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7 – annoying – facts about living in New York City

I love to write about New York lifestyle. As a Brazilian, I always see the cultural differences between living here and living in Brazil. Day after day, I can tell that the routine, the behavior, whatever, a lot of things, are different. And there is some facts that annoy me…

1. People listening to loudly music at the subway
I always tell that is on the subway that the real New Yorker routine happens! There’s no way to avoid it: the city is huge and everybody need to move, fast. In high heels ou sneakers, a rich person or a poor person, an executive or a waiter: everybody takes a ride in a train on the subway. And there is the place with a lot of characters -including some that are really annoying. Like those who listen to music so loudly that you can hear it, even if the person is using an earphone. There are another ones that use the smartphone to play or to watch a movie – without an earphone.
2. Brazilian stereotypes
In general, I feel that Brazilians are welcome people here. People get excited when they know that you are Brazilian – they think that our country is nice, they want to go to Rio, tell good things about our food… But, there is some generalizations, like: “you know how to dance samba!” or “oh, do you speak Spanish right?” or, worse, “do you speak French, right?. What?
3. There is no public bathrooms
I always advise people – and I follow my own advice – if have the opportunity to use a bathroom – in a store, in a restaurant or in a cafe – use it! There is no public bathrooms in New York City and your day can be bad sometimes – there is nothing worse than want to pee without a place to do it! Sometimes, I avoid to drink – water, juice, coffee – just to not stress myself looking for a bathroom. Do you want a tip? A Starbucks always save us in these moments – just cross your fingers for a door without password.
4. Beer is never cold enough
Who is used to drink beer im Brazil – specially during the summer – knows how is delicious to drink that glass “trincando” – which means freezing. I love beer – but it is impossible to find one in the same temperature that we love in Brazil. I have to confess that you get used to, but you gonna miss that Brazilian beer during the summer.
5. Pigeons. Everywhere
New York is a crowded city, with a huge population of people, rats and pigeons. I see rats only in the subway stations, so, pigeons annoy me more. There a lot of these birds here. And what freaks me out is the fact that they don’t mind with your presence and fly over your head, which scares me, I confess. I am always feeling like an idiot, running from them.
6. Eat and leave
This is something that I got used to – but it annoys me sometimes when I am in a group of friends. More people, more subjects, more talking. At the restaurants here, there is a no written rule: they expected that you make your order, eat it and leave. There is no way to stay there and talking and talking – ok, sometimes it can be inconvenient being in a place and not spending money, but there are some restaurants with people so rude! They start to clean your table and almost saying: get out!
7. There is no service area
In Brazil, houses and apartments have a room called service area. It is where you have your washer and dryer and also a sink to wash some clothes, to clean your shoes, this kind of things. But, here, apartments don’t have this space and it’s hard for to survive without it.

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