7 places in New York City for those who love chocolate

Who does not like chocolate? Ok, we can not generalize, there is probably a soul out there who does not like this delight, but each of us have our tastes, right? The truth is that chocolate is a sweet part of our lives and has won so many versions that it’s hard to resist! And if you are chocoholic like me, here in New York there are several places that you should check out to try a different chocolate, drinking a hot chocolate or buy something to take home. Today, I present to you 7 places in the city for chocoholics.

Maybe it’s an obvious place, but we can’t talk about chocolate without talk about Max Brenner! The chocolatier is famous here in the city and you can grab a hot chocolate super creamy (I recommend the spicy version) with a slice of chocolate pizza and sit at Union Square Park and enjoy the movement in the region. But if you’ve got time and want to live an even better experience, ask for a table (better make a reservation) and indulge with the dishes of the place. There are several plates, plus brunch. For dessert, you can order one of the many drinks or sweet dishes – all with chocolate, of course: hot chocolate, choctails, milkshakes, crepes, foundes … Before leaving the place (or at the time you arrive), be sure to check the Chocolate Shop. The name speaks for itself, but there are several options for gift or for yourself.

Address: 841, Broadway.

Founded by Maribel Lieberman in 2000, MarieBelle it is a brand of handmade chocolates, whose factory is in Brooklyn. MarieBelle has a store in SoHo, which opened in 2001 and the address in Brooklyn is super new and was opened last year. In addition to various chocolates in beautiful packaging with vintage design, the place serves coffee, ice cream, hot chocolate and hot frozen chocolate, truffles … You can either buy something to take home or enjoy at the place, in the small room located in the back, super charming and reserved – with free WiFi. The hot chocolate, which is strong and creamy, is delicious.

Address: 67 Guernsey St (Greenpoint) – 484 Broome St (SoHo).  Click here to check out a post with things to do in Greepoint.

Mast Brothers was founded by two brothers, Rick and Michael Mast, in 2007 and now there are stores in New York and London – and soon in Los Angeles. The highlight of the brand is the manufacturing process. With cocoa from Tanzania and Peru, chocolates recipes take few ingredients – and all organic – and do not have preservatives – they are super natural. The production follows a ritual to make chocolates with intense flavor and texture that melts in your mouth. The formulas are not filled with a lot of sugar. Those who loves more intense flavors will surely enjoy. It is a gourmet concept. Tours take place every day, each hour, from 11am to 5pm, $ 10 per person and it lasts about 30 minutes. The place is not huge – remember that this is not a huge chocolate factory. However, the experience of knowing the place and the whole process is interesting and ends with a tasting. Check out more details on this post.

Address: 111 N 3rd St. 

Fondly referred to as Mr. Chocolate, Jacques Torres is the authority on all things related to this confectionery delight.  Through his early years as a pastry chef, Jacques developed a deep affinity and passion for chocolate.  Raised in France, Jacques fulfilled his American dream in 2000 with the opening of his first chocolate factory, Jacques Torres Chocolate in Brooklyn. Jacques prides himself on specializing in fresh, hand-crafted chocolates using premium ingredients free of preservatives and artificial flavors. With several locations in New York, the stores are perfect to try a delicious hot chocolate and assorted chocolates and also to get an ice cream. During the summer, try the hot frozen chocolate, that mixes chocolate and coffee.

Addresses: 66 Water Street (Brooklyn) / 350 Hudson Street / 285 Amsterdam Avenue / 30 Rockefeller Plaza / 110 East 57th Street / 1186 3rd Avenue / 327 Lafayette Street / 107 East 42nd Street (Grand Central). 

Cacao Prieto – Cacao Prieto was founded by Daniel Prieto Preston, an inventor and aerospace engineer, whose family has been farming organic cacao in the Dominican Republic for more than 100 years. The Prieto family owns Coralina Farms which provides all of the cacao for Cacao Prieto’s chocolates and spirits. Cacao Prieto products are sourced from organic cacao beans from Coralina farms and organic sugars from the Dominican Republic – in this way Cacao Prieto is now one of the very few chocolate companies in the world that is completely vertically integrated from the farm to the finished product. The bars are 100% organic, vegan and high in antioxidants and have exotics mix like passion fruit, vanilla and absinthe, in a total of 8 flavors. Prices start at $8. Cacao Prieto also offers tours through its facilities and they take place on Saturdays and Sundays, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm, $ 20. You can book here.

Address: 218 Conover St (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

How to get there? The most convenient and fast way to get to Red Hook is using Water Taxi. The boat leaves from Pier 11 and the ticket costs $5. The best news is that on Saturdays and Sundays the boat is free. It is 16 minutes ride – first, Water Taxi stops at Ikea, then it goes to Red Hook Dock at Van Brunt Street.You can check the schedule here.

Raaka Chocolate – Raaka Chocolate – Raaka chocolate makes craft chocolate by hand in Red Hook, with cocoa coming from four regions of the planet: Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Belize and Madagascar. Raaka offers what the brand calls virgin chocolate, which gets its name because of its manufacturing process. The cacoa beans are unroasted to preserve flavors that are often lost in the traditional manufacturing process. The cacao beans have highest quality and Rakka makes chocolate that showcases their inherently delicious flavors.. Cacao beans have unique flavor profiles shaped by climate, soil, elevation, genetics, and harvesting practices. Belize beans have dried fruit notes, while Bolivia beans have earthy and floral notes. When preparing chocolate, these different flavors are preserved. Today, the brand offers eight types of bar, all of them with a cacao percentage over 56% and with ingredients like coconut milk, mint and sea salt. Each bar is $6 and you can try a bite of each one at the factory. They are delicious! Pink Sea Salt bar is a best seller – and the one that I most enjoyed. You can also make a tour at the factory, to know the manufacturing process and tasting chocolates. It’s $10 and it lasts 45 minutes. Tours happen Fridays at 6pm, Saturdays at 12pm, Sundays at 12pm. Rakka also offers Chocolate making classes. You can book a tour or a class here.

Address: 64 Seabring St. (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

How to get there? The most convenient and fast way to get to Red Hook is using Water Taxi. The boat leaves from Pier 11 and the ticket costs $5. The best news is that on Saturdays and Sundays the boat is free. It is 16 minutes ride – first, Water Taxi stops at Ikea, then it goes to Red Hook Dock at Van Brunt Street.You can check the schedule here.

If you are looking for a totally different concept in chocolate, then you need to know Royce! The Japanese brand began in 1983 in Sapporo, the capital city of Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. With cooler climates and wonderfully natural terrain, it is the ideal location for sourcing the freshest dairy products. Over the years, ROYCE’ has become known for crafting unique chocolate products such as Nama (“fresh”), maccha chocolates and potatochip chocolates that are now enjoyed in over 14 countries, including the U.S. Nama is one of the most different and delicious chocolates I’ve ever tried, because it is fresh, soft, with texture different from all the chocolate we are used to – it remembers a mousse, you know? Certainly, you should try it!

Addresses: 509 Madison Ave / 253 Bleecker St / 32 W 40th St. 

A day in Flushing, Queens

Flushing is the kind of neighborhood that I like to call “secret” of New York. It is a region of Queens which is about 30-40 minutes from Manhattan and provides an incredible cultural immersion. To give you an idea, the Chinese-immigrant population of Flushing, Queens, surpassed that of Manhattan’s Chinatown years ago. Roughly two-thirds of the residents in this bustling Queens neighborhood are foreign born—the vast majority of them coming from Asia. You will probably feel like you are not in New York. Unlike Manhattan’s Chinatown, I think Flushing is a much more cool and authentic region. And with several things to do. I’ve been there a lot of times and the last one was a few weeks ago, when I took some photos to put together this post, with a very complete script with things do in the neighborhood!

As I mentioned, I’ve been in Flushing a lot of times, but we ended up planning to do special things the last time we were there. Thiago had seen something about The Hindu Temple Society of North America, located in Flushing, and he was very curious about it. So,  we took advantage of our visit to the neighborhood to check out the place. To reach the temple, we walked about 15 minutes after leaving the subway station. I had never entered a Hindu temple and I think it’s super nice to know this kind of place. This temple has existed since 1970 and it was the first authentic Hindu Temple in North America built with traditional granite stones imported from India; and so is one of the most historically and architecturally important Temples in the West.  It is important to follow some rules before entering: it is necessary to take off your shoes and is not recommended to be wearing shorts or dresses. It is also not allowed to take pictures inside. We saw many Indians doing their prayers and is a place of tranquility. For more information, visit the website.

Address: 45-57 Bowne St.

I love exploring different cuisines and I particularly love asian food. I found Spring Shabu Shabu on FourSquare and I was excited to take Thiago there, because I knew he would love. It is a Hot Pot restaurant – you cook your food. You choose the type of soup – fish, spicy or vegetables – and the tables have a structure that keeps the soup boiling – you can control the temperature. Spring Shabu Shabu has a buffet, with several choices of fresh noodles, dumplings, mushrooms, all types of vegetables and salads and you cook it all in the water. And of course, you can add some sauces, available in a huge variety at the buffet. The value of the buffet is $ 12. Meat portions – including seafood – are available and start at $ 4. Me and Thiago ask only a portion for us and it was enough, since the buffet is very well served. It is a dining experience super rich and different! And the food is delicious!

Address: 136-20 38th Avenue, 2nd Floor. 

Still speaking about dining experience, have you tried Bubble Tea? It is a Taiwan drink tea base, created during the 1980s .The recipe has a tea base mixed with fruit or milk. And they come with tapioca balls. Some people do not like the balls – I particularly like. In Flushing, there are several places that sell Bubble Tea and one of them is CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, which has well diversified flavors, priced between $ 3 and $ 4. The location at Roosevelt Ave is next to RuiMilk, which sells ice cream and frozen yogurt. The highlight is the ice cream served with cotton candy ($ 7 on average). How not to love?

Address: 136-49 Roosevelt Ave.

TOUS les JOURS is a French-Asian Bakery, meaning of ‘EVERYDAY’, serving a unique selection of bakery goods and beverages made with the highest quality ingredients from South Korea. In New York City, the chain has locations at the Asian neighborhoods (Koreatown and Chinatown in Manhattan and Flushing). There is a big selection of breads, cakes and desserts. The place is charming and there are tables to sit. There is nothing better than take a break for a coffee, right? I choose a slice from a cake called The Milk and I loved it!

Address: 39-02 Union St.

And if the idea is to enjoy the time to also shop, it is worth highlighting the The Shops at SkyView Center, a very complete mall with well-known stores. To give you an idea, the directory includes stores like Marshall’s, Nike Clearance Store, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, UNIQLO, Carter’s Babies and Kids, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and even a Target!

Address: 40-24 College Point Blvd.

There’s no way to talk about Flushing and no to talk about Korean Beauty! The neighborhood is undoubtedly the paradise of Korean cosmetics. It is true that many brands that are there also have stores in Manhattan – but remember that not all of them are in Manhattan and, in Flushing, it is worth noting that you walk through one street and and you will find several of them, an almost side by side. Missha, Tonymoly, The Face Shop and Nature Republic are just some of them – but there are so many shops that this issue deserves an exclusive post, I promise to do it soon!

A day in Flushing also deserves a stop at Queens Museum. See, I am not a museum fan, but I recommend this visit. And this is because Panorama. It is the jewel in the crown of the collection of the Queens Museum and a locus of memory for visitors from all over the globe. Conceived as a celebration of the City’s municipal infrastructure by urban mastermind and World’s Fair President Robert Moses for the 1964 Fair, the Panorama was built by a team of more than 100 people working for the great architectural model makers Raymond Lester & Associates over the course of three years. In planning the model, Lester referred to aerial photographs, Sanborn fire insurance maps, and a range of other City material as the Panorama had to be accurate, with the initial contract demanding less than one percent margin of error between reality and the “world’s largest scale model.” Comprising an area of 9,335 square feet and built to a scale of 1:1200 where one inch equals 100 feet, the Panorama is a metropolis in miniature. Each of the city’s 895,000 buildings constructed prior to 1992 and every street, park and some 100 bridges are represented and assembled onto 273 individual sections comprising the 320 square miles of New York City. You can click here and check out a post with more info and pictures.

Address: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Meridian Rd, Queens.

Queens Museum is located at Corona Park and behind it is the highlight of the park and one of the most beautiful places of the city, in my opinion: Unisphere. It was designed by the architect Gilmore D. Clarke for the New York World’s Fair of 1964-65, 120-foot-diameter. During the summer, the fountain is turned on and the monument even more beautiful. It is also worth remembering that Corona Park is a super large park area – there is also a zoo there – and that’s where also US Open takes place. New York Hall of Science is also located at Corona Park.

Did you like this post? To go to Flushing, you need to use the 7 subway line and get off at the last stop –  Flushing – Main St. 

Apps to use in New York City – fourth edition

Some weeks ago, I wrote a post suggesting more apps to use in New York – in fact, this is already the fourth post that I write about it. I’m always discovering new apps, which help planning a trip or to enjoy the city in a better way, then, as I already had a good number of apps to suggest, here I am writing another edition of this post!

Umi Kitchen –  this app is great for those who live here in New York or are staying in a apartment. It’s an app for food delivery. Umi has a different concept from other food delivery apps, because the idea is to offer homemade dishes. Umi brings together a community of home cooks who make small batches of your favorite dishes every night. The prices range from $12 to $16 and the availability and variety of dishes depends on the neighborhood that you are located. You always order an overnight (dinner) and even choose the delivery time. Also, if you use the code LAUMSNI you can order your first meal for FREE  Just enter the code after adding the dish in the cart. You will need to insert card information to complete the request. Available for iOS.

GLAMSQUAD – there are always questions about beauty services here in New York, from people who live here and from people who come here and need a makeup or hairstyle for any special occasion or a photo shoot, for example. GLAMSQUAD is very cool! It has a menu of hair styles options and makeup styles – from basic to elaborate. You choose what you want, select the date and time and a GLAMSQUAD trained-and-trusted professional arrive at your desired location for your appointment. There are even special services for brides. Available for iOS – but if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad you can schedule through the website.

ShopDrop – I have written here on the blog about Sample Sales, special mega sales that happen here in New York. In the last post about apps, I suggested an app to track Sample Sales – you can check here. Now, I discovered ShopDrop, which is much more complete. In addition to reporting sample sales that are happening, you can also set the app to send notifications about new Sample Sales and also when there are nearby Sample Sales. Plus, there is also information for Los Angeles, London and Paris. Available for iOS.

Google Trips – last week, Google announced a new travel app, Google Trips, to help in planning travel. Through the app, you can plan trips and choose bars and restaurants. Accessing the place map, you can find restaurants that are in the same area and suggestions of what to do. The idea is to make trips easier and discover places using a single service. You can create your custom itinerary, bringing together all the important information in one place.  Reservations and e-tickets (hotels or flights) are collected directly from the email account (Gmail, in this case) used to connect to the app. Available for iOS and Android.

Hopper – this app is great for those who are still searching for flight tickets to New York. You enter the origin and destination and the desired dates and Hopper begins to monitor the price. The app notifies you about changes in prices and the best part: he advises if it is best to buy immediately or wait and how the tickets should rise or fall in a given period. Also, when you decide to buy the tickets, you can do everything through the app. Available for iOS and Android.

Ricardo Steak House, in Harlem

Last week, it was my husband’s birthday and we decided we would eat at at a nice place to celebrate. As he wanted to eat barbecue, the first idea that came to our minds was to go to some Brazilian steakhouse. But, since we had eaten a lot on the weekend – and we always end up eating too much in these Brazilian steakhouses, we changed our minds. We open the Foursquare app and we searched a steak house in our are. That’s when we discovered Ricardo Steak House, in Harlem.

Located in East Harlem, Ricardo Steak House was recommended in the 2016 Michelin Guide and also on Zagat. The place opened in 2004 and, when I was looking for more information to write this post, I found that it is a very famous restaurant in New York, especially because the quality of meat, in addition to the relatively affordable price for a steak house in New York. The atmosphere of the place is very nice, the decor includes exposed brick walls and a patio that is open all year. If you visit the website, you will see that Ricardo Steak House presents itself as the best restaurant for birthday in the city and, indeed, we saw two celebrations while we were there. The structure plus the DJ’s that play music transforms the restaurant in a very hot spot. The restaurant offers special packages for birthdays. For groups of 10 or more people, there is a prix fixed menu starting from $ 50 per person with a salad, an appetizer and a main course.

As we were there on a Sunday, there was the brunch menu, which included several choices of meats, from $ 26. We chose the New York Strip  $ 32), with a cut of 16oz, with mashed potatoes and spinach. As the portion was very generous, we ordered a Filet Mignon Salad ($ 16), which comes with green leaves and cheese. In addition, the restaurant also serves a delicious seasoned bread as courtesy. Everything was wonderfully tasty and we were super pleased with our choices. Remember that in addition to meat dishes, the weekend menu includes classic brunch options, with various egg dishes, from $16. In addition, during brunch hours, the drinks have super affordable prices: between $5 to $7 for drinks like Mimosa, Mojito and Sangria. During the week, the restaurant opens for dinner and the options are even better. There are options with different meats from $ 23 and  other dishes with fish or chicken from $22 and pasta from $14. The drinks range between $10 and $12. On the restaurant’s website, you can check out all menus and also make a reservation – which is recommended.

Address: 2145 2nd Ave 

7 things that New York taught me

In January, I will complete three years living in New York. Quickly, the first thought that comes to my mind is: time has passed too quickly. But analyzing well, we just have this feeling that time is passing fast when we are enjoying life, right? I think I enjoy my life here. I have my routine, obviously, I also have a routine with my husband, but I always try to do something new. This also happens because of my blog – I think if it wasn’t because of this blog, I would not have done half the things I did here in New York. And, besides having done so many things, I also changed. We’re always changing and now I can see how things have changed in my personality and in my conception of the world.

So, today I decided to share 7 things New York taught me. I chose this title because these changes have happened here. I would have changed so if I were still living in Brazil? Perhaps. But, as I live here, I’ll never have the answer to that question right? So let’s assume that New York, somehow, ended up teaching these things to me.

1. Saying what I have to say – I can say I have an interesting personality. At school, I was the kind of student who was the class leader and I wanted to change the world. Because of this, I have suffered enough, I returned crying for home many times. When I was in college, I was not interested in join academic committee and groups. But I was the queen of complaint when it came to telemarketing. When the phone company sent an improper bill, my father waited for me to call them and solve it. But here in New York, I learned other things. I saw pedestrians complaining to drivers who do not stop the signal or stop on the crosswalk; I saw passengers on the bus complaining to the one who came through the back door without swiping the card at the turnstile. New Yorkers look like discreet, but they don’t tolerate these little injustices of everyday. I have already drawn attention of people who were not in the correct line of subway booth, I was also angry with a driver who turned right without worrying if someone was crossing, I have complained to my old building landlord when somebody stole all packages in the hall. Basically, if we see an injustice, why we can not open our mouth and point out what is wrong?

2. Answering “no” – I’ve lost count of how many times I did something just to please somebody, or translated, how many times I said “yes” when I wanted to say “no.” Since going at a party I was not in the mood to accept a job I did not want to, simply out of fear. Fear of disappointing, afraid of what the other person would think. Funny thing is I thought about everyone but me right? The truth is that life is too short to say “yes” when you want to say “no.” And life is too short for you to put other person in first place and forget yourself. Here in New York, I have focused on me. Many things appeared during all this time living here: proposals, invitations, etc … There is no way to say “yes” to everything. Today, most of the time (because this game of saying “no” is not easy), I say yes when I mean yes.

3. Wearing whatever I want to wear – in Brazil there was always that concern about the outfit that I would wear. But it was a concern about the other people. One of the things I hate today – and unfortunately I notice that always happens whenever I go to Brazil – is that x-ray look, from head to toe. As I was an insecure person for a long time, knowing that people were looking at me always bothered me – and made me think a lot about what I would wear. Here in New York, I realize that people are free to wear what they want. Also, I do not feel obliged to be fancy to go to the movies or to walk in the neighborhood. I am much more relax – and also feel free to try anything, from haircut to clothing. Plus, I do not feel ashamed to make a little dance if there’s a song playing that makes me happy. And I always say how much I like an outfit, a hair or nails of any girl I see on the street.

4. Be more engaged – New York is a very rich city in diversity. Here, there are people from all around the world, with diverse beliefs, colors and sexual preferences. Definitely, this is not the place to be prejudiced. And we grow with so many prejudices, right? Mainly talking about sexism . How many of us have labeled other women – bitch, easy? How many of us have judged the length of the skirt of other woman? How many of us blame only the woman in a case of betrayal? If there’s one thing I monitor myself a lot today it is about this ugly judgment that we learned so young. Thanks to wonderful groups on the Internet, I learned a lot about female empowerment. In a reading group I attended here in New York, I argued several times how much we can. I had no fear of exposing my opinion when I saw women judging others. I have said bad words to jokers in the subway and on the street who think they can mess with me just because I am a woman. And also, I can not stand other types of prejudice. I see beautiful gay couples having the freedom to walk the streets hand in hand. And I find it sad to see how racism is still strong – not only here in the US but also in Brazil.

5. Learning to reinvent yourself–  professionally speaking, I think this is an advice that goes for everyone, in all jobs. I graduated in Journalism – and I started college thinking that I was going to work in television. During college, I had a better idea of the market – saturated – and I knew more about the press relations field – and I worked in this area for many years. Then came the social media and I studied again. In the midst of it all, I started this blog, talking about fashion and beauty. The blog has brought me my first client of social media, a fashion brand. I got so many clients that I left my job and started working home office. Then, we moved to New York. And, if before I was adapting myself to changes in the communications market, here in New York I was learning to reinvent myself in other ways. I arrived here still working with social media – but I’ve already planned in Brazil what I could do it here. I started writing about the city, I went to study fashion trends forecast and I did some work in the area. Then, I created a Personal Beauty Shopper service – that turned in an e-book released last year. Today, I have a new project underway, I am writing a new e-book, write this blog, make videos for my channel, picked up some freelancers … My husband was hired by an American company and I joined him on this adventure , leaving behind a career and having to look for new opportunities here.

6. Keep in mind that English is a lifelong learning –  I love English since I can remember. I studied my whole life in a public school, never attended private English courses. I liked to get the lyrics of my favorite songs – at that time, I found them only in the brochure of the CDs – and I translated them. I only decided to look for English classes after college – I wonder why I didn’t strat before – and I almost got at the intermediate level, which I am very proud. One of my dreams was to speak English fluently. Today, living here, I think I reached that goal in some way. But as we are never happy, of course I have other goals – for example, reducing my accent. Living here, you realize how little you know. I can watch TV and communicate well, but English is not my first language. And keep this in mind in some way, help you to always keep in search of knowledge and improvement.

7. Enjoy time and live intensely – if there’s one thing New Yorkers do very well is enjoying the time. Time is money! I have spoken many times here on the blog about the reading habits of people in the subway, for example. I confess that I don’t do this a lot,  but, in a lot of times, I’ve used the time on the subway for take important notes, writing ideas and even starting some posts. Also, I always plan a different activity for the weekend. Visiting a neighborhood that we still don’t know, a park, a shop … This city is so incredible that it is a waste to stay home. Even the restaurants: we don’t like to repeat. New York taught me – and allow me – to live intensely, because it is impossible to feel bored in this city!

Panorama: the mazing scale model of New York City at Queens Museum

My husband, Thiago, has been talking a while about the  scale model of New York City which is in the Queens Museum. He always mentioned the project with excitement  and how he was curious to check it closely. I confess that I didn’t care. I never stopped to see photos and more details. Maybe that’s why the idea never piqued my curiosity. But last Friday, we planned to spend the day in Flushing, Queens, and he said “let’s go to the Queens Museum to see the scale model”. “All right, if we have time, we will.” The truth? Glad we had time. We got there at 4:20 pm – the museum closes at 5pm – and I thanked him a thousand times for having insisted. Without a doubt, it is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen here in New York – so, that I decided to write an exclusive post about the project.

Named Panorama, is the jewel in the crown of the collection of the Queens Museum and a locus of memory for visitors from all over the globe. Conceived as a celebration of the City’s municipal infrastructure by urban mastermind and World’s Fair President Robert Moses for the 1964 Fair, the Panorama was built by a team of more than 100 people working for the great architectural model makers Raymond Lester & Associates over the course of three years. In planning the model, Lester referred to aerial photographs, Sanborn fire insurance maps, and a range of other City material as the Panorama had to be accurate, with the initial contract demanding less than one percent margin of error between reality and the “world’s largest scale model.” Comprising an area of 9,335 square feet and built to a scale of 1:1200 where one inch equals 100 feet, the Panorama is a metropolis in miniature. Each of the city’s 895,000 buildings constructed prior to 1992 and every street, park and some 100 bridges are represented and assembled onto 273 individual sections comprising the 320 square miles of New York City.

The original materials used to construct the Panorama were Formica panels and Urethane foam mounted on wood. The buildings were constructed of wood, plastic and hand painted paper, and the bridges of etched brass. The design and construction of the entire Panorama cost $672,662.69 in 1964, the equivalent of approximately $5 million today.

There are so many details that there is even a plane departing from LaGuardia Airport. According to a museum official, the presence of the Twin Towers in the project is purposeful – Panorama received an update, but they decided to keep the buildings destroyed in the September 11th attacks.

The experience is very complete. You view the city from a height – which varies according to the corner of the room – and you can surround it on all sides. It is amazing and we spent the whole time seeing and taking pictures during the 40 minutes we were there. It was a Friday afternoon and, to our joy, there was no one else in the room besides us, which made the experience even more amazing.

As previously mentioned, Panorama is the highlight of the museum, but there is also other exhibits, you can check here. Queens Museum opens from Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Suggested admission is $ 8 (but you can pay what you want).

Address: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Meridian Rd, Queens. Use 7 subway line.

Next week, you can check a complete post with suggestions on what to do in Flushing.