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10 things to do in Brooklyn

For a long time, Manhattan was the protagonist of the of the trips to New York. You can not deny that the island has an unlimited range of things to do, but, as I always say, New York is not only about Manhattan! The other boroughs of the city offer incredible things to do and today I decided to list 10 cool things to do in Brooklyn. Yes, Brooklyn goes way beyond the iconic bridge and no, you can not cover this neighborhood in just one day (not even in a lifetime). Below are suggestions of what to do in the area!

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge  – crossing this bridge is mandatory for those coming to New York for the first time – and worth repeating if you have other opportunities. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges around the world – and the first built to connect Manhattan to Brooklyn, almost two kilometers long. It was inaugurated in 1883 – 13 years after the start of its construction. John Augustus Roebling was the engineer responsible for the work – he was German, but he lived in the US for many years – and had a lot of experience in the construction of suspension bridges and the Brooklyn Bridge was his most ambitious project. Today, on average, 120,000 vehicles cross Brooklyn Bridge every day, and 4,000 pedestrians and 2,600 cyclists. After you crossing the bridge, spend a time at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The view is amazing!

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Also, explore Brooklyn Heghts Promenade.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden – There are more than 12,000 species in an area adjacent to Prospect Park (like Brooklyn Central Park) with lots of green space and beautiful flowers. It is one of the most beautiful places to see the cherry blossom season. There are tulip gardens, rose gardens and the Japanese Garden, which sits on the edge of a lake and is beautiful. Admission is free on Fridays, until noon. On other days, the ticket costs $15 (adults) and $ 6 for seniors over 65 and students with valid ID. Children up to 12 years old do not pay.

Address: 990 Washington Ave.

Street arts in Bushwick – Bushwick is a Brooklym neighboorhood where is located The Bushwick Colletive. The curator of the place is due to Joseph Ficalora, which is the  project creator and long-time resident of the area. Along with other owners of local buildings, Ficalora tries to find and provide empty walls for street artists – who are not only from the United States but also from countries such as France and Italy. The gallery begins on Jefferson Street and continues through Troutman Street to Saint Nicholas Avenue. T

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Coney Island – Coney Island is far from a perfect beach for summer. But taking into account that New York is a concrete jungle, the place is a good place to escape and enjoy a relaxing day. I particularly think that Coney Island is a magical place, charming and nostalgic – since many movies and TV series were shooted there. The greatest charm and differential are the two amusement parks that stand on the waterfront, giving a magical aura to the place. How about to take a ride on Wonder Wheel, a Ferris wheel that is one of the symbols of the place? Upstairs, the view is simply amazing and you even get to see Manhattan. In addition, the beach has many nice places to eat.

To get there, use the D, N, F or Q lines

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Mast Brothers Chocolate -Mast Brothers was founded by two brothers, Rick and Michael Mast, in 2007 and now there are stores in New York and London – and soon in Los Angeles. The highlight of the brand is the manufacturing process. With cocoa from Tanzania and Peru, chocolates recipes take few ingredients – and all organic – and do not have preservatives – they are super natural. The production follows a ritual to make chocolates with intense flavor and texture that melts in your mouth. The formulas are not filled with a lot of sugar. Those who loves more intense flavors will surely enjoy. It is a gourmet concept. The brand has a shop and factory in the neighborhood – and the coolest thing is that you can take a tour to learn more about the manufacturing process of chocolate.

Address: 111 N 3rd St – use a linha L. 

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Smorgasburg – it is one of the most famous street food markets in New York is Smorgasburg. It happens all year round n Brooklyn, but in summer it is cooler because the event rolls outdoor. More than 80 vendors offering the most diverse types of dishes and snacks, sweet and salty. The Smorgasburg happens every weekend in Brooklyn. On Saturdays, at East River State Park, Williamsburg. On Sundays, at Prospect Park. Always from 11am to 6pm, rain or shine, until November. Then, the food market goes to another location, covered. Check out the website to seed details and click locations to check the other addresses of Smorgasburg (with less vendors).

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Red Hook -To the southwest of Carroll Gardens, beyond the BQE, the formerly rough-and-tumble industrial locale of Red Hook remains a secluded neighborhood, thanks to the lack of subway stops, which makes it perfect for a day out exploring. It is not a touristica explored area, which is a pity, because there are a lot of things to do. The area is home to smaller, artisanal businesses and factories. Its time-warp charm is still evident, and its decaying piers make a moody backdrop for massive cranes, empty warehouses and trucks clattering over cobblestone streets. If you never heard about it, it is where Ikea is located – but there is more than furniture shopping at Red Hook! The quiet streets with cobblestones make you feel in a small country town. Rich in gastronomy, the area has restaurants and factories perfect for a day of tasting many delights. Winery, BBQ place, seafood restaurante, chocolate factories: there are a ot of things to do.

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Exploring Greenpoint -Tucked into Brooklyn’s northwest corner — just above Williamsburg and south of Long Island City — the area has of late shed its sleepy image and emerged as a borough hot spot, with a lot of cool restaurants and coffee shops, besides the real state investment. The 2012 arrival of Lena Dunham and her HBO show “Girls,” which adopted Greenpoint for its setting, giving a boost to the hood’s pop cultural cache. With a quiet atmosphere – with charming streets and architecture – Greenpoint can be a great option for a day in New York – especially if you are looking for places off the touristic route.

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Dyker Heights Christimas Lights – this region is famous for super decorated houses at Christmas time. There are thousands of colored lights in a lot of houses, illuminating the streets, attracting many tourists to the area. The tradition began in 1986 and now the place attracts about 100,000 tourists every year who visit the neighborhood to check this decorating show. The houses have that typical American design, which makes it even more charming. Generally, some lights already appear after Thanksgiving (late November), but the best view is in mid-December – and they keep the lights through January 8th. Also, it is better to visit the neighborhood during the weekends, from 5pm to 9pm – because the lights are switched off after this time, generally. The houses are located between 11th Avenue and 13th Avenue, from 83rd to 86th Street.

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Brooklyn Museum – Great alternative to get away from the crowded museums in Manhattan, Brooklyn Museum has a huge collection. Among the highlights, an Egyptian collection of 4000 pieces – which includes a mummy preserved in its original coffin. There are paintings from Cézanne and Monet, as well as sculptures and art galleries from Africa and Pacific Islands. The Museum also has special exhibitions periodically. The ticket costs $16 but admission is free on Saturdays from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Address: 200 Eastern Pkwy.
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