3 stores to buy jeans in New York

Jeans is and always will be democratic. Shorts, skirt, pants, jacket, shirt … I confess that I love all the clothes made of the material. It is timeless and always has a style that will fit you, that will match with you. But a good jeans is not so easy to find. For a long time, in my teens, I was not a fan of jeans. It was synonymous with uncomfortable thing, you know? A good jeans fits well, lasts and makes you feel good! At the same time, jeans is so democratic that almost every shop / brand has. And here in New York is no different. Just enter in a Forever 21 and you will find numerous options for cheap prices. But speaking from my experience, this is not a good idea. The pants did not last anything – and not fit as well. Therefore, in my view, when we talk about jeans, you need to know where to buy and which brands will be worth the investment. Obviously, you already know the classic brands, whose name carries weight in the industry of this segment, such as Levi’s and Diesel. So when I thought about writing this post, I wanted to bring you not obvious choices.

I think if we talk about variety of styles and colors, American Eagle Outfitters is the champion of this post. I know it’s a name very popular – with women’s and men’s fashion, a very young and timeless style. I do not know if everyone knows the brand jeans. Jegging, Skinny, Flare: there are the classical styles and also its variations. My favorite is the Hi-Rise Jegging, that fits perfect and has super high waist, is beautiful in the body. I have lost count of how many times I used it. A few days ago, I bought a Super Hi-Rise Jegging and I’m in love. The pants are comfortable, fit well and do not spoil. For those who like high-waisted pants, like me, it is a full plate. Furthermore, American Eagle Outfitters has various color options, plain and destroyed. Prices range from $ 40 to $ 60. There are also a lot of men’s styles, traditional (Original Straight) to modern (Slim and Super Skinny). The brand sizes follow different standards for men and women. For men, is the two number system with 26×30 where 26 is the waist size and 30 is the measure of the leg. For women’s pants, the system of numerical sizes 00 to 20, followed by an indication or Regular Long, which refers to how long is the pants. You can check out more about the styles on the brand website.

Addresses: 1551-1555 Broadway / 40 West 34th Street / 19 Union Square West / 599 Broadway / 442 Fulton Street (Brooklyn) / 90-15 Queens Boulevard (Queens).

Madewell is also another excellent brand when it comes to jeans. The stores work with the concept of Denim Bar, a section that has several pants styles: High-Rise Skinny, Skinny, Crop, Flares, Boy and others. For those who like more classic jeans, is a great option. One of the most famous pants is the High-Rise Skinny, with super high waist and skinny style. The High-Rise Skinny crop – last pic in the assembly above – is shorter in the legs, ideal for those who like pants like this or who is shorty. I do not have a pair of Madewell yet, but I’ve been trying in the store and enjoyed the fit and comfort. It is very beautiful in the body! It is noteworthy that Madewell uses denim with technologies such as ISKO ™, which helps lift the body. Another super cool thing is the size system – by number, 23-32, and also the length of the leg (Regular, Tall and Taller), which is great for those who are very high. Oh, it is worth remembering that Madewell offers a super cool service customization of jeans – you can make a custom monogram. This service is available only online. Madewell only works with women’s trousers and you can click here and check out more about styles and colors. Madewell’s prices are a bit high, from $ 128.

Addresses: 1144 Madison Avenue / 115 5th Avenue / 486 Broadway.

BDG is a Urban Outfitters brand. I have always heard positive comments about the jeans of the brand – until I got one from a friend and I could prove that yes, it is a wonderful jeans. Comfortable, fits well and is durable. There are styles such as High-Rise and Boyfriend, with classic colors. The brand has even the Mom style. With straight cut, high waist and without washing, “mom jeans” has retro air and is a hit among models and fashionistas this season. The size chart goes from 24 to 32. Prices range from $ 59 to $ 79 and a few styles are sold exclusively online. You can click here to get an idea. BDG also has men’s options. A tip to get a good price is to spy on Sale section of Urban Outfitters stores  – always give to find some piece by a value greater price.

Addresses: 2633 Broadway / 1511 3rd Ave / 999 3rd Avenue / 521 Fifth Ave. / 1333 Broadway / 526 Avenue of the Americas / 162 2nd Avenue / 628 Broadway / 182 Broadway / 98 N. 6th Street (Brooklyn). 

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