3 restaurants in 3 neighborhoods: Upper West Side, Nolita and East Harlem

This weekend was great in terms of gastronomy! Bonus for you, you end up having more tips on where to eat in New York. Today, the thips are very diverse, because I bring options in several different regions of Manhattan: Upper West Side, East Harlem and Nolita. All with different proposals and cuisines.

I don’t know about you, but I love Greek cuisine! And Kefi is dedicated to this particular type of cuisine. What struck me was the size of the place – has two giant floors, which is unusual for a city like New York. The menu is very diverse and has several pasta options, steaks, chicken and burgers. For appetizer, we order dried tomato hummus with pita – this bread is sensational! The place also offers some complimentary breads – in fact, I love restaurants that do this! We chose two main dishes: Braised Lamb Shank Orzo and Sheep Milk Dumplings, one of the house specialties. The first was lamb with a special rice. The second seems like nhoc with a neat sauce and lamb sausage. It is noteworthy that the sangria is wonderful and is served by the glass or pitcher. The price of the dishes range from $ 16 to  $ 26.

Address: 505 Columbus Avenue.

I always heard that Harlem is a neighborhood rich in gastronomy, but I have not tried yet. On Saturday, we went walking on Randall’s Island to record videos and we took the opportunity to have lunch at East Harlem. Foursquare reviews helped us to chose El Paso, a very nice Mexican restaurant! On Saturdays and Sundays, they have a special brunch menu, but as we were even willing to taste the delicacies of the house, they gave us the traditional menu. The burrito I ordered – very well served, by the way – costs $9. The trio of tacos was $8. And we had another glass of sangria, for $5 – half the amount charged in the previous restaurant. We found the prices attractive – then the tip is: it is always good to get out of the commonplace! Apps like Yelp and Foursquare are great places to research – and Yelp shows the menus from some places. Recalling that there are always wevsites too, right? Oh, and the environment of El Paso is pretty cool too! You can check out the menu here.

Address: 1643 Lexington Avenue. 

Finally, a German restaurant suggestion. The Loreley is super cool and has a space reserved for parties. A friend celebrated his birthday there on Saturday and it was super fun. Beyond space behave 50 people, the selection of beers is wonderful – what could not be different, after all, is a German restaurant. The menu features specialties of German cuisine, as well as salads, sandwiches and other snacks. It is worth mentioning that the restaurant area has a good nightlife, with many bars and hype. For the summer, the choice is the area outside the restaurant, Biergarten.

Address: 7 Rivington St.


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