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10 amazing places to take pictures in New York City – part 3

With social media and smartphones – that have amazing cameras – taking and sharing pictures is easy, right? And, I believe there is no doubt that the coolest things about travelling is not shopping, but the memories from our experiences. And is there anything better than remembering the trip looking at the pictures we took? I love photography and New York is the ideal city for those who enjoy taking good shots! About two years ago, I published a series of two posts with 10 suggestions of places to take photos in New York and having beautiful memories of your trip. As the city always has new things – and as I’m always discovering new spots – here I am now with part 3!

The Vessel – opened early this year at Hudson Yards, Vessel was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. It has more than 154 flights of stairs, 2500 steps – it rises 150 feet above the ground; it seems a labyrinth and is breathtaking. Fantastic. The best thing about it is that you can take amazing pictures from inside and also from outside!

Skylark Rooftop – rooftops are great spots for pictures! Skylark rooftop has an amazing, breathtaking and privileged view to Empire State! It features a closed area and an open roof (this one only from April to October). It is open from Monday to Friday, from 4:30 pm. Don’t forget your ID! 200 W 39th Street.

Brookfield Place –  when in downtown, go to Brookfield Place. This upscale mall has a beautiful outdoor area, overlooking the Hudson River and the skyline of Jersey City and Hoboken, as well as marina boats. You can even see the Statue of Liberty from afar!

Pier 17 – this area was all revitalized as it was severely hit by Hurricane Sandy. Several shops and restaurants are due to open soon – but the whole area can already be explored, including a great spot for beautiful photos.

Domino Park – the six-acre, privately-funded park, designed by the lead designers of the High Line, is part of Two Trees’ redevelopment of the former Domino Sugar Factory site into a mixed-use office and residential community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There is an incredible view that contemplates the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center and the wonderful Williamsburg Bridge. Oh, and it still has a higher structure, for you to climb, hike and enjoy the view.

Cruises – Taking a cruise is an opportunity to look at the city in another way and to have dozens of wonderful photo opportunities!

Freeman Alley – this alley in Soho is full of street arts, and also features a super charming restaurant, Freeman’s – the entrance is also very cute!

Williamsburg Bridge – when we talk about bridges in New York, everyone automatically thinks of the Brooklyn Bridge. However, New York has other wonderful bridges and one of them is the Williamsburg Bridge. Crossing it by bike or on foot is gonna provide you a lot of great photos opportunities.

West Village – one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city, there you will find super charming buildings and staircases. Walking down Gay Street, Perry Street and its surroundings will get you sighs and give you great memories.

Hudson River Park – Hudson River Park is a super-large park on the edge of the Hudson River. There are a lot of piers in the southern part and they provide this amazing view of the Downtown part (note that: Piers 34, 26 and 25!).

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