My experience at New York Fashion Week: invitations, backstage and an analysis

I’m going to be repetitive and start this post with the caption I used to post my picture on Instagram last Friday, when my experience at New York Fashion Week began: If somebody has told me years ago that one day I would be checking out NYFW Up close, I wouldn’t believe it. Me, a blogger and journalist who was never famous in Brazil and never got an invitation to São Paulo Fashion Week, was now going to one of the most important fashion weeks in the world. Today, a week later – and with the event officially ended – there are various feelings and thoughts that take over my mind. When I left home last Friday, with a freezing weather, I wondered: should I make a vlog of my days? Quickly, I decided not. After all, the result would be a compilation of images of fashion shoews and I believe that this would not interest you in general. In the era of social media, where shows are broadcast live by Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms, I prefer to leave the fashion analysis part to the experts. It was enough for me to check out two shows for a whirl of thoughts to dominate my mind. At the end of the day, I had an idea: after the event was over, I would make a post with my impressions about it – but not about trends and cool outfits, but about behavior and how everything works.

I’ll start with the subject that I know that makes people curious: the invitations. New York Fashion Week happens twice a year – in February and September, it generates more than $ 2 million in economic activity for New York and attracts over 1 million visitors. During the week, several designers / brands, including famous names like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Kate Spade, present their collections. One thing you need to know is that each show is a unique event (and happen in different locations). There is no free pass for NYFW, there are invitations for each show. These invitations are disputed – the more prestige the brand has, the harder it is to get an invitation or more importantly you need to be to be there. The public of the shows can be defined in press, bloggers and buyers. The press offices are responsible for selecting the guests. And obviously, because the organization of a show generates a high investment, the brand wants to have result, exposure. That is, who is there has to have numbers, engagement. And like many things in life, everything revolves around networking, contacts. If you have a blog and want to check the shows, you have to run behind: find the press offices, present your work, make contacts. Here in the United States there are also many influencers agencies, which connect bloggers with brands.

I probably got about 12 invitations for shows and I attended 7 of them. Some invitations I received well in advance, others only arrived less than a week before the show. As the list of appointments increased, so did my happiness. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, it’s crazy to be able to check up on something that you used to see only on social media before. My feeling was euphoric, mixed with anxiety. New York Fashion Week brings to the city celebrities and famous bloggers from all over the world who have renowned designers sending out outfits for these people. Well, I’m not on that level, I was not invited to the most famous shows, but the insecurities that all this generated in me is undeniable. What to wear? Since I moved to New York, my style has changed a lot. I started to buy more functional pieces, clothes that I could use on a daily basis, that were versatile and practical. My closet includes very few pieces that would result in super elaborated outfits. I researched some images on the internet and wrote down notes about what I would wear. I was going to wear what I had. But what about the fear of feeling excluded?

On my first day, I can not deny that I was happy with the comments I received regarding my faux fur coat from Forever 21. Do you know when you fall in love with a piece? So it was with that coat. And when people started to say how beautiful the coat was, I was even more confident and confident that I had made one of my best investments. That anxiety I was feeling was passing as I saw all the people who came to the shows. I realized that, literally, you see everything. And I felt good. My self-confidence grew as I saw the people. I did not want to wear something that had nothing to do with me. I saw some girls wearing very “different” clothes, with hairstyles, super-made makeup, people changing their clothes around the corner of the shows place, people who seemed uncomfortable with what they were wearing. .. Then I stopped and thought: for what? What is the focus of NYFW? The designers and the collections presented or the public? You can not deny the influence of street style to fashion – there are many girls with incredible styles and incredible outfits, who bring inspiration and ideas for everyday life. But I have seen outfits that seemed to me to have been thought for the sole purpose of getting attention. I do not want to judge anyone, but I believe that being true to your style brings much more personality and self-confidence. If everyone is free to do whatever they want, I decided to be faithful to my style and wear what had to do with me and make me feel good. In the following shows, I did not leave my home worried. I didn’t want to feel cold between subway stations (yes, real life! Hahaha) and the shows and I wear heavy winter coat and I have no regrets.

Now, coming back to the event itself, when the lights went out, announcing that the show was about to begin, I remembered how amazing it was to be there. I took pictures and videos, but I did not let this excessive concern with social media disrupt my experience. I did not see that, but I have a friend who has been at Fashion Week for a while and told me about girls who were more concerned about the perfect picture than living the moment … I wanted to observe what was happening around me, each outfit, every detail. I loved the Hakkan Akkaya modern collection, I fell in love with the wonderful dresses from Leanne Marshall and Sherri Hill and I was very proud to be Brazilian when I saw the incredible Layana Aguilar show and the Farm presentation. But look, it’s all very fast, you know? I admire all the hard work of the designers and teams tto handle these events …

After many days of running, I’m glad I had such a unique opportunity. It’s amazing the spell that NYFW causes on people right? And knowing that so many people would like to have that chance, I felt even more grateful. Actually, I never imagined that one day I would live this and I am even happier because New York City surprised me somehow. It was wonderful to be a part of such a famous event, to see the shows, to make contacts and, most importantly, not to let self-esteem fall in the middle of a place where appearance counts a lot …

Kids friendly restaurants in New York City

I wish I could, but I can’t talk about = absolutely everything about New York just by myself. There are issues / things that do not interest me very much and I do not fit into some profiles either – I do not have children, for example, so there are things that only those who are mothers will know how to talk about it. A few days ago, a reader asked for restaurant tips to go with kids. Not all places are suitable for children, and I thought the subject very pertinent, to at least give an initial help, with options for those who travel with their children. For that, I counted on the help of three Brazilian moms who live here in New York. I hope you enjoy their tips!

Patricia Toussie, known as Nyorquina, a mother of three, has living in New York for 15 years. Paty makes personalized travel itineraries and gives remote advisory. To get in touch, write to / Instagram: @nyorquina

Ninja – Ninja is a very cool Japanese restaurant. It’s like “speakseasy,” a secret sort. When you arrive at the place, it really looks like a Japanese village. On the menu, you will see items with an asterisk – highly recommend ordering these items with this little sign, as it means that you will get surprised by the waiter when bringing the dish. Children (and adults) will be amazed. Opens only for dinner. Check out the menu.

Address: 25 Hudson Street. 

Big Daddy’s – Big Daddys has all the foods kids love – burgers, shakes, hot dogs, cheese, fries …. Also, their stores are super-colored and have those coin-operated machines to get toys and candy. It is so popular among New York children that some even have parties there. Open all day. Check out the menu.

Address: 2454 Broadway. 

American Girl Cafe – American Girl, located on Fifth Avenue near the Rockerfeller Center, is the girls’ mecca! The dolls, which are not cheap (start at $ 100) are a real fever for being customized. The doll ‘s outfits are super modern, and the shop has a beauty salon (for dolls, of course) and hospital. Even if you do not have children, you have to check out to understand … The store has a cafe, and if you take a girl there, be sure to carry her doll, because at each table there is a high chair where the “Daughter” of your daughter sits to join the meal, of course. CAUTION – If you do not take your doll, surely you will end up having to buy one at the time hahahaha Check out the menu

Address: 609 5th Ave.

Carla Paredes, from blog Futi – Um papo sobre auto-estima, Arthur’s mother, 1 year old.  “I am the type of mother who takes the child everywhere and in these almost 8 months living in New York I count on the fingers of a hand the amount of restaurants that have no structure to receive small children. When I say structure I say highchair, because very few have a changer if we need to solve an emergency.”  Instagram: @futilidades

Nice Matin – It’s great for that Sunday brunch. The food is delicious, the ambience is cozy, the dishes cost between $18 and $25 (the steak frites is very tasty). Important: there is an changer! Check out the menu. Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: The Lucerne Hotel, 201 W 79th St.

Jack’s Wife Freda -I love this restaurant, despite being a bit small and having giant queues over the weekend – the brunch is famous. The food is amazing and what I find cute is that they give out crayons and paper for the children to get distracted, as well as having plastic cup with straw for water. It may sound like bullshit, but that was one detail that surprised me, even though Arthur still does not know how to draw. Check out the menu. Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: 50 Carmine St.

Carmine’s – what I like in this restaurant is that the environment is very nice to take children at any time of day – not to mention the giant dishes, which serve 4 people, makes it very cheap (usually $20 per person, depending on drinks). It’s super tourist, it’s in the middle of Times Square, but I love it. It has baby chair, changing table and attentive staff. Check out the menu. Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: 200W 44th St / 2450 Broadway.

Café Mogador – this Moroccan restaurant is one of my favorites! Spacious and charming environment, wonderful food, has a baby chair and although there is no changing table, there is a stool at the entrance to the bathrooms which made my life easier at the time I needed to change my son (but it is small, I believe children over 2 years old do not Fit there). Arthur loves the warm toast pita bread. Dishes averaging $ 18 to $ 20, great for lunch – but there are queues during the weekend.  Open for lunch and dinner. Check out the menu

Address: 133 Wythe Ave (Williamsburg) / 101 Saint Marks Pl # 1.

Van Leuween –  It is not a restaurant, it is an ice cream shop. But I figured it was worth it because it’s simply the best ice cream in New York, in my opinion. They have locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but I think the one in Williamsburg (Wythe Ave) is the best for kids. Large, roomy, with stools from the outside, plenty of tables inside and out – and a changer table! Hahaha

Address: 48.5 East 7th St /52 West 10th St / 620 Manhattan Ave (Brooklyn) / 81 Bergen St (Brooklyn) / 204 Wythe Ave (Brooklyn).

Fernanda Seelos, Dylan’s mother, 2 years old. Fê writes about New York – and about her mon’s life in the Big Apple – on his blog Me and the City. There are lots of tips out there and she shares her experiences with her baby boy! Instagram: @meandthecity

BareBurger –  (We always go to the location in Greenwich Village). Super tasty place, all organic, wonderful food and they are super kid friendly. Always full of children there, they give crayons for kids to color and have a children’s menu. We usually order the mini cheeseburger for Dylan and it comes with fries, apple and chocolate milk. Check out the menu.Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: 535 LaGuardia Pl – a rede tem mais de 10 endereços na cidade – clique aqui para conferir todos.

Dos Caminos – This restaurant is not super friendly at dinner time, but at lunchtime / brunch it is okay. We basically go there every Sunday since Dylan was born and he LOVES the food there. The staff loves children, they also give out crayons, paper and a few other little things for kids to be distracted. One thing that a lot of people do not know, when you get there just ask the veggies for kids that they bring pieces of vegetables and guacamole to the kids, for free. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad go with frozen margarita, hehe. We usually go to the SoHo location and we have nothing to complain about  – we go every week! Dylan eats a lot! I think the price of there is well taken into account if you go for the weekend brunch, because the meal includes the margarita or another drink for the adults. Check out the menu.

Address: 675 Hudson Street / 373 Park Avenue South / 475 West Broadway / 825 Third Avenue / 1567 Broadway.

Otto – It is a delicious Italian restaurant. Same as Dos Caminos, it’s not very friendly for dinner, but it’s for lunches with kids. And that’s what I like in New York, the restaurants turn into different places from lunchtime to dinner, hehe. The menu there is wonderful and the pasta and individual pizzas are not expensive. They do not have a children’s specific menu there, but they bring bread as we sit at the table and they have a selection of wonderful ice creams for dessert! It is well worth it. Check out the menu.

Address: 1 5th Ave. 

Did you like this post? I hope you have enjoyed the tips from Paty, Carla and Fê! Thank you girls for collaborating with this post!

Meet Muji: a Japanese chain with decor, clothing and more!

Maybe some of you already heard about Muji. Founded in 1980, Its origin was a thorough rationalization of the manufacturing process with an eye to creating simple, low-cost, good quality products. The products are succinct, but they are not in the minimalist style. here are more than 700 MUJI stores around the world, carrying more than 7,000 items ranging from clothing and household goods to food and even houses. I’ve seen some posts on social media about the store and I’ve been visiting one store to check out and I think it would be good to write about it.

It’s the kind of store to find a little bit of everything, you know? In the clothing section, there are women’s and men’s pieces, with a timeless footprint. As we are in the winter, I have seen many jackets, jackets, sweaters, shirts and long sleeve sweaters, all in neutral tones or discreet and classic prints, priced from $10. There are also jeans and socks. There are also a variety of dishes, bowls, glassware and other containers, plus pans. The stationary section includes diversified pens, stamps, notebooks and post-its. In the bed, table and bath session, there are towels, blankets and sheets. Who loves organization also find products in this category. Muji even has a line of cosmetics, with essential oils, body and face products, as well as accessories such as makeup brushes.

Muji is, really, that kind of store that you can find everything. Although clean design, I liked everything I saw there and found the prices very affordable. To get an idea of the values practiced, just check out the website. When I was there, several winter pieces were 30 and 50% off. Muji has five stores in New York.

Locations: 620 8th Avenue / 475 5th Ave / 16 W 19th Street / 455 Broadway / 52 Cooper Square (a que eu visitei).

Football in New York City – tickets, calendar and more tips

After talking about basketball and baseball, it’s time to talk about American football, another super popular sport here in the United States. The Super Bowl – the final game – is one of the most famous sporting events in the country – who watched the Lady Gaga’s performance? Who remembers the Beyoncé show? Well … For this post, I counted on the help of the reader Geison Paschoal, true passionate about the sport.

Calendar –  there are three seasons. First, the Off-Season, that runs from February to August and includes the famous Draft Day where College Football boys are selected to play for NFL teams. Then, we have the Season (regular season), which starts in September and runs through December. During the Season, there are games every Thursday night (Thursday Night Football), Sundays with several games and also the Sunday Night Footlball, and Monday evenings (Monday Night Football, or simply MNF). Some of the games that stand out most during the Season are those that happen on Thanksgiving Day, where Americans stop in front of the TV to watch the games and eat with the family. On Christmas day the games are also common, but not with the same importance of Thanksgiving, because the season is already practically defined in December. In January, the Playoffs begin (which are the best games). In the playoffs, there are only 16 teams out of 32, with the two best teams from each conference (American Conference and National Conference) resting in the first week of the WildCard. In the second week of the Playoffs, the resting teams are back in contention for the Divisional Card against WildCard winners (this is the best week ever in the NFL), from there, the winning teams face up to the title challenge of the Week following.

This year, New England Patriots won the American Conference and the Atlanta Falcons won the National Conference. The champions of each conference face each other in the Super Bowl. This year, Super Bowl was in Houston, TX, on February 5. It is the most important game in the United States. It usually happens on the first Sunday in February and each year hits a record television audience (so, it has the most expensive advertising time in the world). To get a ticket to watch the Super Bowl, you will have to buy a lot of advance or pay a very high price. To get an idea, for the Super Bowl LI, which happened on February 5, tickets were being sold for between $ 4,500 and $ 10,000. It is worth remembering that the Halftime Show of SuperBowl which is a spectacle apart. This year, we had Lady Gaga. In previous years, Super Bowl have performed epic concerts with Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Coldplay and others.

New York Teams – New York has the privilege of having two Football teams in the NFL, the New York Giants (which belongs to the National Conference) that recently won Super Bowl XLII (in 2008) and Super Bowl XLVI (2012), and the New York Jets (New York Giants).

New York Stadium – the league team’s stadiums are the most incredible you can imagine. Full of technology, you will not be disappointed. The stadium where the New York teams play is MetLife Stadium, which is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, 30 minutes from Manhattan. It is the second most modern stadium in the United States. In addition to the American football games, it is a constant stage of other sporting events and also major musical concerts. If you have time, you can also go to Boston at Gillette Stadium to see the New England Patriots play, or even Philadelphia, at the Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Philadelphia Eagles) in Baltimore at M & T Bank Stadium Ravens) or even in Washington at FedEx Field to watch the Washington Redskins.

How to get to MetLife? it looks complicated but it is not. Besides being fun, it does not take long. The stadium is in a sports complex called the “Meadowlands”. The starting point is Penn Station, in Manhattan. Arriving there, look for the “NJ Transit” signs that will take you to where the trains depart. Go to one of the vending machines or the ticket counter and buy the ticket for “Meadowlands Complex”. To find the gates, you do not even have to look for, just follow the thousands of fans who are going to the same place as you. The train is full and the fans are partying and drinking, but all very quietly. After 20 minutes, the train stops at Secaucus, a major station in New Jersey. From there you have two options: follow the crowd or the “Meadowlands Complex” signs. On game days, the Seacaucus to Meadowlands trains leave every 10 minutes, the ride takes 15 minutes and literally leaves you at the door of the stadium. There, you will present your ticket, go through the security check, and look for your seat (which is very easy to find). If you have difficulties, there are several employees to help you. Inside the stadium, you will see a huge variety of eating establishments, offering everything from hot dog to sandwiches. Also, a wide range of beers, and the price is not even that expensive. It is worth mentioning that the state of New Jersey prohibits by law the sale of alcoholic beverages after the second half of the game begins. This measure aims to avoid car accidents. So do not be surprised if you see fans with 5 or 6 cans of beer in hand …

Prices and seats – the prices vary greatly from one team to another, as it depends on the capacity of the stadium, the performance of the team, the place of the seat among other things.  So the choice may depend on it. Keep in mind that it is not very easy to get tickets, as each team plays only 16 times on average throughout the season and fans do not let leftover … The price of admission can vary from $ 50 to $ 10,000. As soon as the official game schedule is released on April, teams start selling tickets. Therefore, between February and April there are no tickets available. (Except for SuperBowl). On the seats, the visibility of the bleachers is very good from anywhere, even if you sit up there. But the most recommended is to get a place down. It’s more exciting.

Where to buy? The website for checking the game schedule and redirecting to the ticket purchase site is But here’s a tip for any sport event in the United States: Stubhub acts as a resale ticket for those fans who bought the tickets and put them for resale, either because they gave up or because they bought the card for the entire season and can not go to some specific game. It is easy, cheap, and you can still choose the seat by analyzing the view you will have from the field.
Obrigada Geison pela super ajuda com esse post! Espero que as dicas ajudem vocês!

Seasons of the year in New York City

One of the main concerns of travelers to New York is the weather. How cold is gonna be? How hot is gonna be?  Well, I already wrote a post here on the blog talking about this subject – and you can check here . The seasons will directly influence the weather here – even because they are super well defined. Today I decided to write this post to talk a little about each one of them and what you need to know. Remember that the seasons of the year in the Northern Hemisphere are opposite the seasons of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

Winter – Let’s start with winter, the season most loved by tourists and most hated by New Yorkers, haha. Jokes aside, it is worth remembering that the winter officially begins on December 21 and ends on March 20th. I would say that 99% of people who visit New York in the winter have a very specific desire: to see snow. One very important thing you need to know about snow in New York: it does not snow here for days. It’s very common for people to ask me if it’s still snowing after they know it’s snowing. The truth is that it snows here only one day – it is not like in other cities that snow falls for days without stopping. Remember that snow is a phenomenon that needs very specific conditions to happen (so, just believe in snow forecasts two days in advance). It is also good to keep in mind that January and February are the months with the most tendency to snow (in December and March is rarer – but it can happen). Besides, these two months are usually the coldest months – with February always being the worst. About snowstorms – they do occur, but I would say they are rarer phenomena around here and no, you will not spend days in the hotel. These strong weather events are announced ahead of time and the government always announces the measures that will be taken. In the height of winter (January and February), we have days with freezing temperatures – and even worse thermal sensations. New York is a windy city, so be prepared. Temperatures range from 32 to 43F in December, 26 C to 38F in January, 28 to 41 in February and 35 to 49F in March – noting that these are averages, okay? Oh, and you will only feel the cold when you are outside – because everyone, absolutely everywhere (from shops to subway) have heating. Another important point about winter is the landscape: the trees lose all leaves and become “naked” during the winter. That’s why I do not think interesting to visit botanical gardens at this time. Remember that some attractions do not work in the winter, like Luna Park in Coney Island and Governors Island. Otherwise, the city works normally! A lot of people think that transportation stops or that there are no ferries to the Statue of Liberty, but the truth is that New York is really the city that never sleeps – even in winter.

Spring –  One of the most beautiful seasons in New York, spring begins March 21st and ends on June 20th. It’s the half-season: it starts cold and ends hot. That means you still have to wear warmer clothing at the end of March and during the month of April, but in May the scenario tends to improve a lot – I consider May and June two great months for those who do not like extreme temperatures. Temperatures range from 44 to 61F in April, from 54 to 70F in May and from 63 to 79 in June. The scenery in the city is beautiful with many flowers. The cherry blossom season leaves the city all pink. But unfortunately, they last about two weeks – usually the last week of April and the first week of May. At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden website, you can follow the blooming status. You will also see many flowers by the flowerbeds of the city (tulips are my favorite). At this time, people also often suffer from allergies – anyone with rhinitis should be aware because the air is filled with pollen. If you are sensitive, bring your medicine – the pharmacies here also sell without prescription. Look for “indoor and outdoor allergies” and the term “non-drowsy” – this will ensure you do not fall asleep and ruin your trip!

Summer – It’s even funny when I talk to some people from Brazil about the New York summer. The city is so well known for winter that there are those who think that it is not hot here. But it is … and how it is! The summer officially begins on June 21st and ends on September 22th. Leave your coats at home, because you will not need them in the New York summer. Keep in mind that the New York summer is very humid, which worsens the feeling of smothering and makes it worse that feeling that absolutely every inch of your body is sticking. But overall, I would say that it is not like that every day. It depends on the year, of course. July and August usually have the hottest averages – especially the second fortnight of July and the first fortnight of August. In September, the weather is a delight – it’s another ideal month for those who do not like extremes. Temperatures range from 68 to 84F in July, 67 at 82F in August and 60 at 75F in September. The landscape is green – the trees are at the height of the foliage, the parks are “alive”, people picnic, restaurants set tables on sidewalks …

Fall – Another beautiful season in New York! It starts on September 23th and ends on December 20th. And it is like spring, half-season, but the opposite: it begins hot and ends cold. The landscape turns completely, with the leaves of the trees changing colors and falling. Seriously, seeing the yellow, orange and red leaves is one of the most beautiful things here. There is nothing more inspiring than walking in Central Park during that time, which usually lasts about three weeks. You can not define an exact day for changing colors, but in general, the landscape begins to change from the second half of October – that is, after the 15th. Sadly, autumn is like spring and all this beauty It lasts a little – the summit of the landscape lasts about three weeks. Do you want to know how the foliage status? Check out this website. And, of course, to appreciate all this beauty the tip is to visit the various parks and gardens of the city. In addition to Central Park, it’s worth to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York Botanical Garden, Randall’s Island, Roosevelt Island, Prospect Park, among others. Autumn marks the celebration of Halloween, the pumpkin season and the celebration of Thanksgiving – see here a post with suggestions of things to do. Temperatures range from 50 to 63C in October, 41 to 53F in November and 32 to 43F in December. Ah, allergy sufferers should be aware as there is pollen in the air also during the fall.

PS: The average temperatures were searched on the National Weather Service website. As I mentioned, they are average. Always remember to download a weather app – like Yahoo – and keep track of the forecast for the period of your trip, even checking for the thermal sensation.

A Plus-Size store guide in New York City

I like being democratic here on the blog – and listening to what the readers ask for. Several of the posts here were written because of the readers. It’s great to know what you guys like to see, what you want to know … And I try, as far as possible, to attend to all requests. Today’s post was a request from dear Carol Magnago: to make content aimed at those who wear larger sizes of clothes. And I thought her request very pertinent. In fact, I think we are undergoing a transformation in today’s society and I see a greater questioning about the “standards” dictated by the media. And here in the US, it seems that those who wear bigger sizes have more options. So, on today’s post, I present stores that specialize in plus size sizes, or that have collections / departments targeted to that audience as well. I used as a basis for my research an article from Refinery 29, that interviewed New Yorkers plus-size girls – and they gave several tips and also indicated their favorite stores for shopping here in the city and also I included more stores. I believe that there is nothing better than hearing from those who buy and use to give you the best tips!

Forever 21 – Forever 21 has a special Plus-Size brand, Forever 21+. The Times Square store – which has four floors – is the one with the best selection of items, for a great value for money. In addition, the store is open until 2 am. On the website, you can get an idea of the outfits. There are skirts, dresses, rompers, jackets, sweaters … all very stylish! The outfits the on the website are an inspiration. Also worth checking out is the Instagram of the brand – @ forever21plus – with photos of real life girls.

Address: 1540 Broadway.

Lane Bryant – is one of the most recognized names in Plus-Size clothing here in the United States. And the emphasis is on fashion and fit – not merely size. It is super complete with clothing items (dresses, jeans, jackets, skirts, sweaters) in a variety of styles, from classic to informal, as well as a full line of gym clothes and also lingerie. Cacique plus size intimates are a Lane Bryant exclusive and are famous for the fit solutions and fashion styling they offer in bras, panties, sleepwear and more. Prices are also very affordable! Visit the website to get an idea.

Addresses: 225 West 34Th Street / 222 224 W 125Th Street / 380 Fulton St (Brooklyn).

Apesar das modelos não serem plus size, as peças acima estão disponíveis até o tamanho 18.

Ann Taylor – Ann Taylor is a well-known brand here in the United States (from the same group as Loft). Although it is not a plus size brand, it has a democratic size chart, which includes the XXL and the 18. It is great for those that are too big for the straight sizes, but sometimes too small for true plus-sizes. It’s the perfect brand for the woman who has more of a classic style but wants to add trendier pieces here and there. It has plenty of traditional pieces, such as sweaters and skirts. Most of the pieces have stretch. Prices are a bit higher – but there are weekly deals that end up offering good discounts. Check out more on the site.

Addresses: 850 Third Avenue / 600 5th Avenue / 330 Madison Avenue / 149 Fifth Avenue / 447 Fulton St (Brooklyn).

Lord & Taylor – Lord & Taylor is a department store (not as famous as Macy’s and Saks) and has a nice selection of premium brands and items for special occasions. Jones New York Plus is one of the brands available and features very classic pieces. You’ll also find the NYDJ Plus brand, which features jeans in larger sizes. There are other famous names like Calvin Klein Plus and DKNY. Considering that the store works with famous brands, I thought the prices very reasonable! You can check the website to get an idea.

Address: 424 5th Avenue.

H&M – H&M also has a special plus-size line, H&M+. In recent times, the fast fashion has done a great job, with stylish pieces that mix different patterns and textures. The cool thing is that the prices are affordable. The collection features blouses, trousers, skirts, tunics, dresses, jackets, plus a special selection of basic and gym clothing and lingerie. It is worth mentioning that there are several shops in New York, but the largest are in Times Square, Fifth Avenue and Herald Square, which is the largest in the world! Click here to check out.

Addresses: 1472 Broadway / 1293 Broadway / 589 th Avenue.

Macy’s – Macy’s is perhaps the most famous department store in the United States. And the biggest store in the world is located in New York, more precisely in Herald Square. There are 9 floors with a diversity of products – clothes, cosmetics, bed and bath, wedding dresses. The store has a floor with an exclusive section of Plus Size clothing, with sizes from 14 to 24.

Address: 151 W 34th St.

Old Navy – I love Old Navy style! It has basic clothes, those that are essential to make up the day-to-day looks and the brand is part of the Gap group. The prices are affordable and there is always great deals. The brand has a special plus size line, with sizes ranging from 16 to 31, including dresses, jeans and also swimwear. The style of the pieces is casual, casual and timeless You can check more details here.

Addresses: 150 W 34th St / 610 6th Ave.

Avenue – it is a plus-size chain that has been on the market for more than 30 years, with casual, trendy apparel in sizes 14 to 32. One of the highlights is the Luxe Collection, with fabric that has two-way stretch fabric and provides comfort and body shape. There are also pieces like dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans and lingerie.

Address: 139 Flatbush Avenue (Atlantic Terminal – Brooklyn).

Torrid – another brand specializing in plus-size, Torrid has a size chart from 10 to 30 in a super complete collection, with a nice footprint, which proves that size is no obstacle for you to dress well and be stylish! There are dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, plus lingerie, gym clothes, beach pieces and more. There are pieces for the most varied styles, and prices are also great. Check out the website.

Addresses: 56-27 Myrtle Ave #56 (Brooklyn) / 2145 Ralph Ave., #B (Georgetown Shopping Center, Brooklyn) / 2192 Bartow Ave #192 (Bay Plaza Shopping Center, The Bronx). 

Ashley Stewart – Dedicated to women who love their curves, Ashley Stewart is an iconic plus size fashion brand from New York with pieces that translate key at affordable prices. With more than 80 stores in the United States, the mission is to inspire women to feel good and offers everything from outfits for a Saturday night to workpieces and even the perfect jeans. Speaking of jeans, there are a variety of colors and styles, not to mention the collection of lingerie. Check out the website.

Address:  216-220 W. 125th Street 

Tips and secrets for shopping plus-size:

  • Keep an open mind — don’t only shop plus-size sections! You never know what you will find or even be able to style a different way.
  • Stop worrying about the number on the tag, and wear what fits. Your worth cannot be defined by any one number, be it weight or clothing size — just cut off the tag if it bothers you! You’ll look and feel beautiful in something that fits and flatters your curves; you won’t do your figure any justice by picking something oversized or too tight!
  • Supportive undergarments can take an outfit from a five to a 10. The number one question I’m always asked is what kind shapewear and bra do I wear. The right bra and shapewear will not only make your outfit look cleaner, but can actually make you look a little slimmer.
  • Try it on! Try it all. Try on styles you love but never thought you could wear. You might be surprised. And if something doesn’t work, don’t feel like you failed, or that your body isn’t good enough. There are clothes made for all different shapes, so if it doesn’t fit right, that doesn’t say a single thing about you — it only says that that particular piece of clothing is not worthy of a place in your closet. Don’t feel weird about the number on the size tag, either. I’ve always suspected it, but now, working in fashion, I know it’s true: Women’s sizing makes no sense. Sizes are as closely related to fairy dust and unicorns as they are to actual measurements. So, don’t worry about the number — just focus on getting the fit that makes you feel awesome.
  • Never buy a garment just because of the size on the tag. Have you ever had that moment of: But the pants say size 18, and I am definitely a size 18, so even though they are a little too small, I am going to buy them anyway? Don’t be afraid to go up in size in order for the clothing to fit better. Not every brand is cut the same. By not letting the number on the tag define your choice, you will get a great fitting piece every time.”
  • Try to shop stores when they first open — especially department stores. Fitting rooms are empty and the morning is when new merchandise is put out on the floor. So, you won’t have to wait in long fitting room lines or miss out on your size because the store is crowded and the clothes are everywhere.

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