7 cheap restaurants in New York City

Some people think that cheap food in New York are limited to the fast food chains – which, I assure you, is not true. The city have very expensive options when it comes to food, however, don’t make a mistake: it is not so hard to find  tasty meals at a fair price! I had already written a post with tips cheap restaurants in New York, and today come with another options!

Gray Dog – I have been there a few weeks ago and loved it! The place is very cool and the menu includes options such as salads, sandwiches and burgers, as well as combos – our choice when we were there. There are combinations of fries + sandwich, super well served, for about $ 10. The salads are in the same price range and the burgers cost of $ 9 to $ 14. The cool thing is that there are several addresses in the city!

Locations: 49 Carmine St. / 90 University Pl. / 242 West 16th St. / 244 Mulberry St.

Bangkok Cuisine – for those who love oriental food, this is a great choice in the Upper East Side. The decor is beautiful and the best part is the lunch special, which rolls every day from 11.30am to 4 pm(on weekends until 3:30pm). You choose the main course – with meat, vegetables, tofu, chicken, duck or shrimp – and still entitled to the soup and one appetizer. All this for U $ 9 (if you choose meat or shrimp price is $ 10).

Location: 1586 2nd Ave.

Roast Kitchen –  Roast Kitchen is a simpler environment, but great for lunch! The place offers two types of bowls, hot and cold. Colds are salads (you can choose from their options or make yours). Hot dishes are rice or quinoa and vegetables, and you can add one meat. Prices range between $ 8 and $ 14.

Locations: 199 Water Street / 423 Madison Avenue / 58 East 56th Street / 740 7th Ave / 120 University Place.

Tortaria – one of my favorite places! It is Mexican and it is like a bar, with music, low light and lots of young people, as well as retro decor common in many Mexican restaurants. There is no waiter who came to serve you on the table. You arrive, take your place and make your order in the cashier. Best of all is the price: burritos for $ 7, quesadillas for $ 6, sandwiches for $ 8. All delicious. You can just buy nachos with guacamole and have a few drinks. It’s a great place to end a day in New York without spending much.

Location: 94 University Pl. 

Dee Daa – It is a kind of Thai fast food. There is pad thai, fried rice, curry – typical dishes of this cuisine, which have chicken or beef, for example. All between the ages of 8 or 9 dollars! There are 3 units in Manhattan and please note that the juices and teas out for $ 2.

Locations: 155 East 44th Street  / 132 West 31st Street  / 668 Sixth Avenue

Arturo’s – Arturo’s has delicious pizzas !! They are baked in wood-fired oven, with large sizes, mega generous. The average price is $ 25. When we went, we ate at two and even take away! There are still many choices of pasta with prices starting at $ 14.

Location: 106 W Houston St.

Bread – here, attention to the lunch special: soup + sandwich for $ 11 or soup + salad for $ 12. The menu also includes pastas from $ 13. Is located in a charming region of SoHo and the place is very wide.

Location: 20 Spring Street.

The Kati Rolll – the signature dish of The Kati Roll Company, Kati Rolls, are made by wrapping warm paratha, a type of Indian flat bread, around a variety of meats, vegetables and cheese. Each ingredient is marinated in a proprietary blend of Indian spices, creating a distinctive taste available nowhere else. Rolls can also be wrapped with a whole wheat roti for a healthier option. Price: $8

Locations: 99 MacDougal Street / 49 West 39th Street / 229 East 53rd Street.

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