5 good and cheap restaurants in New York

When it comes to food in New York, a lot of people think it’s necessary to set aside $100 per day to eat while traveling. I would say that it depends a lot and that, knowing if you plan and knowing where to go, you can spend much less than that. Here in the blog, I try to be very democratic in the suggestions of where to eat. Without planning and research, it is difficult to save money. But, New York has many cheap options – and here in the blog, I’ve already mentioned several of them! Today, I show you 5 restaurants with great prices – and that will not make you need to spend $100 a day!

& pizza – The pizza follows the concept of many restaurants that have this same casual style with fast food. Just as you choose the ingredients of your dish at Chipotle or your salad at Sweet Green, that’s how it works on & pizza. You choose the dough – traditional, grain or gluten-free – and then choose a sauce – tomato, spicy tomato, garlic with ricotta, truffled mushroom, pesto and French onion. Then you choose the cheese: mozzarella or vegan mozzarella. Next, you choose 4 toppings – and there you have it all: vegetables, fruits, and meats. Lastly, it has the finishing touch – with special sauces or other ingredients like olives, olive oil and more. And the most incredible of all is that this process happens in seconds and the pizza bakes in TWO MINUTES. Yes, that’s right, two minutes. Each pizza is $10

Two locations: 740 Broadway /15 W 28th St.

Barilla – this Italian food chain has locations at convenient points in the city – especially for those who are traveling. In addition, space is large and cozy. The menu has plenty of pasta options (including lasagne and pizzas!). Pasta prices start at  $10 and the portions are very well served and include options with tomato sauce, Alfredo sauce and bolognese. There are also paninis in options that cost from $8. For those who want a lighter meal, there are salads, whose sizes are generous, and prices start at $8 on average.

Two locations: 1290 6th Avenue / 108 w 32nd Street.

Le Botaniste –This restaurant, which is part of Le Pain Quotidien chain, is, in addition to vegan, gluten-free. They offer veggie sushi (from $ 9), small dishes based on avocado, beet, hummus etc and also bowls, ($ 14) that mix vegetables with grains or pasta (gluten-free). There are options, for example, with potatoes, mushrooms, and vegetables, noodles with tofu and vegetables, soup, salad, etc. You can also choose the ingredients and do your own bowl. Also, this is a very nice detail of Le Botaniste: it’s a wine bar, that is, they serve wines! Delight, right?

Endereço: 833 Lexington Ave.

Vapiano –  Vapiano is a franchise with locations worldwide (including in Brazil). Here in New York, the location is at Union Square. The space is super wide and cozy with some different types of tables to sit. The operation of the place is very simple: you arrive, take your card in the cashier and choose where to sit. Then, you take one of the menus (you will see a lot in the restaurant) and go to one of the food stations to make your order – and your dish is freshly cooked. The choices are very varied. There is a pasta station, with more than ten options of pastas (with classics like carbonara, bolognese and pesto), starting at $10.95. There are also three choices of risotto, priced from $14.95, and pizzas, with 15 choices of flavors and prices starting at $10.95. The plates are huge! For those who want a healthy option, there are 7 salad variations – try Reef’n Beef, with meat and shrimp, a delight, in a super-generous portion. Salad prices start at $8,45. There are still soups in medium and large sizes – from $ 4.25.

Endereço: 113 University Place.

The Sosta – this place has a casual/fast vibe: you place your order at the cashier and they call by your name when it’s ready. The Sosta is an Italian restaurant and what most impressed me was the fact that despite the restaurant having this casual fast food vibe, the pasta is fresh! Yes, they are prepared every day in the morning! There are five options, which include spaghetti and paccheri, with classic sauces like pesto, bolognese, and tomato. Pasta prices range from $10 to $13 in well-serviced portions. In addition to the pasta, The Sosta also has sandwiches and salads – all in the $10 range. Cashless

Address: 186 Mott Street. 

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