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7 other spots for desserts and ice cream in New York City

 few months ago, I wrote a post with 12 spots for desserts and ice cream in New York – and you can check it by clicking here. From here to there, I remembered some more, checked out some others and, here I am: with 7 more suggestions of places for you that, like me, do not deny a sweetie! Come check it out!

Rice to Riches – Life is really ironic, is not it? Rice Pudding is not a very glamorous dessert – I never liked it. Then, at the insistence of a friend, I tasted the Rice Pudding from this place. Rice to Riches is what you’re thinking: a place specializing in Rice Pudding, of all possible flavors. They have chocolate, coconut, oreo … My favorite? Piña Colada – pineapple and coconut, super refreshing. Prices: from $ 5.

Address: 37 Spring Street.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain – Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain is a classic place with a Soda Fountain. Forget the traditional soft drinks: we’re talking about housemade drinks. It is one of the few places that make Cola syrup –  Coca-Cola with a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, lavender and citrus peel. We try the lemon soda and it looks nothing like the conventional soft drinks. $3 each.  It features a menu of Sundaes – there are more than 10 varieties, with varying ingredients and flavors – plus the giant size. The price is $12 on average. There is also Egg Cream, a New York classic drink ($4). Another highlight of the place is the Ice Cream Floats – which are nothing more than sodas served with an ice cream ball on top ($8). And there are also, of course, the milkshakes – there are six varieties priced at $10 on average. You can also order ice cream alone and ice cream sandwich. If you’re not in the mood for sweets, Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain also features a savory menu that includes sandwiches and mac & cheese. To see the complete menu, you can click here.

Address: 513 Henry St.

Tres Leches Cafe – Tres Leches cake is a super classic dessert in Latin restaurants here in New York. I’m not a fan of American cakes and pies – but since this is not an American recipe, maybe that’s why I like it so much! Well, the other day, we wanted to buy a Tres Leches cake for dessert at a dinner party here at home. Searching, we discovered the Tres Leches Cafe. The owner, Ronaldo Felipe, learned the art of pastries with his grandmother when he lived in the Dominican Republic. After moving to New York and trying many Tres Leches pies, he realized that he could do something better and started making it with his wife. Soon the demand grew! The place is small – I suggest buying to go. The prices are $ 3 a small slice (generous), $15 for 8 people and $35 for 18 people. It was a success during our dinner – no piece left, everyone repeated!

Address: 356 E 112th Street.

Chocolate Works – I discovered this place by chance the other day, walking with a friend in the area. As the name suggests, it is a place specializing in chocolate and the manufacture itself: there are truffles, pretzels, chocolate bars, caramels, cookies and more.  There is a lot of variety. They have three locations in New York – with have space for events.

Address: 1410 Lexington Ave / 641 Amsterdam Ave / 110 Montague St.

Momofuku Milk Bar –  is a bakery – with cookies and cakes – but the highlight here is the ice cream, one of the most famous in the city. The classic flavors are Cereal Milk, with milk, cereal, brown sugar and a touch of salt, and Chocolate Covered Pretzel Soft Serve, which is a chocolate, with a sweet and salty flavor, difficult to explain, but peculiar and tasty.

Address: clique aqui e cheque todos os endereços.

Sprinkles – When talking about cupcakes, a lot of people just remember Magnolia Bakery, but Sprinkles also deserves your attention. The cupcakes are generously sized and delicious! In addition, at the Upper East Side, the brand’s store features an ATM Cupcake! It’s awesome!

Address: 780 Lexington Avenue /   225 Liberty street (Brookfield Place) / Penn station – 2 Pennsylvania plaza

Chip NYC – the brand was born in Queens – they have a bakery there – but there is also a space at Gansevoort Market. They offer classic flavors such as chocolate chip and white chocolate with macadamia nuts. Very very good! Each cookie costs $ 3.50! In addition, they are always launching special flavors according to the holidays and special dates.

Address: Gansevoort Market 353 W 14th Street / 30-06 34th Street – Queens. 

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