2-in-1: different stores in New York City

With so much competition – online and offline – with so many choices and so many offers, you need to do something different to attract the customer’s attention, right? Offering differentiated services is a good strategy to captivate the customer – and not always the service must be directly related to the business. In New York City, several shops are betting on model 2-in-1 and making shopping experience more interesting.
American loves cereal, right? Kith, a brand that sells various sneakers models and also clothes, opened a cereal bar in his shop at Brooklyn. The place has 24 different types of cereal with 5 types of milk and 25 types of toppings. The cereal is served in cute packages, reminiscent of shoeboxes, to be eaten in or take home.
Address: 233 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn.
Grit N Glory was choose by Vogue Italy one of the best places to shop in New York. The store has a rock’n roll vibe and tastes of its owners for Aerosmith, Pantera and ZZ Shop inspired the place, which, in addition to clothes, has decorative items like skulls and even natural soaps. The interesting part is that the place also has a tattoo parlor.
Address: 186 Orchard St.
How about a beer combo + bouquet of flowers? The proposal of Stems is this: flowers and bar! It doesn’t need a lot of explaining, right? Enjoy a delicious drink while you wait for the florist end your arrangement should not be too bad.
Address: 1118 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn.
The HoM Store is a decoration shop, with little furniture, vases and even accessories, with a good vintage / retro vibe. The cool thing is that the place is also a good choice for a coffee or brunch, with dishes such as tacos, eggs benedict and pancakes. How about enjoy a sangria there?
Address: 8806 Third Ave, Brooklyn.
Space Ninety 8 is a Urban Outfitters concept store, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The brand has a modern vibe and, in the beautiful and distinctive decor, the place has a bar! Everything to do with the proposal of the store that caters to young audiences.
Address: 98 N 6th St, Brooklyn.

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