5 restaurants that I love to repeat in New York City

In a city like New York, repeating a restaurant can be a sin, given the variety of different places that exist here. Even living in this city a lifetime, I bet you would not know all the restaurants available – not only by the high number but also by the fact that there are many who close. But even that sometimes is a waste to repeat a restaurant, I confess that there are some that I love to go again! All that I mention today had appeared in some other post here on the blog, but is a tip for those who are coming here for now.

Porsena – a Italian that always recommended it! It has a very intimate environment, great for those looking for a romantic place to enjoy  – but also good for a group! The main meals are the pastas, with an excellent  and delicious mix and different sauces. The menu is lean and the dishes cost an average of $20. I highly recommend Anelloni pasta with lamb sausage, mustard seeds and a touch spicy.

Address: 21 E 7th Street.

Tortaria – great place to end a busy day in New York. Tortaria is a Mexican restaurant/bar and , as the day is ending, the climate of Happy Hour takes over! In addition to the typical dishes such as tacos, burritos and nachos – delicious, by the way – the drinks also have fair prices. It’s pretty cool and everyone I took there loved it!

Address: 94 University Pl.

Yum Yum Too – I love oriental food and no doubt that Thai is my favorite! This one has a menu is nicely varied, with dishes photos (beautiful, by the way), which helps a lot when you are choosing. Fried Rice is very well served and costs $ 12.95, as well as the beef or chicken curry. The environment is also very good and is in a great area, full of other cool restaurants.

Address: 662 9th Ave (esquina da 46St)

Cafe Habana – this is the place for eating  one of the most famous corns in New York – and I love going there just to eat this corn again! In addition, there are tacos, quesadillas, sandwiches and burgers that cost between $ 9 and $ 13. The place is very small, cozy and with a cool vibe.

Address:  17 Prince Street.

La Tarte Flambée – Tarte Flambée is a typical dish from the Alsace, region of France, which basically consists in a thin crust topped with various ingredients, fowl. There are several options: bacon, mushroom, onion … It’s very tasty, like a lighter pizza. Ideal to go with several people, asking various flavors and a cold beer (or wine) to accompany!

Address: 1750 2nd Ave e 153 E 33rd St.

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