10 trending beauty products on Amazon

I love online shopping, I confess. I think most of the time, I’d rather buy online than going to a store, you know? And one of the great things about living in the US is to have access to the Amazon and its products, ranging from electronics to clothes, food to books … I know a lot of people takes advantage of the trip to New York also to do some buy things on the website, since the prices are super great. And Amazon is, sometimes, the best place for some beauty shop, you know? You can find products from famous brands such as Kerastase and L’Oreal Professional. But for anyone who loves a good find in beauty – like me! hahaha – Amazon is also great. You can find different brands and products – that you never heard of. Amazon has a section called Movers & Shakers, with the list of best sellers in several categories – including, of course, beauty. This list changes all the time, and it’s cool to check it and see which are the products that are trending. BuzzFeed and Byrdie made some lists highlighting some of these products, and I decided to put together a list for you with some of the products that I thought interesting and promising.

Arabica Coffee Scrub, First Botany – 100% natural formula that includes organic coffee, coconut and shea butter, this exfoliator is multifunctional. It helps to treat cellulite, reducing the appearance of it- Caffeine is number 1 enemy of cellulite and, when applied religiously, the product showed a reduction of the problem. Moreover, it can also be used on the face. When applied in the area below the eyes, it helps reduce dark circles. The formula also has antioxidant action. The product has 4 stars, the result of over 3000 reviews. $13 on average.

PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo  with nearly 14 000 reviews – and almost all giving five stars – this shampoo is very promising. It’s 100% natural and helps promote cell growth for healthy hair and scalp.. Organic extracts and essential nutrients help moisturize the hair follicle, combating the hair loss, adding volume. It is for all hair types and it can be used every day. $30 on average.

Vitamin C serum, OZ Naturals – Vitamin C is a great ingredient for your skin. This serum has anti-aging action and stimulates collagen production, improving the texture and tone of the skin and also protect against damage from free radicals. Considered the most effective vitamin C serum available. It has more than 6000 reviews on Amazon, close to 5 stars. $22 on average.

 Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream – This thick and long-lasting cream soothes red, irritated and super dry skin and helps treat sunburn. So, it is great during the winter and summer. The formula is non-greasy. It has almost 5 stars on Amazon! $16 on average.

 Argan Oil Shampoo, Maple Holistics – with sulfate-free formula, this shampoo has argan, jojoba, avocado and almond oils, camellia seed and keratin. For all hair types, it treats the scalp, cleans hair follicles and also nourishes from the root to the ends. The reviews are very promising! The product has almost 5 stars from 3000 reviews! $9 in average.

Wunderbrow Brow Gel – this brow gel has long lasting  – it will probably last until the time you decide to remove the product. The formula doesn’t transfer and is waterproof. Moreover, it has fibers that help in filling. $20 on average.

EyeGel, New York Biology – this cream combat puffiness and dark circles with each application. The formula with jojoba oil and Vitamin E helps to nourish and moisturize the skin in addition to fighting signs of age. It is free of parabens and sulfates and is cruelty-free. $17 on average.

Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo, Avalon Organics  this shampoo has a blend of biotin, quinoa protein and vitamin E, which helps to give body and volume even on even the thinnest of hair. Furthermore, it stimulates hair growth and nourishes the hair follicle. $6 on average.

 Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing– this packaging is not very attractive, but I saw the biggest buzz on the internet because of this product. It is a clay mask 100% natural which helps in deep pore cleansing. And the packaging is very generous, with sizes from 1lb! $13 on average.

Dead Sea Mud Mask, Pure Body Naturals – a lot of products from this brand are best sellers on Amazon. This facial mask with Dead Sea mud cures acne and reverses signs of aging while deeply hydrating. As the mask dries, it pulls out the toxins and excess oils present in your skin from poor diet and atmospheric pollution. $14 on average.

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