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Nightlife in New York City: essential information and night clubs suggestions

Almost three years writing about New York and the number of posts about nightlife is virtually zero! That’s because the blogger who writes to you is not a person who spends time in night clubs. Me and Thiago love to go out to dinner, enjoy a bar, walk a lot, but nightclubs? I was only once at Industry, a very cool gay club. But it’s not because I’m not interested that everyone is too, right? I always get questions about nightlife and requests for posts on the subject, but how am I going to suggest something that I do not know?

Thinking about it, I invited Larissa Temple to write this blog post! Me and Lari studied together in 2014 at FIT and it was not her first time in the city. She loves to go out at night and she comes to New York every year. I remember that during the time we studied together she always had some cool party to go. So, I did not hesitate to talk to her and ask her to give you all the tips!

“Hello there!

Today I’m here as Laura’s guest to talk a little bit about the nightlife in New York. I love to party, and I always include a nightclub in my trips to the city. New York has many incredible places to dance and enjoy the night. In the summer, I like the Double Rooftop + Nightclub, and in the winter, dine in a cool spot and a nightclub soon after.

Although the city is known as The City That Never Sleeps, nightclub schedules are a bit different from what we are used to here in Brazil. While in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities the parties usually start between 12am and 1am, in NY it’s a bit earlier, between 10pm and 11pm. At 11:30pm, parties are generally booming with lines at the door, which makes it a bit difficult to get into the house. It is also common to finish early, between 3 and 4 am, unlike the Brazilian ones: in Brazil, we dance until the sun rises! There are many kinds of parties in New York to suit all tastes. There are houses focused on Hip Hop, Pop and House Music, but most make a mix of the coolest songs that are playing. After all, what matters is a full house (and beautiful people!).

Before going to any club in New York, I recommend checking the dress code. A common practice in the city – even more in trendy clubs – is the admission criterion, where the hostess checks if people interested in joining the party are dressed according to the environment, and of course, if they are beautiful and attractive. It is necessary to dress well – which is not to say branded clothes and a Chanel bag, okay? A beautiful outfit (does not have to be provocative, contrary to what many think) accompanied by a nice makeup, that incredible (and comfortable!) high heels and one of the most important items: a smile. Some people arrive at the door of the party somewhat apprehensive, with serious faces, afraid of being barred. The dress code can ensure that the doorman releases his entry, and often VIP! Self-confidence is everything!

I’ve never been in any trouble in NY, I’ve always been able to enter into the rooftops, lounges and nightclubs. Some places charge a fee to enter (for women it is usually between $ 20 and $ 30), but in most cases, it is not difficult to get in for free if you are a woman, well-dressed and with a group of friends. For men, the situation is a bit different. In almost 100% of the parties it is necessary to pay a fee to enter (which can be  up to $ 100, sometimes consumables, sometimes not). Some places make it difficult for men who are trying to enter alone, without the company of a woman – their purpose is to have the place with many women, and preferably very beautiful, so they do not tend to allow groups of men at random, unless they have a VIP table reserved (minimum value of $ 3000). In 2014, in one of my nights in New York, I was entering the Phd (rooftop / lounge at the Dream Downtown Hotel) with two other friends when we were approached at the door by a group of three friends. One of them asked us if we could pretend we were three couples, because they could not get all three together without having a woman with them. Just like in Brazil, getting into a nightclub is harder (and more expensive) for men than for women. The best tip I have to give (because it makes things easier!) is to try to meet some promoter or someone who has contacts in these clubs, to have a guaranteed entry and often no queue.

Another important thing when it comes to enjoying the nightlife in NY: ID. In the United States, the minimum age to enter a rooftop and a party is 21 years. Never forget to bring an ID (even if you do not want to drink because the document is requested at the entrance), or they send you back home! About the alcoholic beverages of these places, at Manhattan rooftops and hip nightclubs a beer usually costs between $ 9 and $ 13, while a drink is between $ 15 and $ 20. In Williamsburg and other regions of Brooklyn, hipsters districts that are trending, drinks and beers are a bit cheaper in these establishments.

Now let’s go to what matters: my tips for places to dance, listen to good music and meet beautiful people!

Five rooftop lounges / nightclubs that I have ever been and super recommend:

PH-D AT DREAM HOTEL: It’s my favorite place to go out at night in NY! This lounge/nightclub is on the rooftop of the Dream Downtown Hotel. The night usually starts with a bar/lounge atmosphere, but soon the place is crowded with beautiful people and the place gets very excited. It is all enclosed in wall glass, the outdoor area is open to the public. In the background, there is view of the Empire State Building, which is wonderful, as is the environment and the public. In general, it plays a little bit of everything, but mostly Pop and House Music. The venue is frequented by celebrities such as socialite Paris Hilton, model Heidi Klum and actor Chace Crowford.

Address: 355 West 16th St.

LAVO: A branch of the Las Vegas nightclub, is one of New York’s most traditional and well-known places. It plays electronic music, but there is a day that plays a little bit of everything. Almost one time per month there is a super international DJ who plays there (Hello Tiesto!). Lavo is always crowded, with people between 24 and 50 years. The entrance criteria there is usually strict and the people that enter are selected by hand at the door (dress code alert!). Ah! Arrive a little early and have a drink in the Italian restaurant under Lavo, it has a fantastic lounge! For most events, it is possible to anticipate the purchase of tickets and guarantee entry (W $20 and M $30).

Address: 39 East 58th St –btw Madison and Park Ave.

TAO DOWNTOWNTAO has two incredible enviroments: Asian restaurant and the party enviroment. I recommend a dinner (about $80- $ 120 per person, depending on the dish chosen, with alcoholic drink) and mend it in the lounge. The nighclub is an area with a lounge and bar separate from the restaurant, super well decorated and with Pop and House Music. On the website, it is informed that General Admission (when you are not part of a VIP table) is at the doorman criteria (host / hostess).

Address: 92 Ninth Avenue at 16th St.

LE BAIN: Is a fun penthouse nightclub that is located at The Standard Hotel on the High Line in the Meatpacking District. In addition to the party with lively music, Le Bain has a rooftop with breathtaking views of NY. It is possible to transit between the two locations by the stairs that gives access to the rooftop. In addition to the nightly visit, it’s worth going up for a drink at sunset, and if it’s summer, sip one of the crepes on the lawn of the rooftop or even enjoy of one of the sunset parties that usually happen on Saturdays. Ah! In the summer there is a pool (small) in the middle of the party. Believe me, I’ve seen many people coming in!

Address: 444 West 13th St.

WEBSTER HALLfrom all my suggestions, this is the least “chic” and “gossip girl” option, with different and younger people (mostly between 21 and 30 years old) who enjoy Hip Hop, Rock’n Roll and also live music . Webster Hall is NY’s oldest club and one of the largest (4 floors!) New York nightclubs (2,500 people). It works as a nightclub and a house for concerts: it already has received great names like U2, Sting and Tina Turner. There are three different show environments with different songs (Studio, The Marlin Room and The Grand Ballroom). For the party, it is possible to put the name on the list by the website, and for the concerts the tickets are sold online, from $12 (depends on the day and the band/singer).

Address: 125 East 11th St.

The next three options below are trending in NY. I still have not had the opportunity to check them, but they are on my “to go list” and I found it interesting to post here for you!

1 OAK (One of a Kind): A branch from Las Vegas, 1 OAK is a super known and famous nightclub. 1 Oak’s Halloween and New Year’s parties are very traditional and full of celebrities. New York’s elite usually frequents this chic place.

Address: 453 West 17th St.

MARQUEE: from the same Phd, Lavo and TAO group, Marquee – another Las Vegas branch – is one of the newest, busiest, and liveliest nightclubs in NY. They are two rooms with modern decor and international DJs like Bob Sinclar, and other renowned artists playing Pop, Rock and Hip Hop. It is also possible to buy an advance ticket through the internet, which is usually  $20 (W) $30 (M).

Address: 289 10th Ave.

CIELO: it opens seven days a week and is one of the best  House Music parties in the city. Located in the Meatpacking District, the house has a sexy, refined and differentiated decor. They say the best nights are on Mondays.

Address: 18 Little West 12th St.

NYC Nightlife checklist:

  • Check when the nightclub is open  (not all open every day);
  • Check the schedule of the clubs to see which DJ is playing in the week (it is common to come across names like Avicii, Calvin Harris, Bob Sinclar, among others);
  • Check if there is a VIP list on the website or if there is an advance ticket purchase (if there is not, be well dressed and smile to win the hostess and the doorman).
  • Check dress code (most of the time, it is what will guarantee your entry without a headache!);
  • Don’t forget your ID.

Ufa! It was long but full of tips! I hope you like it and have fun as much as I do when I go out in New York!

XOXO, Lary Temple.

THANK YOU Lary! You rocked! I hope that you who follow the blog have liked this super complete post!

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