Over the counter medicines that you may need in New York

I always say and repeat: winter in New York is not easy. The temperatures are freezing and, for those who are not used to it, the weather can, perhaps, cause health issues. But, if you get sick, what to do? Well, here in the United States the pharmacies offer several medicines that are sold over-the-counter – the term used here. These medicines are on the shelves. But there are so many options and sometimes, even if you speak and understand English, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s best … Some days ago, my friend Paty (Nyorquina – she works doing personalized itineraries and gives remote advice during your trip here! [email protected]) has made a great post giving several tips about medicines that she always indicates to her clients and that are sold over-the-counter. I thought it would be nice to bring this content here to the blog. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, nor is Paty, the idea is to give guidance if you need something like this.

Muscle pain – I always say: in New York we walk a lot and a lot of people are not used to it. Your legs will end up feeling the difference at some point. Bengay is a great cream for you to apply on leg and relieve muscle pain.

Hand Sanitizer – it’s always good to remember: wash your hands and have a hand sanitizer on your bag. I like the spray versions.

Sore Throats – Throat & Cough Drops are great to treat this problem. Cepacol is a good brand.

Back pain– Hot & Cold patches are good to relief the pain.

Diarrhea– let’s face it: it can happens with everyone. You can take Imodium.

Pain Relief – you will find Tylenol if you have pain, but you can also get some general Pain Relief (Acetaminophen).

Cold – when you feel the first symptoms of flu or cold you can take Zicam. I also like Cold & Flu Relief, from Walgreens brand, with a version to take during the day and at night (yellow / green).

allergy – Allergy is a sad thing – and those who suffer from it know! I do not like taking pills, particularly, but if the symptoms get bad, look for Benadryl. Relieves symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny nose.

More important tips

  • Check out the similar versions – chains like CVS and Duane Reade (from Walgreens group) have their own brand and offer their own versions of many medicines quoted here – and others as well – which are always cheaper. You just check the active ingredient.
  • Drink plenty of water – always keep a bottle in the bag and always drink it. Keeping yourself hydrated, in winter or summer, is super important for your health and well-being.
  • Protect your head and your neck- scarf, gloves and cap make all the difference in your winter outfit.
  • Practice physical activities – I do not need to emphasize here the importance of exercises for our body and mind, right? In addition, a good physical training helps you to take walks here with more disposition
  • Take Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system before you travel.


Christmas in New York: 4 markets to check out in Manhattan

Christmas in New York is really a magical time, you can not deny it. The lights, the music, the decoration in every corner … it’s another city! For those who love the date like me, it’s amazing! And there are several exclusive programs for this time of the year, such as Holiday Markets, special fairs that happen only in this period. Check out the major one and if you’re in the city, be sure to visit at least one.

Grand Central Holiday Fair – at Grand Central, it is one of the finest, longest-running indoor holiday fairs in New York City. Highly selective about the artists chosen to participate, planners spend the year looking for unique vendors with a focus on American-made and handmade products with locally-sourced materials or a socially-conscious business model. About 40 vendors will take over half of the historic Vanderbilt Hall for almost six weeks to sell artwork, clothing for all ages, men’s/women’s accessories, children’s clothing/toys and home goods. A range of products and price points guarantees that New Yorkers, commuters, and tourists alike can find interesting gift items for others as well as covet-worthy items for themselves. Since 1993, the Holiday Fair has been a must-shop destination during the holiday season. This year, the event began on November 14th and it goes until December 24th. Check out the details. 

Winter Village at Bryant Park – located in Bryant Park, is probably the most famous holiday market in the city and also the one that lasts the longest. There are 125 vendors, offering products such as accessories, clothing and decorative items, besides, of course, a lot of gastronomy – with delights such as churros, pizza and other street foods. Another highlight of Winter Village is the iceskating rink, with a huge structure – you can check out more details here. Also, the park area is very central and not too far from Times Square – and the New York Public Library is also behind the park. This year, the fair began on October 29 and runs until January 2. Check out more details here.

Union Square Holiday Market – you will find many differentiated products – from local producers, handmade, recycled, organically certified. There are many options for eating and drinking – from soup to hot chocolate – plus various winter accessories such as gloves and scarves, gourmet products, candles, soaps and lots of art. In addition, Union Square is a super busy area full of cool stores – a quick check on Google Maps and you’ll already see stores like Nordstrom Rack, Burlington, Baby’s R US and much more … This year, the fair started on November 17th and runs through December 24th. More information here.

Columbus Circle Holiday Market – organized by the same group that takes care of the Bryant Park market and Union Square market, Columbus Circle Holiday Market is in a very charming area of the city, at the entrance to Central Park, at 59th St, West Side. That is, you can enjoy the walk through the park and stop by to take a look at the vendors that also sell everything: accessories, clothing, decor items and of course plenty of food and drink! You can also take advantage of and check out The Shops at Columbus Circle, which is nearby. On the second floor, you will have an amazing view of the park! This year, the market began on November 29 and runs until December 24. More information here.

As you can notice, these markets are very similar, what really changes is their location. There is always something close for you to enjoy and include on your itinerary. If you are planning to come to the city during this period in the next years, just go to each website at the end of the year to check when they open, but generally they follow these dates. Oh, and also on the websites you can check the complete list of vendors.

NYC Beauty – your beauty shopping guide in New York

Today is one of those days that I want to scream because I am so happy! What I am going to share here is the result of a year of hard work and that makes me feel proud of myself. In fact, if I analyze correctly, this project is the result of several things that happened in the course of my life. And as the moment allows, I wanted to tell you a short story …

When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I asked my mother: Mom, I want to be a Avon representative. Just after that, my mother called Avon and signed up – after all, I was a minor. This career as a Avon representative lasted for years. I started to earn my own money and run a mini business. Parallel to this, my love for the world of cosmetics was born. One of the coolest things was checking out the exclusive catalog to know what the next launchings. This work was part of several phases of my life.

At age 19, I went to Tubarão to study Journalism. I kept selling the products to new friends and contacts and loved visiting the beauty supply shops to buy new products and lots of nail polishes. After graduating in Journalism, I began to follow beauty blogs, which were becoming successful. I loved exploring the posts and I found myself wondering what my posts would look like if I had a blog. In July 2010, I turned those daydreams into reality. I remember that me and Thiago spent a whole Sunday working on the layout of the Habitat Feminino, name chosen for my blog.

On the blog, I wrote about cosmetics, gave tips about what worked for me and reviewed cosmetics. I also started to write posts about fashion. Year by year, I was growing as a journalist and improving my content, creating my criteria and my curation for the topics covered in the posts. With Habitat Feminino, I have achieved many things: social media management clients, a visit to the Natura (Brazlian cosmetic brand) factory, an invitation to be a columnist in the Diário do Sul (newspaper) and two trips to Medellin in Colombia, not to mention the various other contacts and jobs that I did.

In 2014, as many of you know, I moved to New York. I already loved to follow the beauty news from the USA and then imagine how crazy it is when you have access to all this news. The city began to be part of the blog posts, until that, after one year living here, I decided to focus only on the Big Apple. Not talking about fashion did not hurt me, I confess, but the idea of stop writing about beauty distressed me. That’s why I started to include tips about cosmetics and stores related to New York – after all, a lot of people love doing beauty shopping around here. I’ve always been the one that my friends asked for product tips. And I’ve explored several unobvious places for beauty shopping around here. Suddenly, it popped and I created a Personal Beauty Shopper service to help Brazilian women choose their cosmetics. But the dollar’s currency rose and it was unfeasible to maintain the service.

It was not a problem. I’m from the team that thinks it’s always good to try to see what happens. The creation of this service left me a legacy: a lot of knowledge about the stores here. And it would be a waste not to share this knowledge with the readers. That’s where I came up with the idea of putting everything together in an e-book – released last November – to show unusual sotes. The e-book was a success – I also got  a mention on Glamor Magazine website. I already had a list of stores to add to a second edition of the e-book. And I had another idea: this market is so dynamic that an e-book is not enough to follow every store that opens or closes. The idea of an app was born: a guide to beauty shops in New York, in a mobile version.

Today, after working for several months on this project – along with Thiago, who embraced this idea with me and was essential in every step – we are launching NYC Beauty. And I breathe with that well-done feeling and, at the same time, eager to put into practice all the ideas I have for the future of this app. If I could say something to 13-year-old Laura, that would be, thank you!

Now, after this moment, let’s talk about the app? NYC Beauty brings together a lot of NYC beauty stores, divided into categories: beauty in a budget, pharmacies and multi-brand stores, makeup, skincare, body, hair, Korean beauty, beauty destinations, natural beauty and fragrances. Inside each store, there are icons that indicate what kind of cosmetic you will find in that store. Let’s say we are talking, for example, about Aveda, which is in the category “hair”, because is the main category of the brand. But Aveda also has makeup and body and face products, and these icons will help you identify this information. The text has a description of the store / brand, information and some tips. You will also find locations, hours of operation and phones. By clicking on the main photo of the store, you will see a pictures gallery. It is also worth mentioning the “Map of the city”, where you will see all the stores mapped and you can navigate by region.

NYC Beauty is a Beta projetc – it means we’re still working on it, with improvements and new features. In addition, we are already planning new things for the second version. It is available for now only in the App Store – so if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can now download it for free. We will also try to offer deals and discounts for users.

Now, I need your help: download and use the app, and if you have suggestions for improvements and features, share with us. It can be here, through Instagram or through my e-mail ([email protected]). The app is on Instagram @nycbeautyapp and I will love if you follow the profile, because we intend to develop a very cool job there, always talking about the beauty market of the city. If you already enjoy my product tips, I’m sure you’ll love it.

For now, thank you very much for all the confidence in my work! I hope NYC Beauty can help you explore the wonderful world of cosmetics that exists in New York!

Our experience at Eleven Madison Park: one of the best restaurants in the world

2016 was a great year for me. Many good things have happened this year and I think it was also a time of learning, maturation, and self-awareness for me. Thiago and I, really, have a lot to celebrate and things to be thankful. It had been a long time since he’d wanted to check Eleven Madison Park, a 3-star Michellin Guide Contemporary American restaurant, which is among the top 10 best restaurants in the world and it’s pointed as the best restaurant in America. I confess that I never really wanted to go there because it is not cheap. A few months ago, however, we had dinner with Amanda Mormito (who remember Buenos Aires para Chicas blog?) and Marcos here in New York and they shared their gastronomic experiences with us – this gave the thrust that Thiago needed to be more determined to make a reservation there. After setting the date – December 3, last Saturday – I was anxious. And today I’m here to share how was our night!

First and foremost, it’s good to be clear: you can not think about Eleven Madison Park as a simple dinner just like others restaurants. It is a once in a lifetime experience – a gastronomic experience. You need to take several factors into account when evaluating this kind of restaurant. Is it cheap? No, it’s not. And, certainly, it is not a place to go every weekend. We skipped to celebrate several dates this year – such as our wedding anniversary, for example – and used this night at Eleven Madison Park to celebrate this and other accomplishments, very important to us. It was certainly a night that I will remember forever.

For starters, the reservation requires planning. The restaurant opens the reservations every first day of the month, for the following month. This means that we made our reservation for December on November 1st. It’s good if you plan because all the dates and times are usually booked on the first day, most of the timeslots on the first hour. We chose an early time: 6:45PM, since you stay there for at least 3 hours.

The restaurant does not require a dress code – the information on the website is that most customers dress casually. Now, honestly? It is a unique experience, in a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and decor. Obviously, you want to wear something special, right? The pre-dinner time was pretty cool, too. You know that here in NYC our life is running, the day-to-day demands practical and comfortable outfits and shoes. But Saturday was different: I chose a beautiful dress and I wore high heels that I had not worn in a long time. I wanted to feel special and feel good. And there’s no way that you won’t be delighted with the place. The architecture is incredible and the super high ceiling makes you feel in a palace, I swear. The entire staff – from the front desk to the sommelier – is friendly, polite and always with a smile on their faces.

Another detail that made the difference was how the staff tried to get to know us. As I already mentioned, it’s not the kind of place you go every weekend – it was a very special occasion. The lady who took care of our table knew what we were celebrating. One of the most striking moments for me was when I opened an envelope – which I thought was a common note from the restaurant itself – and it was a letter from Thiago, with beautiful words. Like I said, it was a very special night for us and it was impossible to hold back the tears.

Okay, you must be wondering … what about the food? Well, Eleven Madison Park does not have a menu for you to choose what you want. It’s a tasting menu. There are 10 courses, including starters and desserts. Anyone who has tried tasting menu knows how it works: they are small portions and the idea is to taste a little bit of everything – that’s why they are so small. The truth? At some point during the night, I was thinking that there were not enough food and that I would go home feeling a little hungry. But, after the course number 8 (Cheddar Tart with Apple and Mixed greens), I barely could finish my desserts.

It’s easy to see how careful they are with every single smallest detail. Our appetizers were in gift packs. Inside the packages, there were caviar and other antipasti, which we ate with mini warm bagels and toasts (Caviar with smoked sturgeon, cream cheese, everything bagels and rye crisps). I had never eaten caviar hahaha – I confess it was better than I expected, but nothing extraordinary. For some of the dishes, you have to choose from a few options. After the starters, Thiago chose the Foie Gras, and I did the Stripped Bass. Then, one of the best dishes of the evening: Honeynut, squash with sage and cinnamon served with warm croissants. I could have eaten it all night! After this dish, we had celery root braised with black truffle sauce. A delight! In this case, the preparation was finished in front of our table: the celery is warmed inside a pig’s bladder.

Our last dish was the Venison, grilled with onion & blood sausage. Despite being served medium rare – something that Thiago and I don’t usually enjoy – it was delicious! And the sides were: a crunchy kale salad simply indescribable. One thing that I noticed: what we loved most were dishes with super simple ingredients, but with a burst of flavors.

After the meat… desserts. First, a warmed apple with cheddar and leaves, only called Cheddar. Yes, it sounds strange, I know, but it was another phenomenal dish. Then we made different choices. Thiago opted for a chocolate tart with ice cream and wine – delicious – and I chose another dessert with ice cream and white chocolate. It was the only thing I didn’t like, because the ice cream was very sour and I did not taste any white chocolate. We still had the Baked Alaska, a dessert with a touch of citrus, vanilla and rum, flambé on the outside, chilled inside and with an incredible mix of flavors. At this time, I could not handle the portions.

Another dessert was a selection of chocolate bars made with different kinds of milk – and the idea was to taste each one of them and try to guess what milk they were made from (i.e. Cow, Bison, Sheep and Goat). It was called “Name That Chocolate”. To close the night, chocolate pretzels with sea salt – probably the most delicious pretzel I have ever tasted in my life – accompanied by a bottle of Apple Brandy, which we could drink as much as we wanted.

A very important detail: the tasting menu does not include drinks. We also got the Wine Pairing. For each different dish, the sommelier served a different wine. Try to imagine how many different wines we tasted. Wines of all colors, from all regions of the world, with all flavors. I think this detail absolutely made a big difference in our experience at Eleven Madison Park.

Okay, you read this far and you must be wondering: how much does it cost? The tasting menu is $295 per person and the wine pairing is $175 per person, gratuities already included. Payment is made online at the time of the reservation (and it is not possible to cancel or change the reservation). In the video below, you can have a better idea of the dishes.

Conclusion? I enjoyed every moment of the night and it was very remarkable to celebrate so many cool things in such a special way. Every detail, from start to finish, made our night unforgettable. I do not think this is an experience to be repeated – mainly because I would rather check other restaurants with that same proposal. If you enjoy good food, good wines and if you have a special occasion to celebrate … you will surely have an unforgettable time at Eleven Madison Park.

Address: 11 Madison Ave.

10 tips for beauty shopping in NYC

Throw the first lipstick who does not enjoy a trip abroad to fill the necessaire of new cosmetics! Whenever I go to some new destination, I like to check out a different pharmacy or shop – because, if you haven’t noticed, I am a real addict to cosmetics and makeup! I know that many of you who follow me enjoy the tips of products and stores that I give here. Today, I have some tips to optimize beauty purchases in New York. I hope it can help with planning – and also saving!

1. Drugstores are not the cheapest place to buy cosmetics – anyone who has been following me for some time knows that this is my mantra, but it’s good to remember: chains like Duane Reade, CVS and Walgreens are not the great places for you to buy those products from brands such as Revlon, Maybelline and L’oréal. The best place for these purchases is Harmon Face Values. Harmon is from the same group as Bed & Beyond and has a huge store in Chelsea (675 6th Ave) and its prices are better. To get an idea of the price difference, check out this video here. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter of the website to receive offers, tips and a discount of $ 5 for your first purchase in the store. Also, sign up for Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, because Harmon accept them too.

2. You have to know when to shop at drugstores – drugstores are not the cheapest place to buy cosmetics, but sometimes they offer deals that worth. Look for orange promotional labels or labels that say “Buy one get 1 50%”. These promotions often worth! Also, if you see a Rite-Aid drugstore, check it out: this chain also have good deals.

3. New York City has a cosmetics outlet –  yes, you did not read wrong! Cosmetic Market (15 E 37th Stt) has leading-edge stock products, which are not in the market anymore. There are makeup, cosmetics for body and face and products for hair. Prices are excellent, indeed! There are brands such as Maybelline, O.P.I., Sally Hansen, Revlon, Garnier, L’oréal, Elizabeth Arden, Bioré. Be aware of the expiration date of the products. Oh, and the variety of products changes every week. There is a post here on the blog and also a video with a tour there – worth checking to get a sense of the prices.

4. Explore the discount stores – .chains such as TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack are famous for clothing, footwear and home goods, but these stores also have a cosmetics department full of great products, at low prices. TJ Maxx, for example, is the best place to buy Joico. Besides, the chain stores have a lot of products for body and bath, as well as perfumes from well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana. At Nordstrom Rack (60 E 14th St), you can find the products from Bed Head line. It is also worth checking out Lot Less – which, in addition to cosmetics, has chocolates, decoration items, stationery and everything with discounts! You can find Sebastian products starting at $4. Oh, and Century 21 is probably one of the cheapest places to buy fragrances – it has many gift sets at great prices.

Lot Less locations: 17 West 14th St. (Check out more locations). 
TJ Maxx locations:  808 Columbus Ave / 407 East 59th St / 250 West 57th St / 620 Ave. Of The Americas / 5 West 125th. 
5.  You can not always get discounts – Mac, Urban Decay, Dior, Benefit … all these brands are famous, but don’t waste your time with price researching, since all your products are priced at a fixed price. That is, you can check Sephora website or Mac website to get an idea of how much is a product that you want.
6. Sign up for Beauty Insider –  when you sign up, you are entitled to a birthday gift, and you can get it at any of the stores during the month of your birthday (yes, free). Also, with each purchase at the store or on the site, you get points (which can be exchanged for products) and go up in status and gain access to more benefits. You have all the details on the program page.
7. Explore Sephora website – prices in the stores and on the website are the same, but the website has some advantages. First, is the number of brands and products: some are not available in physical stores. Also, the website has the section Sale, where there are always products from various brands on sale – something that does not exist in the physical stores. Besides, any purchase made through the website entitles you to three samples and it is up to you to choose from among the available options. Check the Weekly Specials section too, which lists several codes, which give you different gifts and samples, depending on your purchase.
8. Korean cosmetics stores are sample paradise – I’ve talked about it here in the blog – both in posts and in videos – about various Korean stores in New York (just browse the Beauty menu and check the playlist on the Youtube channel). These stores are probably the best places when we talk about free samples. Any purchase made at the store entitles you to samples – I have never seen any Korean store that did not follow this practice. If you buy something and realize that you will not receive any samples, kindly ask: “Do you have some samples for me?”. It always works.
9. Don’t forget Ulta – Ulta is very famous in USA. You can define Ulta as a mix between Sephora, Harmon adn Ricky’s. Most of people don’t know, but Ulta has a store in Queens – check out the details here. You don’t need to go there, but if you like online shopping, you should check out the website. Ulta has a rewards program – you can sign up here – and there are also samples with every purchase. Besides that, the website also has a Sale section and other special deals.
10. Coupons, coupons, coupons – before your trip – or before completing your online purchase – be sure to search for discount coupons. It is a quite common practice here in the United States. You can only put the name of the store/brand + coupons on Google or visit specialized websites, such as Retail Me Not.

10 Korean cosmetics to buy in New York City

If you intend to make some beauty shopping during your stay in New York, you are in the right destination for this. The city is a true beauty paradise, as I have already told you here on the blog. More than Sephora and drugstores, Big Apple has several other well-known and unknown brand stores as well as niche stores and … Korean cosmetics stores! For the past three years, Manhattan has become the target of Korean brands. Many of them were already based in Flushing, Queens, but they saw in the island an opportunity to expand their business. Today, you can make this type of purchase without having to go to the other boroughs.

And whoever follows me for a long time knows my love for Korean cosmetics. Brands are always lauching trends and the Korean consumer is demanding – so we can expect products of the highest quality. I posted a video a few weeks ago suggesting some Korean products to buy around here. But I decided to bring the list to my blog as well and I took the opportunity to increase the list. The shops locations are on the map at the end of the post.

Cushion – the great thing about cushion is in its innovative design. The product – foundation BB Cream or CC Cream – stays in a compartment under a sponge. You lightly squeeze the applicator on the sponge for the product to come out. The application is easy and practical and the applicator provides natural coverage. In addition, the product does not leak. Another advantage: the sunscreen is always high! Brands like L’oréal and Physicians Formula have copied the concept. It’s a fever!

Suggestions: Color Control Cushion Compact SPF 50+, Amore Pacific U$60 (with refil) /  Kill (All That Cover) Liquid Cushion Set, Clio Professional U$45 (with refil). 

Wash off mask – Although sheet masks are quite popular and have become a thing, I confess that I still prefer the wash off masks. For those unfamiliar with the term, these are the masks that you apply on the face, wait and then wash. I love the feeling of clean and velvety skin!

Suggestions: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, Elizavecca $15 – you apply it and you will see bubbles, it’s fun! / Egg White Pore Mask, SkinFood $15 – one of my favorite masks, skin gets so soft… / Egg Mousse Pack, Too Cool for School U$20 – it’s a mousse, you apply it and your skin is gonna absorb it. / Greek Yogurt Pack, Nature Republic $16 – with yogurt texture, helps to moisture the skin and provide nutrients. 

Sunscreen –  Korean women are very concerned about the skin – especially about sun damage. Sunscreen is something that is part of the routine – and it should be for all of us. The great advantage of Korean (and also Japanese) sunscreens is the high sun protection factor and non-stick oil-free formulas.

Suggestions:  Aqua Rich, Bioré, $16 e A-Clear Oil Control, Dr G. $30 – light formulas. / Ice Puff Sun, Nature Republic – $28 – it has a light coverage, a can that keeps the product cold and a cushion style application. 

Mist – it is the kind of product that Korean women carry in the bag. Weather, pollution, stress from day to day – everything contribute to the appearance of the skin and the Mist is a kind of thermal water, with a rich formula in nutrients, which helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Suggestions: Collagen Water, The Face Shop $15 / Pocket Bunny, TonyMoly $15 / Goodal Waterest Fine Mist, Goodal $23. 

Hydrogel masks / pacthes – Hydrogel masks are the sheet masks next level. With jelly texture, they allow the skin to absorb much more from the product. In addition, there are the hydrogel patches, for specific regions of the face, such as the area under the eyes and the lips. Still talking about masks, check the special versions for feet and hands, for a true version of spa at home!

Suggestions: Premium Gold Snail Hydrogel Mask, Goodal $60 / Patches TonyMoly – a partir de $4 / Foot & Hand Mask, Nature Republic – $6 em média. 

BB Cream – BB Cream was created in Korea – that is, we do not have to think too hard to conclude that Korean BB Creams are the best on the market! They always have great coverage and a high sunscreen factor. And they are perfect for day-to-day use. Actually, there are a lot of BB Cream that are better than some foundations.

Suggestions: Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42, Missha $28 / MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30, Missha $28 /  Peach Sake Pore BB Cream, SkinFood $18. 

Sleeping mask – this product, which should be the last step of the skincare routine, is an extra dose of hydration for your skin. I think it is great for those who are lazy to follow a routine, because you just apply it and sleep. It has a cream formula and the benefits of a mask! You should use the product 2 to 3 times a week.

Suggestions: Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque, Amore Pacific, $200 – with green tea formula, that results in a skin smoother, firmer, more hydrated and glowing with radiance./ Water Sleeping Mask, Laneige $24 & Aquasis Water Vital Sleeping Mask Dr. G $36 – both have super light formulas, which provides a radiant skin in the morning.

Scrub – cleansing the skin is a basic step in the skincare routine of Korean women and Exfoliation is a key step to remove dead cells. I love the gel peeling, which exfoliate the skin in a gentle way.

Suggestions:  Phytowash Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling, Goodal $33 – it bubbles in contact with your skin / Black Sugar Mask Wash Off, Skinfood $15 – with black sugar formula, it’s a brand’s best seller. 

Delineador –  Korean brands have great eyeliners, that provide a super precise line, and excellent pigmentation.

Suggestions: Japan Sana Liquid Eyeliner Jet Black, Maikohan, U$16 (Japanese) / Kill Black Waterproof Brush Eyeliner, Clio Professional U$20 / Glam Rock Extreme Color Eyes Eyeliner, Too Cool for School U$23.

Tinted Tattoo – This product fill the brows, and provides a gradual pigmentation, and the effect can last up to a week. Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, Clio Professional $20.

Skinfood and Elizavecca products can be found at Besfren Beauty. And Bioré and Maikohan at Everyday Beauty Lab. Laneige is available at Target. The rest of the products can be found in stores of each brand.