10 foods you have to eat to be a real New Yorker

Few days ago, Time Out New York published a list of 10 foods a true New Yorker needs to try. I saved the link. I always say that, in my point of view, exploring a city includes to try the local cuisine. And there are dishes and snacks that are trademarks of each city. Do you know any of them?

Pastrami sandwich, Katz’s Delicatessen – pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen is the most famous of New York. I think this is is enough to justify the reason why all new yorkers should try it, right? Also, please note that the place has history and is super traditional – it is on the market since 1888! For those not familiar, pastrami is a beef, normally the bull’s chest, passing for a cure with salt and spices. Next it is smoked, and finally steamed, acquiring unique taste and amazing texture.

Address: 205 E. Houston St.

Steak, Peter Luger – steak is a prime beef and Time Out ensures that the experience of eating one at Peter Luger is unforgettable and worth the price – $99 for two. Plus, the restaurant is located in Williamsburg, hip neighborhood of Brooklyn, which further enriches the moment!

Address: 178 Broadway – Brooklyn.

Pie, Totonno’s – go to Coney Island to try this traditional coal-oven, thin-crust pie with pools of house-made mozzarella dotting a perfect amount of zesty red sauce. As a testament to the simple-is-best mantra, the 91-year-old joint serves their za on a Styrofoam plate.

Address: 1524 Neptune Ave – Brooklyn. 

Hot dog, Nathan’s – is the most iconic hot dog in town – the network takes for itself the merit of having created the delicacy and promotes the traditional competition every year on Independence Day In particular, I think that Brazilian hot dog is better, but as it is a snack as present in American culture, it’s a cool experience. Although there are network affiliates in Manhattan, I recommend to go to the address in Coney Island, super traditional.

Address: 1310 Surf Ave.

Burger, J.G. Melon – located at Greenwich Village,  J. C. Melon is from 1972! Served open-faced with red onion and crinkle-cut pickle chips, the time-honored burger snugs a stunningly juicy, half-pound piece of meat with a choice of cheese—crispy bacon is optional, but highly recommended.

Address: 1291 Third Ave.

Cronut, Dominique Ansel Bakery – the irresistible mix of donut with croissant attracted people to the lines at 6 am for a long time. Now, the lines are smaller and cronut won the hearts of New Yorkers. Dominique Ansel is a renowned chef in the city.

Address: 189 Spring St.

Dumplings, Prosperity Dumpling – dumplings are a Chinese traditional snack. – stuffed small pasta, very similar to ravioli, with a variety of fillings. And as Chinese culture is strong in New York, it is natural that gastronomy also dominates the territory.

Address: 46 Eldridge St. 

Herring, Russ & Daughters – herring is a small fish, with plenty of fat, usually served pickled. Russ & Daughters serves delicacy and exists since 1914.

Address: 179 E Houston St.

Gyro over rice – First: don’t be prejudice about street food in New York! Second: don’t leave the city without trying a dish from halal carts. The most famous of these is Gyro over rice (gyro is lamb). The dish consisting of rice, meat (which may also be chicken), salad and a white sauce. The most famous of them is Halal Guys – always has lines, and it’s delicious. A super well served meal that costs only $ 7!

Address: 53rd St e Sixth Ave.

Bagel, Barney Greengrass – bagel could not be out of this list, right? The suggestion is to try bagels from Barney Greengrass, which is on the Upper West Side.

Address: 541 Amsterdam Ave.

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