4 beauty brands that are trending online here in the USA

The internet has become a thermometer for almost everything that happens in the world, right? Instagram and Pinterest have become a reference for us to know what is trending now. I do not know about you, but I end up discovering many new brands on the internet – mainly by Instagram! In the American market, new brands appear every day – with products with highest quality, proving that not always the expensive is better. Today, I present to you four brands that are making success on the internet here, be it by the design of the products, by its philosophy, or by its quality.


Colour Pop – founded in 2014, it offers cruelty-free products (some of them vegan) and it became a phenomenon. It’s not hard to understand why: prices are reasonable and the formulas have great quality. The collection includes eyeshadows, highlighter, bronzer, blush and, of course, matte liquid lipstick, the most successful product.  Each lipstick is only $6 and the color options are amazing – and have high pigmentation.

Where to buy? For now, only on the website  Instagram @colourpopcosmetics

Beauty Bakerie – also a cruelty-free brand – and with a lot of vegan formulas – Beauty Bakery got a lot of attention on the internet after this video, that shows how the liquid lipsticks are high pigmented and resistent. Available in matte and metalic finish, the colors are beautiful and unusual. Besides that, the design is cute. You know what to expect from a brand called Beauty Bakerie, right? An illuminator that reminds ice cream, a seeting powder that remimds flour.

Whre to buy? On the website and the brand is also opening its first store, in San Diego.  Instagram:  @beautybakeriemakeup

Glossier – An internet phenomenon, Glossier was born from, a famous and respectful beauty blog – which is one  one of the most renowned in the segment today. Behind the blog and the brand is Emily Weiss, who rethought  products, creating exactly the items and colors, that people wanted to see. What makes Glossier stand out from all the other beauty lines? It’s a tightly edited, pre-curated collection of the most relevant beauty products today. And it’s inspired by, and made for, real life. Today, the brand has a line with a selection of makeup and skincare items, with efficient formulas and uncomplicated use. Each new products is a success on the internet – the reviews don’t lie and some of the products were awarded by Allure and Teen Vogue. Balm Dotcom is a best seller: it is a hydrating, long-lasting, do-everything skin salve that’s packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish and repair dry, irritated skin. It can be applied to any part of the boty that needs extra moisture, like lips and cuticles. Boy Brown is another best seller. It is designed to hold hairs in place without stiffness, leaving you with that very easy, naturally shaped brow. It’s unlike any other brow gel on the market.

Where to buy? On the website and has a showroom in New York: 123 Lafayette Street. Instagram @glossier

Milk Makeup –launched by the creative collective Milk Studios, Milk Makeup is a line for empowered, ambitious, entrepreneurial girls that need on-the-go, multi-benefit essentials that give her the freedom to change her look from day to night in five minutes – with no brushes. Everythinh is meant to be applied with fingers. The packaging is modern, unissex and unbreakable. The formula is the most possible natural and the prices are fair: 85 items from $10 to $38. Besides the makeup items like mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows and blushes – everything with great pigmentations – there are also skincare products, like cleanser and mask. Do you want another reason to keep an eye on Milk Makeup? The brand is launching a nail spray this month! One of the products that is trending now is the Blur Stick: it is like a primer, silicon-free formula.

Where to buy? On the website, and also at Sephora and Urban Outfitters. 

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