Gondola tours at Central Park

Central Park is probably one of the most visited places in New York – and it’s nice to visit no matter the season. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter, it is always nice to appreciate the immensity and beauty of this oasis in the middle of the city. But as with the rest of the city, there are activities in Central Park that only happen at certain seasons – such as ice skating – which happens during fall/winter – and the picnic season – which is only possible on days with warm weather. Another activity that also only happen during the spring/summer is the gondola ride in Central Park. Yes, you did not read wrong: you take a gondola tour in New York. An official gondola, a gift from the city of Venice to New York, the first gondola in history to be given as a gift.

The official season runs from April to November – weather permitting. The ride – which lasts from half hour and runs on The Lake, the lake that sits in the southernmost part of the park – is a delight. First, because, as there is only one gondola, it becomes the great attraction of the lake. Impossible not to feel kinda “celebrity” with everyone looking, lol. Second, because it gives you a new perspective of the park and the city. Besides Andres Garcia, the other gondolier who is present there is Joseph Gama, a Brazilian from Ipatinga – MG, whom I had the pleasure to meet three years ago on behalf of friends in common. Joseph is very nice: he has an incredible charisma, he is super friendly and knows a lot about not only Central Park but also about the city. You can learn many curious facts! In addition, it is a romantic ride option – Joseph has witnessed more than 400 proposals  – and celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher have been on the gondola.

The gondola has a capacity for up to 6 people and a half hour ride costs $45 + tips. You can make your reservation by phone (212.517.2233) or try to contact us by the form, available here. Yes, there are also boats on the lake for rent – but do not forget they are different experiences.

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