10 trending beauty products on Amazon

I love online shopping, I confess. I think most of the time, I’d rather buy online than going to a store, you know? And one of the great things about living in the US is to have access to the Amazon and its products, ranging from electronics to clothes, food to books … I know a lot of people takes advantage of the trip to New York also to do some buy things on the website, since the prices are super great. And Amazon is, sometimes, the best place for some beauty shop, you know? You can find products from famous brands such as Kerastase and L’Oreal Professional. But for anyone who loves a good find in beauty – like me! hahaha – Amazon is also great. You can find different brands and products – that you never heard of. Amazon has a section called Movers & Shakers, with the list of best sellers in several categories – including, of course, beauty. This list changes all the time, and it’s cool to check it and see which are the products that are trending. BuzzFeed and Byrdie made some lists highlighting some of these products, and I decided to put together a list for you with some of the products that I thought interesting and promising.

Arabica Coffee Scrub, First Botany – 100% natural formula that includes organic coffee, coconut and shea butter, this exfoliator is multifunctional. It helps to treat cellulite, reducing the appearance of it- Caffeine is number 1 enemy of cellulite and, when applied religiously, the product showed a reduction of the problem. Moreover, it can also be used on the face. When applied in the area below the eyes, it helps reduce dark circles. The formula also has antioxidant action. The product has 4 stars, the result of over 3000 reviews. $13 on average.

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, Pura d’or – with nearly 14 000 reviews – and almost all giving five stars – this shampoo is very promising. It’s 100% natural and helps promote cell growth for healthy hair and scalp.. Organic extracts and essential nutrients help moisturize the hair follicle, combating the hair loss, adding volume. It is for all hair types and it can be used every day. $30 on average.

Vitamin C serum, OZ Naturals – Vitamin C is a great ingredient for your skin. This serum has anti-aging action and stimulates collagen production, improving the texture and tone of the skin and also protect against damage from free radicals. Considered the most effective vitamin C serum available. It has more than 6000 reviews on Amazon, close to 5 stars. $22 on average.

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream – This thick and long-lasting cream soothes red, irritated and super dry skin and helps treat sunburn. So, it is great during the winter and summer. The formula is non-greasy. It has almost 5 stars on Amazon! $16 on average.

Argan Oil Shampoo, Maple Holistics  – with sulfate-free formula, this shampoo has argan, jojoba, avocado and almond oils, camellia seed and keratin. For all hair types, it treats the scalp, cleans hair follicles and also nourishes from the root to the ends. The reviews are very promising! The product has almost 5 stars from 3000 reviews! $9 in average.

Wunderbrow Brow Gel – this brow gel has long lasting  – it will probably last until the time you decide to remove the product. The formula doesn’t transfer and is waterproof. Moreover, it has fibers that help in filling. $20 on average.

EyeGel, New York Biology – this cream combat puffiness and dark circles with each application. The formula with jojoba oil and Vitamin E helps to nourish and moisturize the skin in addition to fighting signs of age. It is free of parabens and sulfates and is cruelty-free. $17 on average.

Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo, Avalon Organics – this shampoo has a blend of biotin, quinoa protein and vitamin E, which helps to give body and volume even on even the thinnest of hair. Furthermore, it stimulates hair growth and nourishes the hair follicle. $6 on average.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing – this packaging is not very attractive, but I saw the biggest buzz on the internet because of this product. It is a clay mask 100% natural which helps in deep pore cleansing. And the packaging is very generous, with sizes from 1lb! $13 on average.

Dead Sea Mud Mask, Pure Body Naturals – a lot of products from this brand are best sellers on Amazon. This facial mask with Dead Sea mud cures acne and reverses signs of aging while deeply hydrating. As the mask dries, it pulls out the toxins and excess oils present in your skin from poor diet and atmospheric pollution. $14 on average.

Where are the supermarkets in New York?

This title may seem somewhat strange and the answer may be obvious to many people. But I always get so many questions about supermarkets in New York, people saying that they didn’t see markets here, people questioning how we live without Walmart, that I decided to write a post to say that yes, there are supermarkets in New York! The point is that they are not superstores like Walmart. But there are several chains with many locations throughout the city, super complete, that meets 100% the need for any person. So I decided to talk a little about the chains that I know.

Trader Joe’s – my favorite one! Trader Joe’s is loved among New Yorkers and if you visit one of the locations you will need patience, since there is no trick: they are always crowded and there are always lines at the checkout. But I guarantee that the wait is worth it. Trader Joe’s works with own products and one of its greatest advantages are the prices, which are great – do not forget we’re talking about New York, a super expensive city! It is one of the only markets where prices of fruits and vegetables do not cost a kidney. I love walking the halls and explore the varied and differentiated products that the market offers. Trader Joe’s is so cool that occasionally some website on the Internet do a list of products that are a must – you can check out one here.

Fairway – my second favorite one! Not the best place to buy fruits and vegetables, but it has a very complete bakery with fresh breads, cakes, cheesecake, cookies and cupcakes. The butcher has several options, with many cuts of meat and seafood. The cheeses are amazing! There are gluten free products, several healthy options, ice cream, beer and so on. It is a very complete market and prices are ok too!

Whole Foods – It is a market with healthy appeal and this is also reflected in the prices, which are quite expensive. It has many organic and natural options and several different things, such as machine to make your peanut butter, a machine to grind coffee and even a natural cosmetics department. Another highlight is the buffet, perfect for a healthy lunch and a fair price. To be honest, I don’t think Whole Foods is very unique – more of the products with natural / healthy appeal / organic / vegan I find the at Fairway.

Gristedes – I included Gristedes on this list to make it clear that it should not be your grocery option in New York. It works 24 hours, so it will be very useful if you need something very specific late night. Otherwise, Gristedes is not for shopping every day, because the prices are expensive.

Key Food – It has cheaper prices than Fairway and Whole Foods, but is a more basic market – means it will not be so easy to find something more specific – mainly talking about gluten-free, organic products, etc. It is not that it doesn’t have such products, but the range is smaller. Now the rest of the categories, it well meets the needs. But I don’t like the way the goods are arranged – it doesn’t  make much sense to me.

K-Mart – I include this on the list because it is the favorite of many Brazilians, but I can not talk much about it because I don’t go there. The advantage is that it is located in a very central area – very convenient for tourists.

Obviously, these are not the only supermarket chains that exist here, but I preferred to talk about what I know. There are other networks such as Dagostino and Food Emporium. For those who are coming to live in NYC, I suggest researching the options in your neighborhood, after all, a market has to be close to home, right? For those coming traveling and want to go to a market, I suggest doing the same and search near the area. Use an app like Yelp. Now that you already know some names, it is easier to recognize and even look for some of them.

To complete the post, I decided to talk about a few more things that can be useful both for those who come to live or a curiosity:

– Fruit stands –  it will be impossible for you to walk the streets of New York and not see at least one fruit stand. They are located through a lot of corners in the city, offering fresh and seasonal items. Enjoy! These fruits and vegetables are cheaper than those sold in supermarkets and have great quality.

GreenMarkets – these are open air markets that offer fruits, vegetables and local products, purchased directly from the producer. They are fresh and also with a much more affordable price. One of the most famous happens at Union Square every Saturday from 8am to 6pm. Here, you can check the addresses and times of greenmarkets throughout the city.

– Drugstores– No, you didn’t read it wrong. American drugstores are true convenience stores. In addition to medicines and vitamins, they offer cosmetics, some cleaning products, food and beverages. You can buy milk, beer (yes!), Cold meats, juices, chocolates, cookies … they usually don’t have the best prices, but it can be helpful and sometimes there are great deals. Look for chains such as CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid and Walgreens. There’s always one near you, you can be sure.

– Walmart –  this was a tip from a friend and I think it’s great for those who live here. I buy hygiene and cleaning products and some processed items at Walmart. If you buy $50, delivery is free, so I buy everything I need and the price is much more affordable – you don’t want to know the price of toilet paper in New York, hahaha. But not worth buying in a hurry, because the delivery takes up to a week.

– Costco –  is a wholesale supermarket. People say prices are great, but you must be a member (the membership costs $ 50/year) and you also need to have space at home to store everything.

Target – Target is a hypermarket – almost the same style as Walmart and also think it can be a great option for those who live or who are visiting. In Manhattan, there is a location in Harlem and another, more compact, in Tribeca. There are other units outside the island as well.

You can check out all the addresses of the markets that I mentioned earlier on the map below!

Terra Blues, a classic blues bar in New York

I confess: I’m not a night person. My years of nightlife are in the past. Today, I am much more in favor of a dinner in a nice place than a nightclub – priorities people. So I never have many suggestions of nightclubs to suggest to you. But, last week, we did a different program and I thought it would worth a post! We spent Friday outside – we went to visit some art galleries in Meatpacking, then, we went to a Sample Sale in Soho, had dinner and then Thiago suggested we went to Terra Blues, which is there in the region.

Terra Blues is very traditional in the city – it has existed for over 20 years! Its structure is very modest and the space is not very big – about 30 small tables to sit, not counting the seats at the bar. The stage is too modest and the atmosphere is very dark. But, do not underestimate the location for its size! There, there are several local artists and also famous names with great repertoires. Every night, at least two bands perform at Terra Blues. Presentations begin at 7 pm  – first band – and the second band takes the stage at 9:30pm. The bands that were performing on Friday were formidable and the songs were great – plus, the public was very excited and there was much interaction between the band and the audience. If you like a live music bar and good music, you will certainly need to visit Terra Blues!

We arrived after 7pm and we sat at the bar because some tables were occupied and other were reserved. The place was not very full, but about an hour later was already packed. So, if you want to sit, better get there early – or make a reservation. You have to pay to enter – the price is $15 for Friday and Saturday and U$10 from Sunday to Thursday. Reservations can be made through [email protected] email – be sure to include the number of people, time and phone in the US. Terra Blues only accepts reservations up to 9pm from Sunday to Thursday and until 8pm on Friday and Saturday.

Another detail that is worth being noted is the variety of beverages: there is a wide selection of Bourbons, and drinks and beers. Prices are ok – we paid $ 7 for a beer and $12 for drinks (on average). Terra Blues does not serve food – but there are a lot of restaurants in the area, so, you can eat before or after leaving the bar (depending on the time, of course). You can click here to check out the full month calendar, with the musicians / bands each night. Click the video below to see a little bit!

Address: 149 Bleecker St.

A day at Wave Hill

It had been a long time that I wanted to visit Wave Hill. It is a public garden of 11 hectares and also a cultural center. Located in The Bronx, about 50 minutes (on average) away from Midtown, this place has an amazing view to the Hudson river and its mission is to celebrate the artistry and legacy of its gardens and landscapes. I had seen several pictures and I was looking forward to going there. Wave Hill is not a place much visited by tourists – perhaps for lack of knowledge, or because it is not in Manhattan. Last Saturday, a beautiful sunny day, we spend the day there and the result is that I was blown away!

As you may know, Fall is here already and one of the strong features of the season is the changing colors of the foliage, which in some areas may already be well observed. In Wave Hill, the change is subtle – but we already feel that mid-season atmosphere. The place is very beautiful, charming and quiet – and without doubt the highlight is the Pergola Overlook. Wave Hill has a privileged location, highest, which provides an incredible view to the Hudson River and Pergola Overlook is like the postcard of the place. In a kind of hut, full of foliage, you see the river, the vegetation on the other side and also have an idea of the size of the garden. The place is so special that many people celebrate weddings there. Wave Hill is located in Riverdale, a very residential and super charming area in The Bronx –  when we got off the bus, I was already delighted with the views of the area.

Another highlight at Wave Hill is Flower Garden, which has a glass greenhouse and many flowers. The garden is super charming and, if it was already beautiful when we were there, I wonder how wonderful it must be during spring. There are other gardens such as Aquatic Garden and Wild Garden and also Glyndor Gallery, a gallery with arts inspired by nature. There is also a trail that circumvents the area of the garden. At Wave Hill House & Cafe, you can stop for a snack or lunch. The menu includes options such as wraps and sandwiches – menu is not very neat, but the food is good. Prices are around $ 10 to $ 15. If you want, you can take your food and have a picnic in designated area.

It is good to remember that Wave Hill has a perfect size – not the kind of garden that you take a long time to explore it and make you think that you have not seen everything. We stayed there for about 3 and a half hours – including our lunch break.

Wave Hill is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 5:30pm. Between November and March, the place  closes at 4:30pm. Admission is $8 (adults) and $ 2 (children -under 6 years, admission is free). On Saturdays and Tuesdays, admission is free from 9 am to noon.

How to get there – 649 W 249th St

Subwar – Take the #1 train to the terminus of the line at West 242nd Street. A free Wave Hill shuttle van meets passengers on the west side of Broadway in front of Burger King at 10 minutes past the hour, from 9:10am to 3:10pm. The shuttle van returns visitors to Broadway in front of Burger King, departing Wave Hill’s front gate on the hour, from noon until 5pm.

Bus – we choose this option. BxM1 express bus service runs between the East Side of Manhattan, starting at Third Avenue and 33rd Street, and Riverdale. BxM2 express bus service runs between the West Side of Manhattan, starting at Sixth Avenue and 35th Street, and Riverdale. Both buses stop at 252nd Street and the Henry Hudson Parkway East Service Road. Wave Hill is a pleasant five-minute walk down West 252nd Street from the Henry Hudson Parkway/252nd Street bus stop. Fare is $6,50 – you can’t use your unlimited Metrocard. I follow the route through Google Maps – so, this way I knew when to request the stop. I loved this option, because it was a very pleasant trip, with beautiful views. You may also take the Bx7 or Bx10 bus to West 252nd Street.

Metro-North – Take the Hudson Line local train to the Riverdale station.

On the website, you can check all the details about transportation. 

Flying Tiger: decor and stationery paradise in New York

Can anyone resist to a cute store? A store that offers everything we love, cute objects, decor and stationery. It is difficult to remain immune to the charm of a store like this. And New York has several options and also decor stores (I love, for example, the decor section of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx). We always find something! When I saw this on Starving blog about Flying Tiger, I was very curious to check out more about the store. I ended up sharing her post on my Facebook group and people went crazy – many people even commented that the store was great. There, I was convinced. Last week, I was in the area of one of the stores and I stoped there. And I say, if you’re into decor and cute objects, you need to visit Flying Tiger!

Flying Tiger is a chain from Denmark and I would say their biggest highlight is the prices, which are super, super affordable – remember we’re talking about New York! Seriously, I was looking at the products and did not believe in the labels. You can find products from $ 1 and I dare say that nothing in the store costs more than $ 20 – at least, I have not seen any product that was more than that. Stationery, decoration, candles, cards, fitness products: Flying Tiger has a mix of amazing products and nothing is obvious you know? They offer different and cute products which will make the joy of people that want to do this type of shopping in New York.

Remember that the chain – which opened stores here in New York last year – has three locations in Manhattan and its motto is to sell “things you did not even know existed.” That is, for this concept, as you can imagine that the store is a must to visit place, right? If you want to check more about the products and prices, just access the website.

Addresses: 1282 3rd Avenue / 424 Columbus Ave / 920 Broadway.

6 amazing vegan, organic, natural beauty brands in New York City

We’ve been watching a trend around the world: people are changing their values about lifestyle. During the last couple of years, the number of organic products have grown exponentially and more people started to practice physical activities as part of their daily routine. There is also a clear concern about the origin of every product that we use. People are now choosing to live in the most natural way possible. It’s not a surprise that this new lifestyle also includes a concern with cosmetic products. That’s why we are seeing so many new brands in the market, with different proposes, like vegan and organic formulas.

I’ve been to Indie Beauty Expo for Behind the Scenes NYC, that took place in New York a while ago. IBE’S mission is to provide a platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands. Indie brands are among the fastest growing product categories.

Click here to read the article in English.