two men. The story behind it is interesting: Greg and Joe grew amid grandmother office, which created a line of cosmetics 30 years ago – what caused the two to acquire a deep knowledge of ingredients, skin types and business. Currently, Youth to the People has three products: a cleaning gel, serum and cream. Its ingredients are 100% vegan and packaging are 100% recyclable. Kale, spinach, alfalfa, green tea, vitamins and hyaluronic acid are some of the items that are part of the formulas. The multifunctional serum has high performance, which maintains skin elasticity and promotes natural collagen synthesis.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website. – is a brand whose main products are the sheet masks. Yes, those ready-to-use masks that have become popular in Korea and won the world. The great advantage of masks is due to the material used, 100% made with coconut! I found pretty cool proposal and very interesting texture. There are masks with different formulas for different purposes: Arnica for hydration, blackberry for rejuvenation, camomile relaxation and so on. The masks promote deep hydration and still have aromatherapy benefits.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website.

Nevermind – with matte finish and beautiful colors, Nevermind lipsticks still stand out for cruelty-free and paraben-free formula. They are highly pigmented and have antioxidants. There are 10 full shades of attitude – nude, red, pink, purple, orange and even a bluish wonderful black tone. Take note: soon these colors that are now the exception will turn normal things.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website.

Volition Beauty – Volition is like an incubator for beauty products. The members create new products in collaboration with laboratories and chemists. The product ideas are submitted to the public, who is invited to participate in the process by voting and sharing those they would like to be manufactured. And if it does, who voted earn up to 40% discount on the product. The company is from San Francisco. One of the latest releases of the brand is the Detoxifying Silt Gelee, made of a rich Nordic mud collected in the depths of pristine lakes. Gel formula, the mask purifies, moisturizes and improves skin appearance.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website.

Verbena – I had the opportunity to talk with the founder of the brand, Christin Wingo, who created the brand because of her desire for chemical-free cosmetics. The products are handmade by Christin, using organic ingredients of the highest quality and sustainably harvested. The formulas are 100% natural and free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petroleum, GMOs, detergents, and synthetic ingredients of any kind. The portfolio includes items for skin care, hair care and bath. The brand best-seller is Radiant Facial Serum. With light texture, its formula takes jojoba oil and argan, among other ingredients, and has anti inflammatory and rejuvenating action. Another interesting product is Micro-Greens face mask, in powder – you mix the product with a little water and applied to the skin. With spirulina-based formula, green tea extract, alfalfa and aloe vera, it helps fight inflammation and also absorbs impurities.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website..

Morphologically – Based in Brooklyn, this brand promotes the benefits of aromatherapy through its amazing and unique products. The founder, Melissa McGill, is a lover of aromatherapy and shares this passion with all the people around. With over 16 years experience in aromatherapy area, she believes in the healing power and energy of nature. So, she created Morphologically to offer people moments of relaxation through its products. The product collection includes candles, bath salts, roll-ons oils, spray … One of the most interesting products is Bath & Shower Drops. To be used during the bath, it helps to calm the mind, body and spirit and helps with respiratory problems, calms the nerves and oxygenates the body, while accelerating the senses and elevates mood.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website.

Context Skin – Context Skin offers skincare products for men and women. The formulas have oils and herbal extracts that leave the skin hydrated and fresh and have anti-aging action. In addition, the products are hypoallergenic and free of parabens. The line includes cleansing gel, peeling, tonic, moisturizer with sunscreen, cream for eye area and night cream. As mentioned earlier, is a unisex brand and favorite items of men are the tonic, ideal for use after shaving, and the moisturizer with sunscreen.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website.

Floss Gloss – founded in San Francisco and now based in New York (Brooklyn), the Janine Lee and Aretha Sack’s brand offers nail polishes with different colors and high coverage. The formula is vegan friendly and 5-Free – free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. It has fast drying. The highlight is the shade with glitter, super different.

Where to buy it? Brand’s website and Ricky’s stores.

PS: Several of these brands can also be found at Urban Outfitters (website or stores).

As I mentioned earlier, Axis is not only about cosmetic brands! The fair has many brands of clothing, accessories, shoes … I think it’s a good event for anyone who is from the fashion market, both to exchange ideas, make business and seek inspiration. The next edition takes place in September this year and you can check  all the information on the website.

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