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10 amazing places to take pictures in New York City

What are the memories that we have after a trip? Certainly, what your memory recalls, the souvenirs and the photographs, obviously – and without a doubt. Everyone wants to take nice pictures during a trip, right? The other day, a reader suggested a pretty cool post: best places to take pictures in New York, to have incredible memories. I thought it was a  very good and today I share with you some suggestions of places that are cool spots for pictures in the city!

Rainbow Room / Bar SixtyFive – The restaurant and the bar are located in the same building as the Top of the Rock Observatory, and provide the same view. The restaurant is open only on Sundays for brunch / lunch and the bar is open from Monday to Friday from 5pm. Check out the post with more details.

Manhattan Bridge  – you will see this bridge when you cross Brooklyn Bridge and you can get a perfect picture when you arrive the Brooklyn side. See that Empire State is exactly under the bride. This spot is at Washington St & Front St. Check out the post with more details.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade – Is an elevated boardwalk located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood and provides incredible views of the Manhattan skyline! Check out the post with more details.

Roosevelt Island – On the South of the island, you get this picture. It is the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, a park built in honor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, open from 9 am to 7 pm (closed on Tuesdays). The park has a modern design and is beautiful. Not to mention that you appreciate the beautiful view of the East River. Check out the post with more details.

Long Island City -Hunters Point South Park, a park next to the East River, is in Long Island City (Queens) and has beautiful views of Manhattan (you can see the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Roosevelt Island, Queensboro Bridge and even One World Trade Center). Check out the post with more details.

Letreiro da Pepsi -the iconic Pepsi sign is located in Long Island City, at Hunters Point South Park. It has a vintage design and you can see it from some points of the city (like East Manhattan and Roosevelt Island). Check out the post with more details.

Liberty State Park – located in Jersey City, this park has an amazing green area, with space for activities like walking, running, cycling, besides picnic and barbecue. But the highlight here is the location: the views are breathtaking. Check out the post with more details.

Westlight Rooftop – Westlight, a rooftop at 22° floor of The William Vale hotel,  in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has a perfect view. The sunset is amazing. Check out the post with more details.

Bushwick – Bushwick is located in the northern part of Brooklyn and became stronghold of many street artists. It is like an open air gallery with a lot of street arts.  Check out the post with more details.

Unisphere -Unisphere was designed by the architect Gilmore D. Clarke for the New York World’s Fair of 1964-65, 120-foot-diameter. During the summer, the fountain is turned on and the monument even more beautiful. It is located in Corona Park, a super large park – there is also a zoo there – and that’s where also US Open takes place. New York Hall of Science is also located at Corona Park. Check out the post with more details.

Did you like the tips? Check out the posts related to each picture. Soon, I will write another post!

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