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4 ways to see the Statue of Liberty spending almost nothing

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous places in New York and also in the world. It is that kind of monument that almost everyone wants to visit during a first time in the city – like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Cristo in Rio de Janeiro. The first time I was here I remember how delighted I was when I spotted Lady Liberty from far away from the window of an apartment in Jersey City. First thought: “Yeah, I’m in New York.” Even today, whenever I see her, my heart beats stronger, I confess. If you are coming to New York and want to visit the Statue, there are a few options. The first, more traditional and classic, is to take the ferry to Liberty Island, the island where the Statue is located. You have to pay for this and you can get more details here. Another option is the Water Taxi ride. It does not land on the island, but provides a very privileged view. This tour is also paid and you can check all the details here.

But remembering that every traveler has a preference and budget, let’s assume that you are not in the mood to go to Liberty Island, or that you do not want to see the Statue so closely, because you do not care that much, or even because it’s no your first time in the city … There are a few ways you can see the Statue of Liberty without spending a dollar or spending very little. It is worth remembering that these options do not give you a vision as close as the paid options, but I guarantee that all of them provide amazing views.

Staten Island Ferry – number 1 option for those who wants to see the Statue of Liberty from a fair distance. Staten Island Ferry transports residents from  Manhattan. Best of all, it’s free and everyone is welcome. Because of the path, with a privileged view, Ferry is in the route of the tourists who come here. Obviously, the distance is not the same as riding in paid boats, but I would say it is a very satisfactory view, as you can see from the pictures. You may not get that classic photo with the Statue close to you, but I guarantee it is worth. Moreover, we can not forget the incredible views of the Manhattan skyline. From Ferry,you still can catch sight of the Brooklyn Bridge, New Jersey and Governor’s Island.he Staten Island ferry operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From 6 am to 9:30 am and from 3h30 to 8pm, there are boats every 15 or 20 minutes. In other times, the frequency is 30 minutes. To see the complete schedule, just click here. The terminal of the Staten Island Ferry in Manhattan is at 4 Whitehall St, access by lines 1, 4, 5, J, Z and R. It is located right next to Battery Park.

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Governors Island – Governors Island is an island that served as a military base for almost 200 years and is about 800 meters from Manhattan. It is open to the public during a season, which begins in late May and runs until the end of September. There are a lot of reasons to visit this island like abundant green space, outdoor activities and a privileged and wonderful views – including Statue of Liberty. The best view is from The Hills. This new area has artificial hills up to 20 meters high, providing a 360-degree view. One of the hills has a lookout, with a view overlooking the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty, and, of course, the view of the Manhattan skyline with the One World Trade Center and the other buildings. The access to the island is made by a ferry daily during the season and the ticket (round trip) costs only $2! On Saturdays and Sundays, the ferry is free until 11:30 am. The ferry departs from the Battery Maritime Building (10 South St.), next to the Staten Island Ferry station. 

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Water Taxi Ikea Express / Red Hook – besides the classic and paid ride, Water Taxi offers a daily ride to Ikea –  Water Taxi Ikea Express. Water Taxi Ikea Express departs from south of Manhattan and goes to Ikea, located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Even though this is not the original Water Taxi ride, you will certainly have a great time. The ride takes about 35 minutes and you will see Manhattan’s skyline and Brooklyn Bridge – and, of course, you will also see Statue of Liberty. Also, I suggest you stop by Red Hook and explore the area. At Red Hook Dock, you can walk and see Lady Liberty. This Water Taxi departs from Pier 11, Wall Street, Tickets are $5 and free on weekends.

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Liberty State Park – located in Jersey City, this park has a huge green area, with space for activities such as walking, running and cycling, as well as picnic and barbecue. But the highlight of the place is the prime location by the Hudson River. The view of the river and the island of Manhattan is sensational! I’ve been in several places with views to Manhattan, but this park is undoubtedly one of the best places to see the skyline of New York. In addition, the park also offers views of Ellis Island and our beloved Statue of Liberty. Liberty Landing Ferry departs from World Financial Center Terminal (199 Vessey Street) in Downtown, next to Brookfield Place, very close to One World Trade Center. When you arrive at the terminal you just have to heading to gate 2 – the ticket costs $7 (for one-way, Roundtrip is $14) and you pay in the Ferry – ie, you don’t need to buy a ticket before. Boats leave every half hour. On weekdays, the service begins at 6:15 am and continues until almost 9pm. On weekends, service starts at 9:30am until 7:45pm.

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