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7 tips for your winter outfit in New York City

One of the biggest concerns from who comes to New York in the winter is how to dress appropriately. I already wrote a post here on the blog giving essential tips for a winter look. But besides, I’ve also received requests for posts on how to improve that same winter look – so, you will not look like you’re wearing the same outfit in every picture – hahahahah. I understand this request – after all, in many parts of the world there is no winter itself and it is tough to buy several different coats. Thinking about it, I am bringing several ideas to help you with this problem.

Try leather pants – it doesn’t have to be leather, it may be faux leather. The texture of the leather is ideal for winter outfits, and your outfit will be more modern and also keeps you warm. I have one from Lulus – it fits perfectly, it is comfortable and it keeps you warm. Imagine if you wear it with heat tights underneath! A basic outfit – with sweater and coat – will be well differentiated if you wear this type of pants. And you can use it with both sneakers or boots.

Wear a scarf – it’s a fact: the scarf is a must in winter here. Believe me: it makes all the difference when it comes to keeping you warm in the freezing temperatures in New York. And since it is necessary, make smart choices. Analyze your clothes and choose scarves with shades that will make a nice outfit. I, for example, love plaid prints, I think it is charming and, as you can see in the photos above, a simple plaid scarf already makes all the difference in a monochrome look.

Wear knit-hat – this is a habit I have to adopt myself – because I usually spend the winter with an ear protector, you know? But the knit hats, besides keeping the head and ears protected, are also super charming and give you a very cool and jovial look. It is a simple accessory, cheap and that changes the look instantly.

Use a hat – many people wear hats here, not only in the winter but also in the summer and it is that kind of accessory that will make you look charming and elegant. In Fast Fashion stores like H & M and Forever 21 you can find it easily.

Sneakers can also be a good option – there are a lot of stylish and comfortable sneakers that can be worn here depending on the day (if it is not snowing or raining). A natural choice.

Try over-the-knee boots – besides keeping you warm, over-the-knee boots also provide a super updated look. I’m suspicious to speak about it, because I love it, but I can not deny that they make you look sexy, powerful and modern. And oh, there are several over-the-knee boots option very comfortable!

Wear skirts and dresses – I love varying the winter outfit here with skirt and sweater or d dress. I always put a thermal blouse underneath and I wear two socks according to the temperature of the day and finish with a coat and other accessories. The look already looks different and you can, for example, pick some skirt that you already have in the closet and that matches the winter weather. It is an easy way to switch that traditional pants outfit.

Finally,  I also bring some men inspirations! I think you can also increase your outfit with a scarf and a knit hat – it will already make you look very charming, you see? In addition, it is worth wearing overlays, with shirt and sweater.

Finally, three outfits I’ve used in the past few weeks. I’m always posting what I wear on my Instagram – and I’ll love it if you follow me there too: @laura_peruchi. The outfits above are nothing extraordinary: I applied several tips from this post, such as leather pants and scarf. Oh, and one last suggestion for those who like it: colorful tights – it makes all the difference!

I hope you liked these tips!

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